A new CNN/ORC poll shows the majority of Americans – fifty-five percent – oppose sending US troops back to Iraq. A Rasmussen poll is even more encouraging: support for sending in the troops has dipped from 52% in February to 35% today.

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Updated June 4, 2015 - 8:36 PM EDT
Gen. Allen: ISIS War to Last 'A Generation or More'
  Petraeus: US 'Probably Losing' ISIS War, Needs New Strategy
  70 Killed, Including Civilians, as US Strikes ISIS 'Bomb Factory'
  ISIS Forces That Control Ramadi Are Ex-Baathist Saddam Loyalists
  Syrian al-Qaeda Head Rules Out Peace With ISIS
US Officials to Ask Secret Court to Revive NSA Surveillance
  FBI Illegally Kept Phone Surveillance Going Without Patriot Act
US Politicians Call for Release of Secret 9/11 Report
House Rejects Bill That Would've Allowed Gitmo Transfers
Ukraine Truce in Jeopardy as Heavy Fighting Erupts in East
Pentagon Unsure How Live Anthrax Went to 51 US Labs
Officials: Slain 'Terror Suspect' Wanted to Behead Police
Why Rand Paul Was Right to Stand Against the Patriot Act  by Michael Brendan Dougherty
The Good, Bad, and Uncertain About Recognizing ‘Palestine’  by Ramzy Baroud
Arms Industry Ramps Up Lobbying Efforts as Budget Battles Continue  by William Hartung & Stephen Miles
Neither Freedom nor Safety  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Israel's Unlikely Alliance  by Asa Winstanley
Media Again Trash a Police-Shooting Victim by Uncritically 'Reporting' Police Accusations  by Glenn Greenwald

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As Cuba Trade Beckons, US Ports Jostle to Become the Gateway
Envoy: Libya 'At the Limit,' Risks Becoming Failed State
ISIS Hijacks Sunni Grievances, Rivals Complain
Interpol Issues 'Red Notice' for 6 Linked to FIFA Probe
Pentagon Seeks Easing of Ban on Russian Rockets for US Space Missions
Dozens Executed in Mosul; 331 Killed Across Iraq
Over 10,000 ISIS Militants Killed in 9-Month Campaign, US Says
ISIS vs. Shi'ite Militia in Iraq: Atrocity Rivalry Sees Brutal Videos of Torture Spread Online
Qatar Says Air Strikes Ineffective Without Iraqi National Dialogue
Hezbollah Widens Offensive in Syria Border Area, Seizes Hilltops
US: Assad Should Have No Role in Long-Term Solution to Syria Conflict
Report: Syria Using Chemical Weapons in Growing Number of Attacks
Syria Regime Barrel Bombs Kill 37, Monitor Says
Iraq, Iran Fighters Deployed to Defend Damascus: Security Source
Air Strikes Kill 20 Houthi Fighters in Yemen's Aden: Militia
UN Urges Yemen Humanitarian Ceasefire
Group Sues to Compel US to Evacuate Americans From Yemen
Yemen's War Displaced Flood Into Somaliland
US Advisor: Nuclear Deal Will Reduce Iran Enrichment Capacity
Iran Nuclear Talks Resume at Expert Level in Vienna
Iran Battles ISIS With Cartoons
Multiple Airstrikes in Gaza After Two Rockets Launched Into Israel
Hamas: IDF Attempted to Stop Paving of Gaza Border Road
Israel Slams Swiss Funding for Exhibit by Israeli NGO
Middle East
Bomber in Saudi Shiite Mosque Attack Identified as Saudi
Pro-Kurdish Party HDP Election Bus Shot at in Turkey's Southeast, One Dead: Media
Rights Group Accuses Jordan of Abandoning Syrian Refugees
Lawyer for Guatemalan Ex- Dictator Is Shot Dead
Venezuelan Opposition Politicians Continue Partial Hunger Strike
The War at Home
TSA Bragged About Gun Seizure Success Rate Ahead of New Failure Report
After Airline Humiliation, Muslim Chaplain Flooded With Hate Calls and Online Abuse
Iraq War Vet Charged With Premeditated Murder in Deaths of Relatives
Arlington Denies Burial to Guardsman Killed in Chopper Crash
Bring Me the Head of Eric Snowden: Why Can't Critics Get His Name Right?
Wars in Pakistan and Afghanistan Leave 150,000 Dead: Study
Afghan Anti-Corruption Body Assails Nepotism in Government
Afghanistan Arrests Suspects in Kabul Guesthouse Attack
US Tells Okinawa Governor New Base 'Fundamental' to Security
South Korea Says It Tested Missile That Can Strike Anywhere in North
Four Soldiers Shot Dead in Southern Thailand
Kashmir Battles to Restore Mobile Services After Militant Attacks
Gunmen Open Fire, Kill 2 Egyptian Policemen at the Pyramids
95 Egyptians Arrested Attempting to Illegally Cross Into Libya
Bomb Rocks City as Nigeria Takes Command of Boko Haram Fight
Boko Haram Crisis: Nigerian Army Accused of 7,000 Deaths
Burundi Says Has Delayed Elections Amid Prolonged Protests
UN Criticizes Senegal's Jailing of Ex-President's Son
Office of Rights Activists in Chechnya Attacked by Mob
European Parliament Blacklists Russian Diplomats
Masked Serbian Schoolchildren, Armed With Plastic Pistol and Knife, Steal Teacher's Grade Book
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