When the Abu Ghraib photos were released, revealing the horrific abuse of Iraqi inmates by American soldiers, we published them on They have been up there for 11 years, accumulating a tremendous number of views. If you do a web search for "Abu Ghraib photos," our page is one of the top three hits. During most of that time we ran ads distributed by Google AdSense, with no issue until a few months ago. Without notice, Google pulled our ads. When we asked why, they pointed to these photos: Showing the US government's atrocities violates their "violence and gore" guidelines. Apparently, Google thinks the Internet can't handle the truth.

They demanded we take the photo down. We refused.

Go here for the whole story. While losing AdSense was a big financial hit for us, we stood firm, keeping our journalism independent of the editorial whims of Google's PR department.War isn't pretty and can't be sanitized without lies and cover-ups. You know you can count on for the uncensored truth. Today, we need you – our longtime readers and supporters – to make it clear that there are many who not only can handle the truth but insist on getting it. The War Party's allies in corporate America would love to be rid of; don't let them have that satisfaction. Make your tax-deductible donation to today.

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Updated May 13, 2015 - 11:25 PM EDT
House Approves Weakly-Reformed PATRIOT Act
Pakistan Admits Defector's Role in bin Laden Op
  The Detail in Seymour Hersh's bin Laden Story That Rings True
  ISIS Affiliate Kills 43 Followers of the Aga Khan in Pakistan
Iraq War Casts Shadow Over GOP WH Hopefuls
  Jeb Bush Backs Off Iraq War Comments, Says He 'Misheard' Question
  Training for Iraq's Sunni Tribesmen to Fight ISIS Off to Slow Start
  Bombers Target Shi'ite Pilgrims; 137 Killed Across Iraq
90 Killed in Saudi Airstrike on Yemeni Capital
  Border Clashes, Saudi Airstrikes Escalate in Lead-up to Yemen Pause
  Against US Wishes, Iran Sends Aid Ship for Yemen Truce
  Saudis Announce Start of Yemen Pause, Say Overflights to Continue
Israeli General Sees 'Shared Interests' With Hamas
Pentagon May Send Warships to Challenge China on Islands
Judge Slaps Down Warrantless Airport Seizure of Laptops
Yemen’s War Is Redrawing the Middle East’s Fault Lines  by Conn Hallinan
It's a Conspiracy! How to Discredit Seymour Hersh  by Greg Grandin
To Catch the Devil: FBI Makes Deals With Criminals  by Trevor Aaronson
Bin Laden’s End: The Truth Comes Out  by Justin Raimondo
Citizen's Revolt in Afghanistan  by Ann Jones & Tom Engelhardt
Ukraine Flares Again: US Should Keep Arms and Troops at Home  by Doug Bandow

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Will Abu Zubaydah Get His Day in Court?
Germany Gives Huge Amount of Phone, Text Data to US
WikiLeaks Releases BND-NSA Inquiry Transcripts of 'Unclassified Sessions'
Leaks Gain Credibility and Potential to Embarrass Egypt's Leaders
US Will Remain Tough on Iran, Obama Tells Arab Newspaper
Bombers Target Shi'ite Pilgrims; 137 Killed Across Iraq
Bombings in Iraqi Capital Kill at Least 15 Shi'ite Pilgrims
Soldier's Friendly Fire Iraq Death a 'Tragic' Mistake: Canada
5 Million Syrians at Risk From Explosive Weapons: NGO
US Vows to 'Work Tirelessly' to Find Journalist Missing in Syria
Nuclear Talks With Iran Resume in Vienna
Rebuffing Iran, IAEA Head Says Deal Allows Access to Military Sites
GCC Looks for US Assurances on Iran at Camp David Summit
Rivlin: Netanayhu Expanding Cabinet Undermines Public Confidence
Poll: Most Israelis Give Netanyahu Bad Grade on Coalition Building
Merkel: Germany Has a 'Special Obligation to Support Israel'
Israel Tests New Rocket System in Exercise
Hamas Court Sentences 'Israeli Spy'
Palestinians Say They Number 12.1 Million Worldwide
Middle East
Obama to Meet With Saudi Crown Prince, Deputy in Oval Office on Wednesday
Report: Hezbollah Leader Being Treated for Heart Attack
2 Navy Aviators Rescued After F/A-18F Hornet Crashes Into Persian Gulf
US Withdraws Nominee for First Somalia Envoy in Over Two Decades
Somali President Committed to More Inclusive Vote in 2016
Clashes Disrupt Central African Republic Peace Forum
ICC Prosecutor Wants Probe of ISIS in Libya
UN Reports Rape and Killings in Attacks on South Sudan Towns
1 More Killed in Burundi Before Regional Meeting on Violence
Killings by Suspected Ugandan Rebels Draw Protest in Eastern Congo
Cuba's Castro Concerned Over 'Illegal' Activity at US Mission
Colombia Rebel Leaders Met Secretly to Pursue Peace Talks
The War at Home
CIA Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling Says Congressional Staffer Urged Him to Flee
World War I-Era Ammunition Dropped on New Jersey Beaches
Here's a Clock That Counts the Minutes Since Hillary Clinton Answered a Press Question
Two Swedes, Somali Plead Guilty in NY Over Shebab Conspiracy
Pentagon Recommends Nuclear Director to Be Next Navy Chief
FBI Violated Its Own Rules While Spying on Keystone XL Opponents
Kerry Has 'Frank' Meeting With Putin
Russia Says Will Cooperate With US 'Without Coercion'
Accused Russian Spy's US Legal Fees Paid by Moscow-Owned Bank
Russia, China Join Forces for Joint Naval Maneuvers in Mediterranean
Foreigners Could Be Allowed to Serve in Ukrainian Army
Three Ukrainian Servicemen Killed in Past 24 Hours in East: Ukrainian Military
Polish Lawmakers Get Military Training for 'Troubled Times'
Several Injured in EU Helicopter Crash in Kosovo: NATO Official
Britain Refuses to Participate in EU Migrant Resettlement Plan
South China Sea
China Slams 'Futile' Philippine Occupation of Disputed Island
New Naval Base Is Philippine Military's Top Priority: Armed Forces Chief
Japan Steps Up Maritime Engagement With Philippines, Vietnam
Bangladeshi Secularist Blogger Ananta Bijoy Das Hacked to Death
Murdered Blogger's Friend: 'I Was Trying to Help Ananta Bijoy Get Out of Country'
North Korea Executes Defense Chief on Treason Charges: South Korean Media
Eight US, Nepalese Troops Were on Helicopter Missing in Nepal
Afghanistan and Pakistan Thaw Relations With Pledge to Fight Terrorism Together
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