Today is Memorial Day, and what better day is there to eulogize our old republic? The Founders are no doubt spinning in their graves as the country they fought to establish rampages over half the earth, decimating lives – and our liberties – in the process.

The Warfare State has ushered in the Surveillance State – and today Americans overwhelmingly see their own government as the main danger to their freedom, rather than some foreign "threat."

But all is not lost. We can win back the freedoms we have lost. We can reverse the shameful history of the past 15 years – but we can't do it without your help.

Memorial Day is a good day to make your contribution to the cause of peace and freedom. And the timing couldn't be better: we've raised $33,000 in matching funds, which means the impact of your donation is doubled.

Don't give up our old republic for dead. We can revive it, but we need the resources to fight for it. Please make your tax-deductible contribution today.

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Updated May 25, 2015 - 11:22 PM EDT
Syrian State Media: ISIS Killed 400 in Palmyra
  Syrian Govt: 300 Islamists Killed in Rescue of Troops From Idlib
  Experts, Diplomats: Syria 'To Accept De Facto Partition' of Country
  Syrian General Killed in Downtown Damascus Car Bombing
US SecDef Blames Iraqi Troops for Recent Losses
  Kurdish Rebels Fight Each Other; 133 Killed in Iraq
NATO: ISIS Recruiting in Afghanistan, Pakistan
  Top US General: Troops to Stay in Afghanistan for Years to Come
  Afghans Form Militias and Call on Warlords to Fight Taliban
Libyan Warplanes Attack Oil Tanker Off Sirte
US Eager to Placate, But Israeli Govt Split on Terms
Obama's Fail on Saudi-Qatari Aid to al-Qaeda Affiliate  by Gareth Porter
What bin Laden 'Treasure Trove' Really Reveals  by Marcy Wheeler
'Boots on Ground' in Syria, but Media Too Giddy Over Special Ops Porn to Notice  by Adam Johnson
In Memoriam: Our Old Republic  by Justin Raimondo
China's Plan to Lead the Globe  by Eric Margolis
As Long as Terror War Continues, There Will Be More Tsarnaevs  by Murtaza Hussain

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Republicans Call White House's Bluff on Expiring Surveillance Programs
NSA Dispute Tests Political Ties of Paul, McConnell
Breach of Trust? Germany Reacts to NSA Accusations
Thousands Surround Japan's Parliament, Protest New US Base Plan
The Shadowy Center Helping Former Al-Shabab Members Quit
Did the Mexican Army Just Massacre 42 People?
Kurdish Rebels Fight Each Other; 133 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Lawmaker Slams US Criticism of Iraqi Military
McCain Urges More US Forces in Iraq
Hezbollah Says It Will Step Up Presence in Syria as Needed
Iran General: Army Needs More Funds to Counter ISIS
Iran Will Allow UN Nuclear Inspectors to Visit Military Sites, Negotiator Says
Iran Denies Agreement on Military Site Inspections
Thousands of Israeli Arabs Protest Morsi's Death Sentence, Organizers Say
Israel Jails Palestinians for Facebook Comments
Abbas: Israeli Settlement Activity Preventing Peace Talks
Israeli Arms Sales to Africa Mark Steep Rise in Past Year
Palestinian Stabs Two Israeli Teens
Lieberman's Vision: Gulf States and Israel Together Against Iran
One Ukrainian Civilian Killed, Two Wounded in Avdiyivka Shelling
Putin Signs Law for Shutting Down 'Undesirable' Organizations
Lord Mountbatten Murder: Secret Letters Reveal IRA Killers May Have Been Offered Immunity
Italy Coast Guard Rescues 70 Afghan, Iraqi Migrants From Crowded Boat
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
GCC Denies Air Campaign Against ISIS Has Failed
Saudi Forces and Yemen's Houthis Trade Heavy Fire, Border Crossing Hit
Saudi's King Salman Vows to Punish Those Behind ISIS Bombing
Deaths as Al-Shabab Fighters Attack Two Somali Towns
Mali: Rebels Capture Army Soldiers After Fighting in North
Nigeria Frees 20 in Push Against Boko Haram
Unable to Halt Europe-Bound Migrants, Tripoli Demands Help
Ethiopia's Ruling Party Is Expected to Keep Grip on Power
Indonesia's Military Creeps Back Into Civilian Affairs
Mass Graves of Suspected Trafficking Victims Found in Malaysia
Balochistan Blast Kills 2, Injures Dozen at Juma Khan Hotel in Hub
Australia Teachers' Union: Plan to Identify Terrorist Students 'Abhorrent'
Australia to Bring Home Bodies of 25 Who Died in Vietnam War
Colombia's FARC Rebels Kill One in First Attack Since Halting Ceasefire
Venezuela Opposition Leader Leopoldo Lopez on Hunger Strike
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