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Updated April 23, 2015 - 11:15 PM EDT
Hostages Held by Qaeda Killed in Botched US Op
  January US Drone Strike Killed Two American al-Qaeda Members
No Progress: Saudi Air War on Yemen Resumes
  White House to Saudis: 'Job Is Not Done' in Yemen War
  US Drone Strike Kills Seven Suspects in Eastern Yemen
42 Killed as ISIS Clashes With Rival Syria Rebels
  Syria Airstrikes Kill 32, Including Many Civilians
Petraeus Gets 2-Yr Probation for Leaking Secrets
GOP Infighting Threatens NSA Extension Bill
OKC: Was McVeigh Associate Working for Feds?
US Claims Russian Military Buildup Along Ukraine Border
Obama: US Could Penetrate S-300 System to Attack Iran
Not Your Grandfather's FBI  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Deconstructing Obama's Yemeni Intervention  by M.K. Bhadrakumar
Generation Snowden: On Why Surveillance Reform Is Inevitable  by Anthony D. Romero
From Iraq to Libya and Syria  by Patrick Cockburn
Hillary the Hawk  by Charles Davis & Medea Benjamin
Targeted Killing: The New Questions  by David Cole

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The Disastrous WWI Gallipoli Campaign
Young Westerners Support Snowden, Study Finds
2011 Gadhafi Ouster Gave Rise to ISIS in Libya
Facing Threat in Congress, Pentagon Races to Resettle Guantanamo Inmates
Civilians Condemn Airstrikes for Creating Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen
When Israel Helped Yemen's Shiites
As War Grinds On, Yemenis Share Their Anguish Online
Red Cross Says Yemen Situation Is Disastrous, Seeks Better Access and Funding
No Let Up in Baghdad Blasts; 136 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Forces Fight to Rout ISIS Militants From Ramadi
Russia Arms Iraq, Syria to Help Combat ISIS: Lavrov
Active Online, Foreign Women Become ISIS Widows
Political Solution on Syria Needed to Stem Mediterranean Migrant Crisis: EU Official
Timing of Sanctions Relief May Be Deal Breaker as Talks Resume
US Poll: ISIS a Bigger Threat Than Iran, Russia
White House Mending Fences With Netanyahu
Kahlon, Netanyahu Reach Coalition Pact in Latest Meeting
Scottish Parliament Discusses Recognition of Palestinian State
WikiLeaks Shows Sony Concerned by Israel's Use of Its Cameras in Gaza Bombings
Turkey Faces Delicate Battle Against ISIS Sympathizers at Home
Turkey Pulls Diplomat After Austria Recognizes Genocide
Armenian President Says Ready to Restart Reconciliation With Turkey
Global Iraq Fallout
Ethiopia: A State-Organized Rally Against ISIS Killing Ends in Chaos, Many Injured
22 Dead After Angolan Police Raid Religious Sect: Media
Boko Haram Crisis: Nigeria Begins Sambisa Ground Offensive
Sisi's Crackdown on Islamists Yet to Win Over Egyptian Village
Aid Groups Express Fear of Renewed South Sudan Fighting
Spain Recalls Venezuelan Ambassador Over Maduro Conspiracy Comments
The War at Home
Rand Paul on NSA: 'Our Founding Fathers Would Be Mortified'
Jeb Bush Praises Obama's Expansion of NSA Surveillance
Graham: Rand Paul's Foreign Policy Worse Than Obama's
Privacy Advocates Seek More Openness on NSA Surveillance
Few People Were Fired Over Scandal at Veterans Affairs
Burr Bill Tightens Rules on Military Sex Offenders
Clinton Lawyer: 'No Reason' for Private Benghazi Testimony
Taliban Are Said to Target Hazaras to Try to Match ISIS' Brutality
Afghan, NATO Officials Doubt ISIS Links to Jalalabad Bombing
Farmer Hangs Himself at Political Rally in India's Capital
India Takes Al-Jazeera Off-Air in Kashmir Map Row
China Warns on Rising North Korea Nuclear Capability
US and South Korea Reach Revised Nuclear Deal
Drone 'Containing Radiation' Lands on Roof of Japanese PM's Office
Paris Extremist's Misfire Thwarts Imminent Attack on Church
WWI Mustard Gas Canisters Still Scattered Throughout Flanders
France to Refund Moscow for Undelivered 'Mistral' Warship
Europe's Security Challenges Should Mean More Defense Spending: US Def Sec
250,000 People Have Requested Citizenship in a Country That Might Not Exist
Italy Seeks Military Intervention, Other Steps to Handle Migrant Crisis
UK Counterterrorism Conference Kicks Out Intercept Journalist
EU Opens Antitrust Case Against Russia's Gazprom Gas Giant
Ukrainian Soldiers Learning From the US Military
Wire-Tap Scandal Threatens Stability, Democracy in Macedonia
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