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Updated September 7, 2015 - 9:22 PM EDT
Afghan Officials: US Airstrike Killed 13 Police
  Taliban Denies Role in Afghanistan Execution of 13 Shi'ites
Saudi Airstrikes Kill 44 Civilians Across N. Yemen
  60 Saudi-Arab Coalition Troops Killed in Yemen
US Fight Against ISIS Has Killed Many Civilians
  Druze Kill Syrian Troops After Bombings Kill Dozens
  Kerry Confronts Russia Over Media Reports of Syria 'Buildup'
  ISIS Are Threatening to Capture a Vital Highway in Syria
  Female ISIS Members Gunned Down; 130 Killed Across Iraq
PKK Kills 15 Turkish Troops in Ambush
DNC Head Rep. Wasserman Schultz Backs Iran Deal
Report: Abbas Tells Arab States He Plans to Retire Soon
CIA Cover-Up Thwarted FBI’s Nuclear Diversion Investigations  by Grant Smith
How the US and Iran Reached Their Landmark Deal  by Gareth Porter
Israeli Terrorists, Born in the USA  by Sara Yael Hirschhorn
Why We Fight  by Justin Raimondo
The Real Refugee Problem – and How To Solve It  by Ron Paul
The Whistleblower the CIA Couldn't Break  by Kelley Vlahos

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UK's Corbyn: Let Taxpayers Opt Out of Funding Army
Snowden: Russia 'Wrong' to Limit Human Rights
Colin Powell: Iran Deal Is a 'Pretty Good Deal'
Veterans Used in Secret Experiments Sue Military for Answers
EU, US Clinch Data-Sharing Deal for Security, Terrorism Cases: Document
Female ISIS Members Gunned Down; 130 Killed Across Iraq
Iran Has Controlled Iraq for Years, Now It May Be Pushed Out.
Edward Snowden Speaks to Iraq's Mehdi Hasan
US Revamping Rebel Force Fighting ISIS in Syria
US Airstrikes Said to Kill Two ISIS Sharia Court Judges in Syria
France Might Soon Begin Airstrikes on ISIS in Syria
Syria Condemns Any UK Military 'Interference'
Syria/Euro Refugee Crisis
European Migrant Crisis: A Country-By-Country Glance
A Nation Divided: Hungarians Loathe and Help Refugees
Refugee Crisis: Hungary May Deploy Military to Southern Border, Says PM Viktor Orban
New Obstacle for Refugees: The Greek Coast Guard
Austria, Germany Open Borders to Migrants Offloaded by Hungary
Wealthy Gulf Nations Are Criticized for Tepid Response to Syrian Refugee Crisis
Abbas: Let Palestinian Refugees in Syria Into West Bank
Israel's Netanyahu Rejects Call to Take in Syrian Refugees
Authorities Struggle to Identify Dead in Migrant Tragedies
Pope Calls on Every European Parish to Host One Refugee Family
Australia to Take More Syrian Refugees, Wants 'Security Response'
Finland's Millionaire Prime Minister Offers His Home to Refugees
Thousands of Swedes Rally in Support of Refugees
Poll: 51 Percent of UK Voters Favor Leaving EU
Norway Freedom of Speech Prize for Snowden
Rally Against 'Missing Billion Dollars' in Moldova
IMF Chief Urges Ukraine's Creditors to Back Debt Restructuring Plan
Poland May Buy Submarines With Other NATO Members: Minister
Islamists Dominate Cities in Morocco Local Elections
Tunisia Warns of Car Bomb Plot in Tunis, Imposes Traffic Bans: State News
Al Shabaab Militants Seize Two Towns in Southern Somalia
At Least 7 Civilians Killed in Eastern DR Congo
Nigeria: Military Seizes Fish, Meat Intended for Boko Haram
Swaziland Marks 47 Years of Independence, Abuse Criticized
Algeria, Niger, and Chad Push Political Solution to Libya Crisis
The War at Home
Army Launches Investigation After Violence in West Point Pillow Fight
The State Department Hasn't Been Authorized in 13 Years
Fox News Embarrasses Dick Cheney on Iraq and Iran
Calls Grow to Allow US Oil Exports to Foreign Nations
Clinton Says She's 'Sorry' for the Confusion Her Email Has Caused
Navy Commander, Hospitalized After Fist Fight, Relieved of Duty
At Least Four Die as Violence Flares in Eastern Turkey
Two Turkish Policemen Killed by PKK in Diyarbakir
Missing Turkish Soldier Seen in ISIS Hands: Hurriyet
Dutch Journalist Says Detained Again in Turkey
Mother of Palestinian Baby Killed in Duma Arson Attack Succumbs to Wounds
Netanyahu to Scrap Law Banning Public Broadcasters From Airing Views
Masked Israeli Youth Attack Palestinian in Hebron
Israel to Build Fence to Keep Refugees Out
Israeli Police Commanders Disciplined Over Gay Pride Stabbings
Human Rights Watch: Yemeni Houthis Used Landmines in Aden
Killings a Cloud Over Afghan Leader's Update on Reforms
Afghanistan Asks Pakistan to Act Against Militants After Talks
Pakistan Says Agrees With Afghanistan to Stop Blame Game Over Attacks
Pakistan Marks 50th Anniversary of India War Amid Tensions
13 Killed in Tajikistan Crackdown: Govt
Tajik Police 'Closing In' on Renegade General After Clashes
Tajik Leader Says Attacks on Police Staged by ISIS Sympathizers: Media
New Thai Constitution Shot Down, Spelling Prolonged Military Rule
Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi Says Rebel Groups Shouldn't Rush Peace Deal
China Backs Putin's Idea of Developing Russia's Far East
After Scandal, Guatemala's Election Seen Heading to Run-Off
Guatemalans Ousted Their President. Now What Happens?
International Experts Dismiss Mexico's Account of Apparent Student Massacre
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