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Updated August 24, 2015 - 11:14 PM EDT
Koreas Reach a Deal in Talks
Despite Deal, US Officials Talk Up Attacking Iran
86 Killed as Syria Shells Rebels Near Damascus
  ISIS Kills Nine Syrian Troops in Latest Push Against Airbase
ISIS Kills 50 Iraqi Troops in Anbar Ambushes
  Heavy Fighting Continues in Anbar; 188 Killed Across Iraq
Al-Qaeda Takes Over Parts of Yemen Port of Aden
  Saudi General Killed in Cross-Border Fire From Yemen
41 PKK Fighters Killed in Turkish Military Ops
The Neoconservative Empire Returns  by David Bromwich
Republican Candidates Outsource Their Foreign Policy  by Josh Rogin
Pentagon Manual Calls Some Reporters Spies  by Don North
The Persistence of the War Party  by Justin Raimondo
The Magician's Apprentice  by Uri Avnery
America as the Neo-British Empire  by Joseph R. Stromberg

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The GOP's Fantasy of a Bigger Navy
Forget License Plate Readers on Police Cars, How About on Garbage Trucks?
Berlin Deceived Public for Months in NSA Investigation
How Much Longer Can Saudi Arabia's Economy Hold Out Against Cheap Oil?
Boko Haram Strengthens Ties With ISIS
Heavy Fighting Continues in Anbar; 188 Killed Across Iraq
Iraqi Christians Take Up Arms
Gunmen Attack Italian Logistics Manager in Iraq's Basra: Sources
'Underground Railroad' Assists Iraqi Refugees in San Diego
ISIS Has Damascus in Its Crosshairs
Syria Man Emerges From Wreckage, Finds Family Mourning Him
ISIS Blows Up Temple in Syria's Palmyra: Antiquities Chief
Beheading of Khaled Al-Asaad, Keeper of Palmyra, Unites Syria in Condemnation
Syrian Woman Gets Mackler 'Courageous Journalism' Award
Turkish Army Captain Killed in Clashes With Kurdish Militants
Turkey Jails Five Mayors in Kurdish Southeast Over 'Self-Rule' Claims
Yemen Officials Say Coalition Bombs Rebels at Bab El-Mandeb
Huge Blast Razes Aden Intelligence Headquarters
First Cargo Docks in Aden Since War Came to South Yemen's Ex-Capital
UAE Army Frees British Hostage
The Unthinkable: An Ancient City Plunges Into Darkness as a War on Civilians Rages
31 Militants Killed in Afghanistan Air Strikes
Former Afghan Intelligence Chief on Recent Taliban Attacks
India Says No Peace Talks With Pakistan if Kashmir Separatists Involved
Pakistan Rejects India 'Preconditions' for Talks
Shahzad Akbar Fights for Pakistan's Drone Victims
Pakistan Army Confirms Indian Firing Along LoC
Indian Police Detain 2 Top Kashmiri Separatist Leaders
Speaker of Pakistan Assembly Is Removed in Election Dispute
Cross Border Attack Leaves Four Pakistani Army Men Dead in Khyber Agency
Chinese Cyclist Kidnapped in Pakistan Freed After a Year: Official
North Korea
North Korean Rhetoric Is Full of Sound and Fury but Doesn't Quite Signify War
Will North Korea's 'In-Betweeners' Be the Generation to Disrupt the Regime?
Asia Migrant Crisis: New Mass Graves on Malaysia-Thai Border
After Failed Attempts to Remove Rival, Myanmar's President Used Force
Explosions Rock US Army Storage Depot Near Tokyo
Egyptian Police Stage Rare Protest
Muslim Brotherhood Leader Badie Sentenced to 'Life in Prison' – on Top of Death Sentence
Boko Haram
Regional Military Chiefs Finalize Plans for Boko Haram Force
Nigerian Army Chief Escapes Boko Haram Ambush
18 Killed in 2 Bomb Attacks in Somalia
Red Cross Workers Hurt in Central African Republic Clashes
Mali Mine Blast Wounds Two UN Peacekeepers
Police Fire Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets at Beirut Rally
Dozens Hurt as Beirut Rubbish Demos Turn on Government
3 Dead, 18 Wounded in Clashes Following Assassination Attempt at Palestinian Refugee Camp in Lebanon
Sen. Reid Says He's Going to Support Obama's Iran Nuclear Deal
Congressman Nadler on Why He Supports the Iran Deal
Too Soon for 'Illogical' US to Return to Tehran: Iran
Iran Shoots Down Surveillance Drone on Western Border: State News
For Iran's Soccer Team, Sanctions Mean Visa Hassles Too
Khamenei Urges Islamic Unity Against Real Enemies: US and Israel
Iran Unveils New Missile, Says Strength Is Precondition for Peace
Britain Reopens Embassy in Tehran in Significant Step for Iran Relations
Britain Says Wants to Work With Iran on Trade and Investment
Mashaal: Israel-Hamas Truce Talks Have Been Positive, but Still No Deal
Abbas Quits PLO Leadership Ahead of Internal Election
Palestinian Terror Suspect Says He'll Renew Hunger Strike if Rearrested
Israel's Leaders 'Furious' Over Barak Tapes Describing Aborted Plans to Hit Iran
US Ambassador: Israel Blocking Discussions to Strengthen Security
Settlers and Palestinians Clash Near West Bank Outpost; Wounded Reported
The 'Unconverted': How Israel Excludes Those 'Not Jewish Enough'
Israel Restricts Movement for 10 in Jewish Extremist Crackdown
French Train Attack
Train Gunman 'Dumbfounded' by Terrorist Tag, Says Was Hungry: Lawyer
France Train Attacker Had Gone to Syria: Source
Belgium Calls on Neighbors for More Security on Cross-Border Trains
European Refugee Crisis
Macedonia Clears Migrant Backlog, 5,000 Enter Serbia
Refugees Claim 'Fake' Syrians Trying to Get Across Greek Border
Syrians Despair Amid Filth as Way to North Blocked
Riot Over Refugees in Eastern German Town Leaves 31 Police Hurt
How the Refugee Crisis Has Ignited Volunteer Spirit in One German City
Italian Navy Rescues 4,400 Migrants Off Libya Coast
Military Pressure on Ukraine Will Last Decades, President Says
Support for Greece Bailout Weakens Dutch Government: Poll
Belarus Leader Frees Jailed Opposition to Appease West
At Least 7 Dead After Old Military Jet Crashes at Air Show in England
Venezuela Extends Closure of Key Border With Colombia
Venezuela Border Closing Hurts Innocent People: Colombian President
9 Opposition Candidates Barred From Venezuela's December Ballot
Cuban Doctors Fleeing Venezuela Protest for US Visas
El Salvador
Fourteen Killed in El Salvador Prison, Gang Violence Blamed
How El Salvador Became the Homicide Capital of the World
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