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Updated April 29, 2015 - 11:16 PM EDT
When US Strikes Go Wrong, Not All Civilians Equal
Saudis Bomb Yemen Airport, Ending Aid Flights
  Houthis, Tribesmen Battle in Central Yemen, 15 Killed
Syria Says Turkey Helped al-Qaeda Takeover
  US DoD Bill Would Redefine Kurds, Sunni Militias as Separate Country
NSA Bill Imperilled by Alternative Senate Effort
  Republicans Go After Senate Staffer Over Torture Report
Rubio Amendment Set to Kill Iran Nuclear Deal
Iran Seizes Marshall Islands Cargo Ship
How Assassination Sold Drugs and Promoted Terrorism  by Andrew Cockburn & Tom Engelhardt
Japan's Top Hawk Calls for the US to End Hair-Trigger Alert  by Gregory Kulacki
The 'Obvious' Lessons of the Vietnam War  by Daniel Larison
Will Maoists Arise Out Of Nepal’s Ruins?  by Justin Raimondo
Judicial Immunity for the Assassins  by Jacob Hornberger
'Saigon Has Fallen' – a Reporter's View of Vietnam War's End  by Peter Arnett

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Sweden's Top Court Will Hear Assange Appeal Over Arrest Warrant
Rand Paul Tells Jewish Leaders: I Oppose War With Iran Over Nuclear Program
Red Cross 'Lost Moral Compass' in WW2 But Says Drew Lessons
Obama Launches 2,800 Strikes on Iraq, Syria Without Congressional OK
Dumped Bodies Rattle Baghdad; 48 Killed Across Iraq
Iraq Faces Huge Challenges Dislodging ISIS in Anbar
Bodies of Six Displaced Sunni Men Found Dumped in Baghdad
UN Employee Reported Abducted in Iraq
Kurds Arrest Five Over Bombing Outside US Consulate in Erbil
US Soldier Killed by British Man's Bomb, Court Hears
An Eroding Syrian Army Points to Strain
Errant Mortars From Syria Strike Open Areas in Northern Israel
ISIS Has Killed Over 2,000 Off Battlefield Since June: Monitor
Turkey Joins Qatari Bid to Broker Israel-Hamas Deal
US: It Will Be Hard to Support Israel in UN if It Steps Back From Two-State Solution
Israeli Army Officers Punished for Attacking Photographers
Job Prospects in Gaza Even Bleaker After Latest War
Thousands Protest Arab Housing Crisis in Tel Aviv Rally
Middle East
Saudi Arabia Arrests 93 ISIS Suspects: State News Agency
Sen. Blunt Wants Release of US Prisoners as Condition of Iran Deal
Bahrain Says Arrests 28 Planning Attacks in Villages
Nigerian Army Rescues 200 Girls and 93 Women During Boko Haram Offensive
More Than 200 Killed in Niger, Boko Haram Weekend Battle
Explosion at Radio Station in Central Nigeria Kills Four: Police
Xenophobia Row Exposes Rivalry Between South Africa and Nigeria
Burundi Anti-President Nkurunziza Protests in Bujumbura
Burundi Tells Foreign Envoys to Stay Neutral Over Unrest
Mubarak: Israel Tried to Renege on Part of '79 Peace Deal
Libyan TV Crew Found Dead Eight Months After Kidnap
Mali Tuareg Rebels Fire on UN Peacekeepers Outside Timbuktu
Algerian Army Kills Five Militants: Ministry
The War at Home
Congressional Invite to MEK Sparks Furious Backlash
US States Take Aim at NSA Over Warrantless Surveillance
Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush Back PATRIOT Act Ahead of NSA Phone Snooping Debate
Police Arrest New York Protesters Calling for Destroying All Nuclear Arms
Barack Obama's TSA Nominee Could Face Bumpy Landing
At Jewish Republican Confab, Sheldon Adelson Looms Large
US Successfully Tests Self-Steering Bullets That Can Follow Moving Targets
SOCOM Seeks Vendors in Next Step Toward Developing 'Iron Man' Suit
Journalists Facing Biggest Threats in Recent Times, Advocacy Group Says
Afghan Troops Rush to Kunduz Amid Taliban Assault
If You Find $1.3 Billion in Missing Aid to Afghanistan, Please Contact the Pentagon at Your Earliest Convenience
India Called Off Talks With Pakistan Unilaterally: Nawaz
India Cancels Licenses of Nearly 9,000 Charities Over Foreign Funds
Pakistan Hunts Clues to Activist's Murder as Free-Speech Fears Grow
China & Her Neighbors
Obama Accuses China of Flexing Muscle in Disputes With Neighbors
China 'Extremely Concerned' by ASEAN Statement on Disputed Sea
China Protests Over Shelling as Myanmar Battles Insurgents
Australia Recalls Ambassador to Indonesia Over Executions
At the Japan State Dinner, Star Trek's Mr. Sulu
Ukrainian Leader's Firm Says Assets Seized in Russia
Finnish Navy Drops Depth Charges Onto Suspected Submarine
UK Election 2015: Labour 'Will Renew Four Trident Subs'
Venezuela Opposition Leader Says Jan-April Inflation 50 Percent
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