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Updated July 26, 2015 - 11:13 PM EDT
US to Release Convicted Israeli Spy Pollard
d Saudi Airstrikes Kill 120 Civilians in S. Yemen
  d Saudis Declare 5-Day Humanitarian Pause in Yemen War
Kerry Warns Israel Against Attacking Iran
  d Kerry: World Will Blame Israel if Congress Kills Iran Deal
  Poll: Most of American Jews Support Iran Deal
Turkish Warplanes Bomb ISIS, Killing Nine
  Turkey Will Let US Warplanes Launch Attacks on ISIS From Bases
  With Surac Bombing, Turkey Being Sucked Into ISIS War
US Sees Peshmerga as Model for Anti-ISIS Forces
d DHS Monitoring 'Black Lives Matter' Since Ferguson
UK Admits Ongoing Probe of Snowden Journalists
An Opportunity for Arab-Iranian Reconciliation in the Iran Deal  by Ramzy Baroud
We'll Always Be the Foreigners  by Stephen Kinzer
Ethiopia Claims US Precedent for Crackdown on Journalists  by Laetitia Bader
Peter Beinart’s Fantasy  by Justin Raimondo
America's Already-Failed Cyber War  by Kelley Vlahos
What Will Obama Do for Syrian Rebels?  by Micah Zenko

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The Drone Doctors
US Military Knew of Doctor's Macabre Ways for Decades
NBC News Releases Long-Awaited Trailer for Summer Horror Film About ISIS
Palestinian Village of Susiya Faces Bleak End
Senate Panel OKs Ending Cuba Travel Restrictions
The War at Home
Pentagon Finds Its Protocols for Handling Anthrax Weak, Inconsistent
Pentagon, CIA Instructed to Re-Investigate Whistleblower Cases
Leading GOP Candidates to Appear at Event Hosted by Anti-Muslim Conspiracist
US Navy Nurse Honored for Not Force-Feeding Gitmo Prisoners
Sm-2 Missile Explodes, Damaging Navy Destroyer
Civilian Guarding Military Recruitment Center Accidentally Fired Gun While Showing It Off
Turkey Scrambles Fighter Jets to Syrian Border as Clashes Erupt With ISIS Militants
Drones and Ditches as Turkey Tightens Border After ISIS Bombing
4 Journalists Missing in Syria Raise New Questions
Turkmen Killed in Bombing at Pool; 30 Killed Across Iraq
DoD Confirms Done Crash in Iraq
Iraqi Kurds Head Back to Europe, Escaping War and Seeking Work
Middle East
US Vows to Keep Targeting Hezbollah
In Yemen's Grinding War, if the Bombs Don't Get You, the Water Shortages Will
No Change to Obama's Kenya Itinerary Despite Security Breach: White House
Tunisia's Secular Government Cracks Down on Mosques in Aftermath of Massacre
Somalia Says Captures Strategic City Held by Al Shabaab
ISIS Claims Responsibility for Blast That Killed Four Egyptian Soldiers
US 'Aiding and Abetting' Boko Haram by Refusing Nigeria Arms, Says Buhari
Fighting Stops Aid Reaching Starving South Sudan Children: Charity
Obama Urges UK to Stay in the European Union
Sweden Arrests 2 Suspected of Terror, Murder in Syria
Gunmen Stage Attack in Southern Mexico, Killing 7 People
Damning Report on Missing Mexican Students Says 'Justice Neglected'
Obama Officials Tell Haaretz: Netanyahu Would Reject Any Iran Deal – Except Capitulation
Kerry to Senators: No 'Fantasy' Alternative to Iran Deal
Rand Paul Says He Supports Using Military Force if Iran Is Building Nukes
Senator Rubio: Iran Deal Could 'Go Away' With Obama
AIPAC Kicks Off Major Lobbying Push Against Iran Pact
Israeli Officials: US Seeking to Stifle Discussion of Dangers of Iran Deal
Iran Eyes $185 Billion Oil and Gas Projects After Sanctions
Iran Deal: Global Reaction
Iran Nuclear Deal Safeguards Seem Effective: Saudi FM
Foreign Firms Say More Than Just Sanctions Hold Back Trade With Iran
European Business Reps Congregate on Iran Business Forum
Hollande, Rouhani Discuss Iran Deal Implementation
Germany Dismisses Criticism of Its Business Ambitions in Iran
Israeli Forces Shoot and Kill Palestinian During West Bank Raid
How a Palestinian Hamlet of 340 Drew Global Attention
Israeli Army Develops Radars That Identify Mortars When Launched
Hillary Clinton: Two-State Solution Is 'Best Outcome' for Israelis, Palestinians
26 Taliban Fighters Including Key Commander Killed in South Afghanistan
Watchdog for Afghan Reconstruction Thinks Redactions Are for [redacted]
Bomb Kills 1, Wounds 8 Others in Philippines
China Envoy Warns Japan Not to Backtrack on Expressions of WW2 Remorse
Japanese Company to Compensate for Wartime Forced Labor
Pakistani Panel Rejects Fraud Accusations in 2013 Prime Minister Vote
Ukraine Separatists Protest Against OSCE Mission in East
French MPs' Crimea Visit Condemned by France and Ukraine
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