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Updated July 9, 2015 - 8:22 PM EDT
FBI Claims Arrests Tied to July 4 'Plots'
Iran Talks Extended Again, Kerry Says 'No Rush'
  Obama: Chances of Iran Deal Less Than 50-50
Botched Saudi Airstrike Kills 70 Yemeni Soldiers
  Yemen Govt Would Accept Truce in Return for Four Provinces
  Critical Food Shortages in Yemen as Naval Blockade Keeps Ships Out
FBI: 200 Americans Have Tried to Fight in Syria
  Shock Troops Seen as ISIS's Most Important Asset on the Ground
  Kurds Retake North Syria Town of Ayn Issa From ISIS
  Shi'ite Militiamen Accused of More Crimes; 175 Killed Across Iraq
WikiLeaks: NSA Targeted German Chancellery
  FBI Chief Wants Access to Encrypted Communications to Fight ISIS
  NSA Intercepts 98% of South American Communications: Assange
  Italian Docs: Proposed Death Squad Deal, Secret UK Sales Push
Anonymous Issued Cryptic Tweet Before NYSE Suspension
On the One Year Anniversary of Israel's Attack on Gaza  Glenn Greenwald Interviews Max Blumenthal
The GOP Has No Defense for Its Defense Spending  by A.J. Delgado
Secrecy of Torture: 'Declassifying' Survivors' Memories  by Adam Hudson
The Srebrenica Precedent  by David N. Gibbs
Christie vs. Paul on Surveillance and Security  by Jacob Sullum
Could One Soldier Derail ISIS War?  by Steven Nelson

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Report: Pro-ISIS Airline Pilots Tracked by Law Enforcement in SE Asia
DHS Refrains From Blaming China for Hack
The Three Surprising Countries You Should Thank for Low Gas Prices
Mike Huckabee: 'There's Really No Such Thing as a Palestinian'
Lindsey Graham Gives Detailed Blueprint for Ground Troops in the Middle East
Shi'ite Militiamen Accused of More Crimes; 175 Killed Across Iraq
Iraq Sentences ISIS Militants to Death for Tikrit Massacre
Iraq Celebrates Return of Antiquities, Appeals for World Help
For Syrian Activist Group, Resisting ISIS Isn't About Making War
ISIS Supporters Hack Syrian War Monitor's Site
Assad Signs $1 Billion Credit Line From Iran
Can Kurdish Forces Hold on to Gains in Syria?
Belgium Rescues 200 Aleppo Christians
Tribal Leaders Hold Secret Talks With West, Gulf Over Possibility of Mobilizing Against ISIS
Washington Says Greek Meltdown Would Be Geopolitical Mistake
For Spain, Greek Risk Is Political, Not Economic
Britain Pledges to Hit NATO Military Spending Target
Russia Vetoes UN Resolution Calling Srebrenica a Genocide
Russia Says Clinton Hacking Accusations 'Unfounded'
Has Germany's Patriot Missile System Been Hacked?
Colombia's FARC Rebels Announce One-Month Ceasefire
Nicaraguan Police Beat Protesters and Harass Journalists
The War at Home
Study: Suicide Attempts Most Common in Newer Soldiers
George W. Bush Charged $100k for Speech at Wounded Veterans Event
Hillary Clinton Lied About Not Receiving Email Subpoena, Benghazi Chair Claims
Amnesty International Uses 'The Gaza Platform' Map to Visualise Every Israeli Strike on Gaza
Israeli Women Launch Fast for Peace on Gaza War Anniversary
France Denies Dropping UN Bid to Restart Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks
Israeli Military Recommends Easing Gaza Border Restrictions, Opening Crossings
In First Defeat for Israeli Government, Opposition Passes First Bill at Knesset
Middle East
White House Ready to Let Iran Talks Continue Indefinitely
Out of Sight but Not Power, Erdogan Eyes Snap Turkish Election
Afghans, Taliban Agree 'To Meet Again' Following Pakistan Talks
Afghan Woman Nominee to Supreme Court Rejected Amid Fears of Rollback of Rights
Despite Peace Talks Breakthrough, Afghan Leader Under Pressure at Home
Petraeus: Obama Playing 'Roulette' in Afghanistan
Pakistan Warns India, Says Can Use Nuclear Weapons if Needed
North Korea Threatens South for Holding Fishermen
At Least 22 Killed in Algerian Ethnic Clashes: Medical Sources
Suspected Boko Haram Militants Kill 26 People in Chad Attacks
Tunisia Plans to Build Antiterrorism Wall Along Border With Libya
South Sudan Rebel Warns President of More Fighting if He Stays On
Guinea's Ex-Junta Leader Indicted for More Than 156 Deaths
Ivory Coast 'Charges Ex-Rebels for Election Violence'
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