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Updated May 3, 2015 - 11:27 PM EDT
US 'Concerned' About Civilian Toll in Saudi War
  Saudi Airstrike Kills Civilians in Yemeni Capital
  Air Strikes, Blockade Threaten Humanitarian Disaster for Millions
  US Commander: Loss of Military Toehold in Yemen Is Worrisome
US Strikes Kill 52 Syria Civilians, Including 7 Kids
  ISIS Reportedly Executes Iraqi Yazidis: Tolls Vary Wildly
  Canadian PM Visits Iraq as 110 Are Killed
The Odessa File: What Happened on May 2, 2014?
Two Gunmen Open Fire Outside Anti-Islam Event in Texas
William Pfaff, Critic of American Foreign Policy, Dies at 86
Drone Operators, Not US Snipers, Rack Up the Biggest Body Count  by Shane Smith
Vietnam Was No Business of the US Govt  by Jacob G. Hornberger
A Multi-Ethnic Syria Before the Jihadi War  by Brad Hoff
Avoiding Vietnam Without Regrets  by Sheldon Richman
Elliott Abrams' Shell Game on Settlements  by Mitchell Plitnick
The Case Against Predator Drones  by Bruce Fein

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German-NSA Collaboration Deeper Than Thought
Jeb Bush: Our Enemies Must 'Fear' US Again
Thousands Dodge Ukraine Draft in Fight With Rebels
Tensions in Jordan Over Muslim Brotherhood Rift
Female Service Members Say They Face Retribution for Reporting Assaults
Hundreds of Families Trapped by Fighting in Yemen's Aden
Kerry Says Yemen Not Yet a Failed State, Seeks Peace Talks
Yemen Conflict Must End Without Delay, Demand Female Peace Activists
Riyadh to Legalize Status of Yemenis Illegally Living in Saudi Arabia
Jimmy Carter Says Hamas Leader Committed to Peace, Netanyahu Not
Critics of Iran Deal Are Guilty of 'Hysteria,' Kerry Tells Israeli TV
Israeli Ethiopians Organize Another Protest: 'This Situation Can't Continue'
Lebanon Buries Soldier Killed in Friendly Fire
Beirut's Bullet-Riddled Holiday Inn
Three Die in Grenade Attacks in Burundi Capital, More Than 10 Hurt
Burundi Protesters Call for a Two-Day Pause in Demonstrations
Burundi's Army Declares Its Neutrality in Crisis
3 Migrants Die in Boat Capsize Off Egypt
Amnesty Says Egypt Using Courts and Jail to Intimidate Journalists
Rebels Attack Town in North Mali; Thousands March for Peace
Rocket Attack Kills Three at Benghazi Medical Center in Libya
Nigeria's Offensive Against Boko Haram Slowed by Landmines
France Says Confidence Restored With Germany After Spy Claims
Weekend Reviews
American Berserk: Miswriting the History of the Days of Rage
Review of James Bradley's The China Mirage: The Hidden History of American Disaster in Asia
Grounded Review – Anne Hathaway Goes Full Throttle in One-Woman Show
Abu Alaa Al-Afri Said to Replace Al-Baghdadi as ISIS Leader
Activists: Suspected Chemical Attacks in Syria Injure 40
Damascus Restarts Popular Train Service
Canadian PM Visits Iraq as 110 Are Killed
US Advisers Hope Realistic Training Scenarios Help Iraqi Troops Face ISIS Fighters
In Iraqi Malls, Syrian Women Work Jobs Spurned by Locals
Pakistan Military Says Strikes Kill 44 Suspected Militants
4 Years After bin Laden's Death, Man Who Helped Track Him Is in Prison
Karachi Counter-Terror Cop Survives Grenade Attack
Japan Prime Minister Touts 'Alliance of Hope' With US
Kerry Warns Sri Lanka About Tamil Reconciliation
At Least 30 Graves Found in Southern Thailand
US Marines Begin Operations in Quake-Struck Nepal
Dozens Tried for Mob Killing of Afghan Woman That Sparked Outcry
North Korea Arrests South Korean Studying in US for Illegal Entry
More Flames in Cartel-Hit Mexican State
Mexican Drug Cartel Jalisco New Generation Flexes Muscles
Mayoral Candidate Slain in Mexico's Troubled Guerrero State
American Released by Cuba Plays Role as US Relations Thaw
Americans Still Dying
Longwood (FL) Paratrooper With Ties to Pennsylvania Dies in Training Accident
Las Vegas (NV) Paratrooper Dies in Training Accident in Louisiana
Queens (NY) Native Dies During Navy SEALs Training in Virginia
Navy SEAL From Livonia (MI) Dies in Fitness Training Mishap
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