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Updated May 8, 2015 - 11:29 PM EDT
Pentagon Boosts Security Level, Citing ISIS
Senate Overwhelmingly Backs Iran Talks Bill
  Financial Dispute Resolved, Iran Releases Seized Cargo Ship
'No 'Pause': Saudis Vow to Keep Attacking Yemen
  US Mulls Selling Bunker-Buster Bombs to Saudi Arabia
Turkey Takes Credit for Qaeda Gains in NW Syria
  US Seeking Ways to Blame Syria for Suspected Chlorine Attacks
  Syrian Army, Hezbollah Recapture Key Border Area From al-Qaeda
  Pentagon Begins Dubious Syrian Rebel Training Scheme
Netanyahu Faces Dissent From Within Likud
  With Israel's New Hawkish Coalition, What Hope for Peace Process?
Court: NSA Surveillance Illegal, Can Continue
  NSA Splits Republican Presidential Hopefuls
Canadian Judge Bails Ex-Gitmo Inmate Khadr
Cameron on Course to Remain British PM as Labor Stunned
The Power Brothers, WWI Draft Resisters  by Max McNabb
Tom Cotton Allies Himself With the MEK  by Eli Clifton
The Government's Deceptive 'Transparency' Lies  by Marcy Wheeler
Britain’s Political Circus  by Justin Raimondo
The Future of Domestic Spying  by Lucy Steigerwald
Iran's Nuclear Threat Is a Myth  by Musa al-Gharbi

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Military Whistleblowers Have Long Wait for Justice if It Comes
Pentagon Still Mishandling Military Whistleblower Cases, Report Finds
NSA Ruling Puts Lawmakers on Edge
Dutch Protester May Go to Prison for Insulting the King
Report: No Direct Link Found Between ISIS and Garland Shooting
Attacks, Fighting in Tikrit; 68 Killed Across Iraq
Fierce Fighting Rages on Near Iraq's Baiji Refinery
Report: ISIS Opens 5-Star Hotel for Jihadist Commanders in Iraq
Iraqi Journalist Shot Dead by Unknown Assailant
Corker: War Bill Won't Change 'One Iota' of ISIS Fight
Senator on ISIS Fight: 3,300 Bombing Runs – and Congress Still Won't Call a War a War
Israel's New Justice Minister Considers All Palestinians to Be 'The Enemy'
Israel's Ultra-Orthodox Poised for Political Comeback
Gaza Economy: Squeezed by Siege, Weakened by War
Saeb Erekat Slams Netanyahu's New 'Government of War'
Israeli Artist Shira Geffen Takes the Heat for Criticizing the War in Gaza
Israel's New Coalition Committed to Passing Anti-Leftist-NGO Bill
Separate, but Not Equal Treatment Plagues Israel's Ethiopian Jews
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Beheads Five Foreigners, Hangs Their Corpses From Helicopter
A Year After Sentencing, Rights Groups Urge Saudi Blogger's Release
Saudi Arabia to Build Planes With Ukraine's Antonov
UAE Envoy Seeks US Security Guarantee on Iran at Summit
Riot Erupts in Iran's Kurdish Capital Over Woman's Death
Middle East
Al-Qaeda Claims Official Killed by US Strike in Yemen
Kuwait to Order Boeing F/A-18 Fighters Worth $3 Bn: Source
Life in a Colombia Village Threatened by Landmines
The War at Home
One of Jeb Bush's Top Advisers on Israel: George W. Bush
FBI Sent Alert About Gunman Before Texas Shooting
NSA Program Opponents in Congress Urge PATRIOT Act Changes After Ruling
Oakley's $100k Military Truck Towed to Village With Two Flat Tires
Edward Snowden Fans See Vindication for With Appeals Court Ruling
Chelsea Manning Writes Bill to Protect Journalism and Curb Espionage Act
Separatist Conflict Colors Ukraine's War Anniversary Events
Kosovo Indicts 32 for Fighting and Recruiting for ISIS
French Court Rules Tapping of Sarkozy Phone Was Legal
Bosnian Serb Police Hold 11 Muslims in Wake of Gun Attack
Russian Super-Tank 'Stalls' on Rehearsal Parade in Moscow
Political Crisis Raises Fears of Widespread Bloodshed in Burundi
Exiled Burundi Judge Says Court Forced to Back President
Somali Islamists Driven Into North, South Pockets: UN Envoy
Russia Says Destroying Libya Migrant Boats 'Going Too Far'
Egyptian Army Forces Free Ethiopians Held in Libya: Sisi
Five Killed in Boko Haram Attack on Niger Village
Central African Republic to Sue French Soldiers Over Alleged Sex Crimes
Afghanistan Forces Defend Kunduz From Taliban
China Warns Philippine Military Planes Away From Disputed Sea Area: Manila
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The Future of Domestic Spying

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