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Updated April 9, 2015 - 11:15 PM EDT
ISIS Just Three Miles From Assad's Palace
  32 Killed as ISIS Bombings Target al-Qaeda in North Syria
  Iraqi Troops Move on Anbar, But Scope Unclear
US Won't Evacuate Americans From Yemen
  Doctors Without Borders Ship Arrives in Aden With Humanitarian Aid
  Yemeni Al-Qaeda Offers 20 kg Gold Bounty for Shi'ite Leaders
Afghan Soldier Kills US Soldier, Wounds Several
  Insider Attack Ends Longest Period Without Combat Fatality Since 9/11
Khamenei: Deal Must Lift Economic Sanctions
  Sen. Cotton: Iran War Would Take a Few Days
  Iran Calls for a Timetable for Global Nuclear Disarmament
After Decades, US to Remove Cuba From Terror List
Ukraine Appoints Top Fascist to Key Military Advisory Post
Defying US Objections, China to Build Iran-Pak Pipeline
Israeli General Vows to Level Homes in Next Lebanon War
The Real Nuclear Threat in the Middle East  by Sheldon Richman
The New Cold War Is Here to Stay  by Anatoly Karlin
Political Smears Never Change: The NYT's 1967 Attack on MLK's Antiwar Speech  by Glenn Greenwald
Autocrats United Against Yemen  by Adil E. Shamoo
Understanding America's Many Wars  by Murray Polner
Politics, BS, and Ukraine  by Vladimir Golstein

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Failing Defense Programs Kept Alive by Lawmakers
Landmine Production Is Largely Over but Lives Are Still Endangered
Revised Defense Rules Would Give Japan New Powers to Aid US Military
The War at Home
DEA Sued Over Secret Bulk Collection of Americans' Phone Records
Can Rand Paul Stand for Big Military Without Losing Libertarians?
Rand Paul Gets Testy in NBC Interview About Foreign Policy
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Convicted in Boston Marathon Bombing
Ferguson Elects Black Councillors After Race Protests
US Has Limited Data on Shootings Involving Police
Baltimore Police Snoop on Cellphones With US Govt Approval
Obama Calls Key Senator on Iran
Boxer Wants Iran Vote Delayed
Ehud Barak to US: Tell Iran to Abandon Civilian Nuclear Program 'Or Else'
Eight Iranian Guards Killed at Pakistani Border
Iran Rules Out Inspection for Military Sites
Palestinians Expand Security Control in West Bank
France Set to Propose New Palestinian State Resolution at UN
US Mimics Netanyahu's Cartoon Bomb to Sell Nuclear Deal
Palestinian Killed After Stabbing Two Israeli Soldiers
Qatar Lending Palestinians $100 Million to Pay Salaries
Arab MPs Call for Immediate Release of Palestinian Lawmaker Arrested by Israel
Report: Israel to Host International Conference on Nuclear Testing
Saudi Arabia
Two Saudi Policemen Shot Dead in Riyadh
Saudis Refuse Swedish Zoo's Monkeys in Diplomatic Spat
Middle East
ICC Prosecutor: Prospects Slight of Pursuing ISIS Leaders
2 Turkish Journalists Face Jail Terms for Charlie Hebdo Cover
Uganda Holds Ex-Guantanamo Bay Detainee Jamal Kiyemba
Egypt to Try Another 379 Brotherhood Members Over Sit-In Violence
Rwandan Rebel Group Kills 10 Soldiers in Eastern Congo Ambush
More South Sudanese Seek Shelter at UN Bases
List of 86 People, Entities Whose Accounts Were Frozen by Kenya for Allegedly Funding Terror
Two Servicemen Killed in Past 24 Hours in East Ukraine: Kiev Military
Spain Arrests 11 in Operation Against Islamists in Catalonia
UK Subjects Travelers to Exit Checks
Lithuania Suspends Russian-Language TV Station
Putin: Greece Did Not Seek Financial Aid From Russia
184 Killed Across Iraq Wednesday
'Iraq Is Finished'
Iraqi Forces Move Against ISIS in Sunni Heartland Anbar
Sunni Arab Refugees Escaping ISIS Feel Trapped in Kurdistan
ISIS Releases More Than 200 Captive Yazidis in Iraq
UN Warns of 'Slaughter of Innocents' in Refugee Camp
Lebanon's Palestinian Factions Weigh Action in Yarmouk
Huge Suffering in Yarmouk, Activist Says
Military Operation 'Necessary' to Expel ISIS From Yarmouk: Syria
Canada Conducts First Airstrike Against ISIS in Syria
How ISIS Message Lures Western Women
Yemen's Houthis Battle in Central Aden
Sheikh Abdullah: UAE Won't Rule Out Ground Invasion of Yemen
Iran Should Be Involved in Yemen Debate: Pakistan
Iran, Pakistan Urge Peaceful End to Yemen Conflict
Pakistan MPs Speak Out Against Intervention in Yemen
Iran Offers to Help Yemen Form Unity Government to Fix Crisis
Iran Deploys Warships Off Yemen's Coast to Protect Against Piracy
Why Pakistan Is Still Undecided About Sending Troops to Fight in Yemen
North Korea
North Korea Says Expels US Aid Worker for 'Anti-State Conspiracy'
North Korea Warns Will Act to Get Back Ship Held by Mexico
White House Advisor Says US to Continue to Press China on Currency
SecDef Urges Restraint in South China Sea Disputes
China, Vietnam Pledge Peaceful Resolution for Sea Dispute
What's Left Behind After US Pulls Out of Afghanistan
For Eager Cubans, Big Opening in US Relations Is More Like a Crack
New Poll in Cuba Shows Strong Support for Improved US Ties
Cuba, Venezuela Tensions Rise in Run-Up to Hemispheric Meeting
Obama Nearly Twice as Popular in Cuba, as in US
US Deports Salvadoran General Accused in '80s Killings
Mexico Ramps Up Pressure on Journalists
US Soldiers and Contractors Sexually Abused at Least 54 Children in Colombia Between 2003 and 2007
Obama to Offer Alternative to Venezuelan Crude on Caribbean Swing
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