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Updated June 18, 2015 - 11:18 PM EDT
House Rejects Pulling Troops From Iraq and Syria
Pentagon Chiefs Paint Bleak Picture of ISIS War
  Lawmakers Skeptical About US Middle East Strategy
  Watchdog: All Syrian Chemical Arms, Byproducts Destroyed
  33 Killed as Syrian Govt, Rebels Trade Shelling in Damascus
CIA Didn't Know Strike Would Hit al-Qaeda Leader
  Saudis Attack Civilian Convoy in Yemen, 31 Killed
  ISIS Car Bomb Attacks Kill Dozens in Yemeni Capital
  As Civilian Casualties Mount in Yemen, Peace Talks Struggle to Begin
Palestinian Govt Resigns Amid Fatah-Hamas Split
  Israeli Officer: Attacking Gaza Medical Clinic 'Boosted Morale'
Chaos in Libya Paves Way for ISIS Expansion
ISIS Recruiting Germany's Homeless in Worrying Trend
Top Officials 'Violated Constitution' With 9/11 Detainee Abuse
NY Man Arrested on Terror Charges, Tried to Stab FBI Agent
Congress Intel-Sharing Ban Prevents German NSA Probe
Obama in the Middle East: From Bad to Worse  by Jack A. Smith
Just Politics: Iran, Like the Rest, Is Not Blameless  by Ramzy Baroud
Torture Is a War Crime the Govt Treats Like a Policy Debate  by Trevor Timm
The Secret of ISIS's Appeal  by Musa al-Gharbi
My Son Will Never Be a Conscript  by Don Boudreaux
Iraq: A Nation Destroyed by American Contempt  by César Chelala

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House Vote on Withdrawing US Troops From Iraq and Syria
Think Tank: Global Conflicts 'Cost 13% of World GDP'
Panel Urges Changes in Using UN Soldiers
US Marine Found Guilty in 2006 Murder of Iraqi Civilian
Afghan War Over? Then Set Us Free, Guantanamo Detainees Say
Downed Fighter Jet Reported as 195 Are Killed Across Iraq
Carter: Iraqi Training Goal to Fall Short by 17,000 Recruits
Ramadi Fell After Unwarranted Iraqi Pullout: Coalition Officer
Delay in Britain's Iraq War Investigation Angers PM Cameron
New Turkish Government Could Mean Policy Shift on Syria
Syria Conflict: Rebels Launch Quneitra Offensive
Syrian Refugees Return Home After Fleeing From ISIS
Israeli Officer Says Syrian Druze Should Not Flee to Border, Downplays Danger
US Weighs Near-Term Assad Military Retrenchment in Syria
Houthis Blow Up Delegate's Home, Casting Shadow Over Geneva Talks
Yemen's al-Qaeda Kills Two Saudis Accused of Spying for America: Residents
Yemen Crisis 'Beyond Aid System's Ability to Cope': MSF
Swiss Probe Espionage Claims After Iran Talks Hotels Hacked by Israel-Linked Virus
US May Name 'Czar' for Iran Nuclear Deal
Livni Dodges War Crimes Arrest in London
Long-Term Gaza Truce Mooted as Hamas, Israel Grapple With Jihadi Challenge
Knesset Extends Law Banning Palestinian Family Reunification
Full Video Released of Israeli Soldiers Arresting Palestinian
Palestinian Unity Government Resigns
State Dept: Oren Criticism of Obama 'Absolutely False'
Egypt Says Foils Attack in North Sinai, Kills 7 Suspected Militants
Egypt's Sissi Pardons 165 Inmates Who Broke Anti-Protest Law
Egypt Reopens Tahrir Square Metro Station After Two-Year Closure
Boko Haram Bombs Kill 13, Injure 45 in Northern Nigeria
Nigeria Boko Haram Crisis: Confiscated Bomb Explodes
Chad Bans Islamic Face Veil After Suicide Bombings
UN Urges Libyan Rivals to Accept Power-Sharing Peace Deal
Mali Army Says Kills Five in Clash With Militants
Corruption Rife in Sub-Saharan Africa, DR Congo Tops Graft List
Venezuela Students Join Opposition Leader's Hunger-Strike Protest
Honduran Army Seizes Hospitals After Social Security Scandal
Fake Bomb Discovered Near Israeli Embassy in Uruguay
The War at Home
Clinton Friend Says Former CIA Official Wrote Benghazi Memos
Dems Rip GOP Over 'Leaking' in Benghazi Probe
Congress Warned That Drones Present 'A Nightmare Scenario for Civil Liberties'
New Senate Bill Would Require Warrants for Federal Aerial Surveillance
Military Knew About Bizarre Methods of Doctor Hired to Train Troops
Former NSA Chief Mocks Extent of Post-Snowden Reform
Ukrainian Soldiers Confess to Murder of Mother and Daughter: Prosecutor
Russia, Germany Call for Swift End to Fighting in East Ukraine: Moscow
EU Agrees to Extend Economic Sanctions Against Russia
Russia Does Not Want Arms Race With US: Putin Aide
Russia, Germany Trade Cold War Accusations
Political Infighting in Catalonia Clouds Independence Drive
Spain's Offer of Citizenship to Sephardim Raises Questions
New NATO Force Trains in Poland to Assure Eastern Flank
Kosovo Ex-PM Arrested in Slovenia on Serbian Warrant
France: Top Suspect in 1982 Attack on Paris Arrested
Three UK Troop Carriers Collide During Training Exercise, 20 Troops Injured
China Approves Plan for Civilian Ships to Be Used by Military
Foreign Groups Fear China Oversight Plan
Chinese Police Kill Uighur Man Who 'Charged' Station Queue With Brick
China, Again, Bans Muslims From Fasting During Ramadan, Say Uighur Community
North Korea Says It Is Experiencing the Worst Drought in a Century
American Soldier Found Dead at US Army Base in South Korea
Pakistan Troops Cross Border to Rescue Wounded Afghan Soldier
Decommissioned LAVs Used in Afghanistan Being Turned Into War Monuments
New US-Philippine Military Deal, Already on Ice, Could Face Further Delays
Kashmir Killings Raise Fears of New Bloodletting
North Korea Says It Is Experiencing the Worst Drought in a Century
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