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Updated July 10, 2015 - 11:21 PM EDT
Iran Talks Extended to Monday Amid Deal Reports
  Why Is Iran's Foreign Minister So Angry?
New Yemen al-Qaeda Chief Calls for Attacking US
  Week-Long Humanitarian Truce Announced in Yemen
Internal Political Split Grows in Iraqi Kurdistan
  168 Killed in Iraq, as Militants Target Deserters
FBI Claims Arrests Tied to July 4 'Plots'
Egypt Says 241 ISIS Fighters Killed in Week of Sinai Fighting
Joint Chiefs Nominee: Russia Is Greatest Threat to US
Feds' New Enemies in Crypto Wars: Apple and Google
Ex-Politicians Profit Off the Misery They Caused  by Lucy Steigerwald
Obama’s Failure to Make the Strategic Case for an Iran Deal  by Flynt Leverett & Hillary Mann Leverett
Media's ISIS Threat Hype Machine: Govt Stenography at Its Worst  by Trevor Timm
Chris Christie for President? Or: The Sopranos Go to Washington  by Justin Raimondo
Game of Chicken With Iran  by Paul R. Pillar
The FBI's Misguided War on Encryption  by Patrick G. Eddington

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Jade Helm, Controversial Military Exercise, to Open Without Media Access
Hacking Team Employee Jokes About Assassinating ACLU Technologist
ISIS Steps Up Recruiting in Georgia's Pankisi Gorge
Pentagon Reconsidering Total F-35 Buy: Dunford
Many Critics of Army Cuts Ignored Pentagon Warnings, Supported Sequestration
The War at Home
Lindsey Graham, Running for President, Promises to Wage War in 4 Different Countries
Judge Pushes to Speed Release of Gitmo Force Feeding Videos
To Help US Veterans Charity, George W. Bush Charged $100,000 for Speech
Minnesota's Somali-Americans Urge New Treatment for Would-Be Terrorists
Japan Interested in Joining NATO Missile Consortium: Sources
'North Korean Leader Has So Far Executed 70 Officials'
2 Indian Soldiers Killed in Indian Kashmir
Libya's Recognized Government Warns Tankers Away From Ras Lanuf Port
14 Killed in Clashes in Libya's Benghazi
Roadside Bomb Injures 20 Policemen in Egypt's Sinai
Britain Tells Tourists to Leave Tunisia Over Terror Risk
UN Rights Chief Warns Violent Explosion Is Close in Burundi
Guinea Stadium Massacre: Former Ruler Camara Indicted
Mexican Police Arrested: 13 Federals Accused of Kidnapping, Extortion Crimes in Matamorros
Gunmen Kill 5 Members of a Family Near Mexican Border City
168 Killed in Iraq, as Militants Target Deserters
Iraq Police and Militiamen Clash in Baghdad
Syrian Army Says It's Closing in on ISIS in Palmyra
US Seeks UN Action on Chemical Weapon Attacks in Syria
Iraq's Famed Marshes Are Disappearing – Again
Complete EU Boycott Would Cost Israel Billions of Dollars, Finance Ministry Warns
Amid Detente With Hamas, Israel Says 2 Citizens Held in Gaza
Israel to Shut Palestinian TV Station Broadcasting From Nazareth
Israel Could Be Target of Imminent Cyberattack, PM's Office Warns
IDF Seeks Trial for AWOL Conscientious Objector Suffering Depression
Middle East
36 Rebels Killed in South Yemen Attacks, Air Strikes
Russia Wants Iran Arms Embargo Ended as Soon as Possible
Turkish Police Hit Pro-Uighur Protesters With Pepper Spray
Former Saudi FM Prince Saud Al-Faisal Dies
Bolivia's Morales Doubtful of Full Diplomatic Ties With US Soon
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Justin Raimondo
Chris Christie for President? Or: The Sopranos Go to Washington

Lucy Steigerwald
Ex-Politicians Profit Off the Misery They Caused

Dan Sanchez
Flytrap to Breeding Ground

Ivan Eland
Let Greece Exit the Eurozone

Nebojsa Malic
Not Quite Goodbye

David R. Henderson
Questioning the Powerful

Ran HaCohen
Yet Another War of Deceit

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