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Updated August 15, 2015 - 7:35 PM EDT
ISIS Kills 150-200 in Libya Opposition 'Massacre'
AT&T Helped NSA Spy on Internet Traffic
US Airstrike Kills 8 Civilians in Northern Syria
  Syrian Kurdish Militia Claims 5,000 More Fighters Recruited
  Hastily-Planned Visit to Syria Protests Had Long-Term Consequences
Elections Loom as Turkey's Minority Govt Fails
  PKK Warns of 'Heavy Price' as Six Killed in Turkey Fighting
  During Attacks, Turkey Hired Lobbying Firm Tied to 2016 Candidates
US: Iraqis 'Halfway Through' Surrounding Ramadi
  Major Attack in Baiji; 99 Killed Across Iraq
Pentagon Seeks Funds for 'Sustained' War With Russia
In Revenge Attack, AU Troops Kill Somalia Wedding Guests
Former Bush National Security Adviser Endorses Iran Deal
Calls for Peace, But Pro-Saudi Yemeni Govt Seeks Win
US Bids to Stop Release of Hunger-Striking Gitmo Detainee
Don’t Expect Much Change in Post-Vienna US Middle East Policy  by Gareth Porter
Congress' Test of Allegiance: US or Israel?  by John V. Whitbeck
Police Requests for Military Gear Are Not About Fighting Terrorism  by Anthony L. Fisher
A Wedge for Nuclear Disarmament  by Robert Koehler
The Persecution of Chelsea Manning  by Conor Friedersdorf
What Happens When a Failed Writer Becomes a Loyal Spy?  by Peter Maass

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Japan's Leader Stops Short of WWII Apology
Stung by the NSA's Reach, Brazil and Germany Prepare for Closer Ties
Bin Laden's Son Hamza Issues al-Qaeda Message
CIA Torture Tactics Reemerge in New York Prison
Hiroshima: How Bombing Civilians Became Thinkable
Major Attack in Baiji; 99 Killed Across Iraq
Iraq's Top Shi'ite Cleric Calls for Reforms to Start With Judiciary
UN Urges Iraq to Close Secret Detention Centers
Syrian Planes Strike Hospitals in Rebel Northwest, Killing 11: MSF
Syrian Opposition Leader: 'Russia Isn't Clinging to Assad'
The Woman Who Betrayed an ISIS Chief
Three Female ISIS Defectors Describe Life Under Terror Group's Harsh Rule
Iran Battle Heats Up in Senate
Russia Denies Hosting Top Iranian Commander
On the Iran Deal, American Jewish 'Leaders' Don't Speak for Most Jews
Iranian Americans Find Unity in Backing Nuclear Deal
How Iran's Nuclear Deal Could Benefit India
A Brutally Frank Jimmy Carter Calls Out Israel on Permanent Apartheid
Hunger Striker in Israel Unconscious as Battle Rages Over Force-Feeding
Arab MPs: Israel Responsible if Hunger-Striking Prisoner Dies
Lapid: I'll Run Against Netanyahu for Prime Minister Next Year
Hawkish Parliamentarian Named as Israel's UN Ambassador
Arab Bank Settles US Litigation Over Hamas Attacks
Middle East
Yemeni Women Stage Rare Protest in Rebel-Held Capital
Turkish Military Says 3 Killed in Fighting With Kurdish Militants
Russia Steps Up Demand for US to Drop European Missile Shield
Germans Are So Scared of Surveillance They Microwave Their ID Cards
Americans Still Dying
Bristol (RI) Green Beret Killed in Afghanistan Returns Home
US Embassy in Cuba Formally Reopens: 'A Day for Pushing Aside Old Barriers'
If It's 9am, This Must Be Havana
Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio Bash Cuba Flag Raising
The War at Home
It's Not the First Time Military Reporters Have Fought the Pentagon Over Wartime Reporting
Classified Data Found on Emails in May; Clinton Camp Slow to Protect Secrets
Top Secret Clinton Emails Include Drone Talk
Influential People Worldwide Wrote Clinton on Her Personal Email Address
Disbelief in Mississippi at How Far ISIS' Message Can Travel
Oklahoma Gun Store Declares 'Muslim-Free Zone'
Jeb Bush, Hosted by Defense Contractor-Backed Group, Calls Iraq War 'A Pretty Good Deal'
Lightning Strike Injures 40 US Army Ranger Students, Four Instructors
Afghan Officials Visit Pakistan to Revive Taliban Peace Talks
Taliban Present Gentler Face, but Wield Iron Fist in Afghan District
North Korea Denies It Laid Mines That Maimed Soldiers From South
North Korea Threatens Strikes Over South Korea Propaganda Broadcasts
Japan Joins US-Philippine Humanitarian Drills Amid China Sea Dispute
ISIS Affiliate Takes Control of New Area in Libya's Sirte
Congo Charges 34 With Genocide in Inter-Ethnic Fighting
Roadside Bombs, Insecurity Cuts Off Neediest in Mali: Aid Groups
Where's Shekau? Chad President Messes With Boko Haram's Mind
Ecuador Protests Left 67 Police Injured, 47 Arrested
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