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Updated August 31, 2015 - 11:14 PM EDT
ISIS Seizes Part of Syrian Capital of Damascus
  US-Backed Turkish Warplanes Strike ISIS in Syria
  ISIS Video Emphasizes Hard Money Angle on New Currency
  ISIS Militants Fight, Execute Each Other; 169 Killed Across Iraq
Dem Chief Blocks Pro-Iran Deal Resolution at DNC
  Netanyahu: Israel Fine With Iran Having Civilian Nuclear Program
US Considered Nuking Afghanistan After 9/11
  Five Killed in Taliban Infighting in Southern Afghanistan
Ukraine Soldier Killed, 100 Police Wounded in Clashes
Saudis Kill 36 in Attack on Yemen Bottling Plant
Antiwar Protests in Tokyo Over Attempt to Revamp Military
West Point Professor Calls on Military to Target Legal Critics
Militarism Run Amok: Russians and Americans Get Kids Ready for War  by Lawrence Wittner
Canada's Violation of International Law in Libya  by Yves Engler
Japanese-American Internment and FDR's Domestic 'War on Terror'  by Jake Whitney
Exodus to Europe: Who’s to Blame?  by Justin Raimondo
Iranian Exiles Embrace Israel's Drive Against Nuclear Deal  by Muhammad Sahimi
Pushing the Edge on Nuclear War  by William R. Polk

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Sanders Says He Would Be Prepared to Use Military Force
Sanders Says He Won't End Drone Program if Elected
Citizens Taking Video of Police See Themselves Facing Arrest
Anguish of 'Disappearance' Continues Across the World
Sweden, Ecuador to Begin Assange Talks Next Week
ISIS Militants Fight, Execute Each Other; 169 Killed Across Iraq
Roadside Bomb Kills 5 Border Officers in Western Iraq
Thousands Stranded in Iraq's Frontline Town
Local Syrian Ceasefires Break Down as Shelling Resumes
90 People Executed by ISIS in Syria This Month: Monitor
ISIS Destroys Part of Syria's Temple of Bel, Say Monitors
Social Media Saves a Syrian Refugee
Egypt Quietly Warms Relations With Syria in Fight Against ISIS
Russia Emerges as Key Player in New Round of Syria Diplomacy
Vote Tally for Iran Nuclear Deal Rises to 31 in Senate
UN Watchdog: Construction Spotted at Iranian Military Site
Iran's Rouhani Says Military Power Not Affected by Nuclear Deal
Iran Jails Two People for 10 Years on Espionage Charges
Yemen Factions Gear Up for Key Battle Over Central Province
Saudis Have Made Repeated Small Incursions Into Yemen: Coalition Spokesman
Car Bomb Explodes in Rebel-Held Yemen Capital
Al-Qaeda Gunmen Kill Key Pro-Saudi Yemen Official
Thousands of Lebanese Protesters Pour Into Beirut Square
Something Rotten in the State as Beirut's Protesters Lose Their Cool at Government
Violent Photos From West Bank Protest Go Viral
US National Industrial Union Endorses Anti-Israel BDS Movement
FBI Probing Arms Deals Linked to Israeli Police Chief Nominee
Liberman: Israel Should Have Let Hunger-Striker Die
IDF Warns Deserters, Initiates New Sanctions
Israel Has Failed to Reform Jewish Radicals, Critics Charge
Israel to Remove Jordan Valley Settlers Farming Private Palestinian Land
Egypt Sentences 3 Al-Jazeera Reporters to 3 Years in Prison
Egypt Summons UK Ambassador Over Criticism of Al Jazeera Trial
Egypt to Hold Elections in October and November
Middle East
As Tragedies Shock Europe, a Bigger Refugee Crisis Looms in the Middle East
Four Civilians, Two Police Officers Killed in Attacks in SE Turkey
Women Run as Candidates for First Time in Saudi Elections
Residents Take Canoes as Venezuela Expands Border Closure
El Salvador Officials Deactivate Powerful Car Bomb
The War at Home

GOP's Christie Proposes Tracking Immigrants Like Fedex Packages

Dawn Patrols and Downtime in America's Ugliest War: Veteran's Forgotten Photos of Vietnam
Japan Student Group Injects New Exuberance Into AntiWar Protests
Afghan Forces Regain Control of a Symbolic District in South
Prominent Afghan Officials Are Killed by Taliban in 3 Attacks in South
14 Suspected Militants Killed in Pakistan Air Blitz, Says ISPR
US National Security Advisor Warns Pakistan on Recent Militant Attacks
Gunmen Attack Remote Pakistan Airport, Kill Two Engineers
Pakistan Summons Indian Envoy Over Border Killings
Tens of Thousands Rally in Malaysia, Demand Najib Resign
Malaysia's Former Leader Joins Protesters Calling for PM to Go
Defiant Malaysian PM Rejects Calls That He Step Down
Political Murders Rock India's Kerala: Two Killed in 24 Hours
Indian Scholar Who Criticized Worship of Idols Is Killed
North Korea Agrees to Talks With South on Family Reunions
Thai Police Arrest Foreign Man Over Bangkok Bombing
Christian Group Occupies Philippine Highway for Second Night
European Refugee Crisis
Court Nixes Assembly Ban in German Town Hit by Violence
Dresden Demonstrators March in Support of Refugees
Dutch Plan Tougher Asylum Policy as Migrants Flock to Europe
Migrants' Deaths Bring Scrutiny to European Handling of Refugees
Finns Protest at Asylum Seeker Center in Nokia Home Town
France Criticizes Eastern Europe, Hungary Over Refugee Policy
Three Refugee Children Found Critically Ill in Austria
Russia, NATO Need New Rules to Cut Risk of War, Ex-Ministers Say
Delays of UK Chilcot Report on Iraq Blamed on 'Vested Interests'
Leaders Discuss Possible New Ukraine Summit, France Says
European Ministers Agree More Railway Security, Urge Schengen Changes
South Sudan
South Sudan Rebel Chief Orders Ceasefire
South Sudan Rivals Trade Accusations Over New Fighting
Governor: Boko Haram Kills 68 in Remote Part of Borno State
Nigeria Says Uncovers Boko Haram Spy Ring at Abuja Airport
Officials: 7 Die in Nigeria Air Force Plane Crash
Chad Executes 10 Boko Haram Fighters Over Deadly Attacks
Libya Migrant Disaster Death Toll Rises to 117
Militia Releases 163 Child Soldiers From Ranks in Central African Republic
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Presidents Who Have Exceeded Their Historical Reputations

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