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The War Party is determined that the US will go to war with Iran – and they're going into overdrive to make sure it happens.

Israel and its allies here and abroad is going all out to gin up yet another war in the Middle East – one in which American soldiers will fight and die.

It's the same old story – "weapons of mass destruction," laughable claims of Iranian "aggression," and of course the alleged danger to Israel, the "ally" that undermines peace efforts at every turn. has been debunking the lies that could lead to war – but we can't do it without your support. Your tax-deductible donation goes to maintain the leading anti-interventionist site: we've been fighting the War Party since 1995. Now we need your help to stop what could well be World War III. Please make your donation today.

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Updated May 15, 2015 - 11:23 PM EDT
US Likely to Designate Gulf States 'Major Allies'
  Saudis Continue Yemen Strikes, Accuse Houthis of 'Violations'
ISIS Takes Ramadi Center; Iraqi Troops Fleeing
  New ISIS Tape: Baghdadi Says He Isn't Incapcitated
  Five Boko Haram Fighters Reported Killed in Iraq
  ISIS Executes 26 People in Syria's Homs Province
House Overwhelmingly OKs Iran Deal Review Bill
  Iranian Revolutionary Guard Fires Warning Shots at Tanker
Divided Israeli Parliament OKs Expanded Cabinet
  Israel’s Repression of Nakba Day (May 15)
Boston Marathon Bomber Sentenced to Death
Chad Army Says Airstrikes Killed 250 Boko Haram
Press Tried to Discredit Hersh Report on CIA Domestic Spying
Jackson State and Forgotten History  by Lucy Steigerwald
The More Israel Represses the Nakba, the Stronger the Memories  by Gideon Levy
The Myth of the Inevitable War  by Philip Jenkins
The Fall Guy: Dr. Shakil Afridi  by Justin Raimondo
Our Next Mideast War – Syria  by Patrick J. Buchanan
The Summer of War or Peace With Iran  by Jamal Abdi & Trita Parsi

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Video Shows What Went on at Chicago Torture Site
Homan Square Prisoner 'Was Raped by Chicago Police'
Seoul to Allow Women Activists to March From North to South Korea
Cuban Immigration Surges After Thaw in US-Cuba Relations
Battleground 2016
John Bolton Will Not Run for President in 2016
Jeb Bush: 'I Would Not Have Gone Into Iraq'
Jeb Bush Confronted by College Student: 'Your Brother Created ISIS'
Sheldon Adelson Comes to New York, and Presidential Candidates Follow
The War at Home
Conservative GOP Congressman Credits Snowden for Changing His Position on PATRIOT Act
FBI: Data Breaches 'Increasing Substantially'
Many of the NSA's Loudest Defenders Have Financial Ties to NSA Contractors
House Rules Committee Thwarts Effort to Add Privacy Protections to NSA 'Reform'
Obama's War on Leaks Faces Backlash in Court
Official: VA Improperly Spends $5 Billion a Year on Health
Stephen Kim, Ex-State Department Official in Leak Case, Released From Prison
ISIS, Taliban Both Claim Pakistan Bus Attack
Indonesia Army Urged to Stop Virginity Tests for Recruits
Japan's Cabinet Approves Bills to Loosen Post-War Military Restrictions
More Than a Dozen Bombs Explode in Thai South, 12 People Wounded
Karachi Bus Massacre: Ismaili Community Protests in Hunza
US Marines Look to Nurture Integrated Asia-Pacific Amphibious Forces, China Excluded
Baltic Military Chiefs to Call for Permanent NATO Presence
Russian Reporter Leaves Chechnya Amid Safety Concerns
6 Arrested in Ireland for Suspected Terror Offenses
Two Students Shot Dead After March in Chile
Mexico to Compensate Families of Victims Murdered by Soldiers
Venezuela Congress Head Requests Travel Ban for Journalists
What Is Nakba Day? a Brief History
Rooftop Gardens Link Palestinians to Land Lost in Nakba
50 Injured in Blast in Northern Gaza
Israeli Government Swearing-In Is Delayed
Knesset Okays Expanded Cabinet, Handing PM First Victory
Hamas Denies ISIS Gaining Foothold in Gaza Strip
Israeli Demolition Plan for Bedouin Village Sparks Outcry
Three Wounded in Suspected Terror Attack Outside West Bank Settlement
Gulf States
Obama Faces Skepticism as He Tries to Reassure Wary Persian Gulf Allies
Iran Blasts Saudis Over Yemen, Agencies Rush in Aid
Obama Turns to Seldom-Visited Camp David for Gulf Talks
111 Killed in Iraq as Rumors Ignite Riot in Baghdad
ISIS Advances on Ancient Palmyra
Police Say Over 700 Britons Have Traveled to Syria, Half Now Home
Egypt Cracks Down on Gaza Tunnels, but Faces Setbacks in Sinai
Report: Egypt to Buy S-300 Air Defense System From Russia
Egyptian PM Revokes Citizenship of Man Who Became Dual Israeli Citizen
Uncertainty Reigns in Burundi After Attempted Coup
Burundi Coup Bid: President Says He Is Back in Country
Militiamen Raped 127 Women in East Congo Town: Medical Charity
Eight Killed, Seven of Them Children, in Rocket Strike in Libya's Benghazi
Rebel Groups Release Hundreds of Child Soldiers in Central African Republic
Tunisian Forces Kill Four Militants in Clashes Near Algerian Border
Nigeria's Maiduguri Under Curfew After Boko Haram Attack
Terror Arrests Reach Record Level, Says Metropolitan Police
'Take Us With You, Scotland' Say Thousands in North of England
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