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Updated July 27, 2015 - 11:18 PM EDT
Turkey Calls NATO Meeting, Says Under Threat
  Turkey: More Strikes Against PKK in Iraq After Bomb Kills Soldiers
  Seeking Northern Syria 'Safe Zone,' Turkey Pounds ISIS, Kurds
  Iraqi Forces Attack Outskirts of Ramadi
Taliban Seizes Afghan Base After Mass Surrender
  Peace Talks Could Return Taliban to Afghan Political Mainstream
Israel Will Take Pollard, But Won't Accept Iran Deal
  Former AIPAC Official on Iran's Importance to AIPAC
  Israel Launches Diplomatic Push to Kill Human Rights Groups
Fighting Rages Despite Latest Yemen 'Ceasefire'
Obama’s Line on the Iran Nuclear Deal: A Second False Narrative  by Gareth Porter
Critics of the Iranian Nuclear Deal Protest Too Much  by John Glaser
Keeping Americans Excited About War  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Keep Pollard in Jail
 by Justin Raimondo
Spying on Our Friends Is Not a Good Idea  by Eric Margolis
The GOP's Edge on Foreign Policy Is Gone (Again)  by Daniel Larison

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Thug State

by Matthew Harwood
For Ransom, Bitcoin Replaces the Bag of Bills
Attorney General: Scope of ISIS Threat Still Undetermined
A Terrorism Case in Britain Ends in Acquittal, but No One Can Say Why
Kerry to Talk With Russia on ISIS Fight and Iran's Role
Manhattan Project Vet Had a Unique View of Bomb Work
Hanging Out With an Armed Militia at Recruiting Post
Turkey Launches Second Wave of Airstrikes on PKK in Iraq
Turkey Seeks NATO Help With Threats to Its Security
Turkish PM Says No Plans for Ground Troops in Syria
Kurdish Militants Says Truce Has No Meaning After Turkish Strike
Turkey Army Blames PKK for Deadly Attack as Truce Unravels
White House Says Turkey Has Right to Defend Against Kurds
Anbar University Captured; 113 Killed in Iraq
Army, Kurds Advance Against ISIS in Hassakeh
Assad Vows to Win Bloody Syria Civil War, Despite Shortfall in Manpower
ISIS Detonates Suicide Bombs in Syrian Town Near Turkish Border
Syria Grants Conditional Amnesty for Army Deserters
Fatah Colonel Shot Dead in Lebanon Refugee Camp
In Tunisia, Many Young People Heed the Call of ISIS and al-Qaeda
Tunisia Parliament Approves 'Anti-Terror' Law After ISIS Attacks
Officials: Roadside Bomb Wounds 18 Egypt Police Conscripts
Egypt Army Kills 17 Extremists in Sinai Clashes
Egypt Extends State of Emergency in North Sinai by Three Months
At Least 13 Dead in Al Shabaab Attack on Somali Hotel
Al Shabaab Kill Three People in Somali Capital, Including Politician
Somalia's Al-Shabab Loses Dinsor Stronghold
South Sudan
Obama to Discuss a 'Plan B' for South Sudan Ahead of August Deadline
UN: 27 Aid Workers Killed in South Sudan Since Start of Conflict
UK Government Spent 13 Times More Bombing Libya Than on Rebuilding Post War
Female Suicide Bombers Kill Dozens in Cameroon, Nigeria
Obama Chides Kenya on Gay Rights, Ready for Closer Security Work
Nkurunziza Wins Third Term as Burundi President: Electoral Commission
Cuba Tones Down Anti-US Rhetoric During Revolution's Main Holiday
Half of Cuba Men's Field Hockey Team Defects
Colombia Suspends Raids on FARC Camps Following Rebel Truce
Colombia's FARC Denies Seeking Impunity for Suspected War Criminals
Mexico Search for Missing Students Turns Up 129 Bodies
Escaped Mexican Drug Lord No Saint, but Lesser Evil at Home
Guyana Says Venezuelan Claim Is Threat to Its Survival
The War at Home
Huckabee: Obama Marching Israelis 'To the Door of the Oven'
US Military Discourages Armed Civilians at Recruiting Centers
Man Dons Knights Templar Costume to Scare Away Muslims From NY Military Recruiting Center
Bowe Bergdahl Caught Up in Pot Farm Raid While Visiting Friends in California
Sailor Accused of Taking Secret Photos of US Submarine
1881 Document Suggests Palestinian Ownership of Susiya
Susiya: Palestinian West Bank Village Faces Bleak End
Israeli Army Proposes Barring Israeli Arabs From Visiting Gaza
Police, Palestinians Clash in East Jerusalem
Gazans Protest Cutbacks in UN Services
Israeli, Palestinian Negotiators Hold Low-Key Talks in Amman
Police Raid Toy Store Selling Fireworks to Palestinians
US Jews Much Likelier to Back Iran Deal Than Non-Jews
Iranian Dissidents Explain Why They Support the Nuclear Deal
Ex-Mossad Chief: Some Aspects of Iran Deal Are Good for Israel
Kerry Says He'd Be 'Embarrassed' to Go Out if Congress Kills Iran Deal
President Rouhani Visits Iranian Kurdistan for the First Time
Israeli Ambassador to Dems: Don't Fret About Killing Iran Deal
Iran Accuses Bahrain of Stoking Tensions in Gulf
Bahrain Recalls Its Ambassador to Iran, Citing 'Hostile Statements'
With Nuclear Deal Done, Iran Sets Out to Reassure Wary Gulf Arabs
Houthis, Saudi-Led Forces Battle for Yemen's Biggest Air Base
Yemen Houthi Leader Captured: Southern Resistance
Why China's Uighurs Are Joining Jihadists in Afghanistan
Second Round of Afghan Peace Talks Likely Next Week in China
Ceasefire on Agenda for Next Taliban Talks: Afghan Negotiator
Green Beret Major Forced to Resign After Affair With Journalist in Afghanistan
In Pakistan, Detainees Are Vanishing in Covert Jails
Pakistan TV Bureau Chief Kidnapped, Tortured
Pakistani Journalists Continue to Face Attacks, Intimidation
One Killed, Three Bodies Recovered in Balochistan
Canada and Pakistan in Talks Over Fate of Terrorist Group Member Mohammed Aqeeq Ansari
India's Prime Minister Endorses Call for Britain to Pay Reparations for Colonial Rule
Militant Group Disowns Faction; More Attacks in Indian Kashmir
US Planning to Press Harder Against North Korea on Human Rights
China Tiananmen Dissident Bids for Taiwan Seat
Filipino Fishermen Remove Chinese Buoys Near Disputed Shoal, Officials Say
Putin OKs Maritime Code Calling for Strong Atlantic Presence
Ukraine Soldier Killed in Clashes Following Peace Talks
Ukraine Detains Another Suspected Russian Soldier in East
Ukrainian Servicewoman Sent to Western Russia Before Trial
UN Vote Wednesday on MH17 Tribunal, Russia Likely to Block: Diplomats
Russia Nationalist Leader Jailed for Life Over Hate Crimes
Two Former Guantanamo Inmates Arrested in Belgium on Terror Charges
France Approves 'Big Brother' Surveillance Powers Despite UN Concern
Russian Physicist Suspected of Spying in Germany: Report
Australia Arrests Nurse Who Says He Worked With ISIS Under Duress
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