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Updated August 18, 2015 - 11:12 PM EDT
80 Killed in Battle Over Yemeni City of Taiz
  Civilians Bear Brunt of Air Strikes in Yemen
  Governor: Aden to Be Yemen's New Capital for Next Five Years
Israeli Military: Iran Deal Could Benefit Israel
  Several Former GOP Officials Now Endorsing Iran Deal
  340 Rabbis Urge Congress to Support Iran Nuclear Deal
Bomb Rips Through Central Bangkok; 27 Killed
Pakistani Airstrikes Kill 65 in Tribal Areas
Last Ditch Coalition Talks Fail, Turkey Heads for Early Vote
US Prepares Drastic Escalation of Global Drone Program
215 Killed as Iraq Govt Meets Resistance to Reforms
Declaring Chelsea Manning’s Voice Against Torture Contraband  by Marcy Wheeler
The Saudi Royals – Unchained  by Joe Lauria
Guide to Foreign Policy Views of Dem Presidential Candidates  by Brandon George Whitehill
The Cycle of the State  by Dan Sanchez
Scorecard on US Interventionism  by Ivan Eland
'Predictive Judgments' Land Innocent Travelers on No Fly List  by Hina Shamsi

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Osama Issued Pre-Warning of 9/11 Attack 'Plan', al-Qaeda Tapes Reveal
UN Deciding 'How Best to Respond' After AT&T Helped NSA Spy on Headquarters
In Parts of Yemen, Rebels Have Lost Control. No One Else Has It Yet.
Rand Paul and Ron Paul Embrace Amid Campaign Struggles
215 Killed as Iraq Govt Meets Resistance to Reforms
We Watched Kurdish Troops Train With Guided Missiles
PKK Urges US to Mediate in Its War With Turkey and Admits to Secret Talks With Washington
Iraq Judicial Council Rejects Calls for Top Judge to Resign
Insurgent Rocket Fire Kills Three in Syrian Coastal City: State Media
US: Patriot Pullout From Turkey Reflects Weaker Syria
Russia, Iran Say Future of Assad a Matter for Syrians
Lebanese Army Kills Two Gunmen at Syria Border: Statement
Lobbying Fight Over Iran Nuclear Deal Centers on Democrats
Iran's Perspective on Syria: US Allies to Blame for Rise of ISIS
Use Iran Deal to Prevent Nuclear Weapons Free-for-All, Treaty Body Says
Iran to Work With Rivals for Peace: VP Masumeh Ebtekar
Iran Still Closed to US Influence After Nuclear Deal: Khamenei
Police Officers Are Killed at Checkpoint in S. Afghanistan
A Human Tide, Idled in Afghanistan
Foreign Aid Worker Kidnapped in Central Kabul
Modi Warns 'Neighbors' Against Following 'Good Terror, Bad Terror' Policy
Indian Airline Makes Huge Order for 250 Airbus Jets
Assassinated Pakistani Minister Was on Watchlist for Retaliation
N. Korea Retaliates Against South With Loudspeaker Propaganda
Protesters Demand Compensation for China Blasts Amid Chemical Clean-Up
Mexico Blocks Military's Testimony on Slain Students: Americas Group
Nicaragua Gang Kills 5 Police Officers and Volunteers
Bolivia Cuts Coca Crop by 11%, Chides US War on Drugs
Israel Denies Talks With Hamas
IDF Demolishes 14 Illegal Palestinian Tents and Shacks in Ma'aleh Adumim
ISIS Threat Brings Israel and Jordan Closer Together
Hunger Striker in Israel Still Unconscious as Court Duel Looms Over His Fate
Arab MP: Hunger-Striking Prisoner Should Be Freed 'Immediately'
Israel Offers to Exile Palestinian Hunger-Striker, Is Rebuffed
Family of Israeli Missing in Gaza Protests at Jail
Palestinian Shot Dead After Stabbing Israeli Trooper: Israeli Police
Ten Killed in Spike in East Ukraine Violence
Russia Says Ukraine Preparing New Offensive Against Separatists
Putin Slams 'External Control' Over Ukraine on Crimea Visit
Poland's New President to Push for NATO Troops on First Trip: Source
Jihad and Girl Power: How ISIS Lured 3 London Teenagers
Egypt Enacts Sweeping Anti-Terror Laws in Wake of June Car Bombing
Clerics Gather in Egypt to Counter Extremist Fatwas
Militia in Northern Mali Battles Tuaregs in Threat to Peace Talks
South Sudan's President Declines to Sign Proposed Peace Deal
The War at Home
State Department Flags 305 More Clinton E-Mails for Review
Bob Woodward Compares Clinton Emails to Nixon Tapes
2 Fighter Jets Collide on Ground at Nellis Air Force Base
Lance Corporal Is Second Marine to Die at Lejeune in Two Days
GOP Hopeful Carly Fiorina Under Fire for 'Praising Muslims'
Price for TSA's Failed Body Scanners: $160 Million
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