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Updated September 23, 2015 - 11:26 PM EDT
US-Trained Rebels Hand Weapons Over to Qaeda
  Syrian Air Force Confirms Delivery of New Russian Warplanes
  Kobani Stood Up to the Jihadists – but It's Still a City Under Siege
  Syrian Warplanes Pound Palmyra, Killing 38 ISIS Fighters
Kurdish Ministers Quit Turkish Govt Over PKK
  Syrian Kurds Plan to Capture Last ISIS-Held Turkey Border Crossing
Iran Dismisses ISIS War Cooperation With US
  ISIS Leader and Another 152 Killed in Iraq
Taliban Factions Release Competing Eid Messages
Yemen's Hadi Returns From Exile to 'New Capital' of Aden
Egypt Junta Pardons 100, Including Al-Jazeera Journalists
Ahmed Could Have Been Obama’s Drone Victim  by Shane Smith
Privatizing the Apocalypse  by Richard Krushnic & Jonathan Alan King
Republicans on Defense: Breathing Fire or Blowing Smoke?  by William Hartung
The Rape of Afghanistan  by Justin Raimondo
Foreign Policy by Intimidation  by Philip Giraldi
Will US Grasp Putin's Syria Lifeline?  by Robert Parry

More Viewpoints

Russia Concerned by US Plans to Add to Nuke Stockpile in Germany
Kosovan PM Pelted With Eggs in Parliament (video)
UN Nations to Offer Thousands of Troops at Peacekeeping Summit
Petraeus: ISIS War Progress 'Inadequate'
Pentagon Transfers Gitmo Detainee to Saudi Arabia
ISIS Leader and Another 152 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Kurds Reassert Right to Export Oil to US Despite Court Ruling
UN: Not Enough Money for Refugees in Iraq
Russian Aircraft in Syria Consistent With 'Force Protection': Kerry
Turkey Alarmed Over Russian Military Buildup in Syria
Russia Seen Building Up Two More Military Facilities in Syria: Jane's
Syrian Refugee Crisis
German Intelligence Chief Warns Islamists Could Target Refugees
Militants Not Seen Using Refugee Routes to Reach Europe: Danish Intelligence
UNHCR Says EU Must Go Beyond Relocating 120,000 Refugees
EU Interior Ministers Agree on Migrant Relocation Plan
German Police Raid Suspected Islamists in Berlin
Migrants Stir Border Row Between Ex-Yugoslav Foes
Barak Says US Should Give Israel Iran Strike Capability
Rohani: Iran's Military Most Reliable Force Against ISIS
IAEA Director General's Remarks to the Press on Visit to Iran
Why Israel Doesn't Want America's Newest Bunker-Buster Bomb
Palestinian Women Shot, Dies in Attack on Israeli Soldiers
Abbas Warns of New Palestinian Intifada Over Al Aqsa Clashes
Israeli Army to Seal Off West Bank and Gaza on Yom Kippur
Mother of Five From Galilee Accused of Trying to Join ISIS
Two Saudi Soldiers Missing in Yemen, Presumed in Houthi Custody: Defense Ministry
Ukraine Rebels Say Local Elections Still Set for October, November
Ukraine's Poroshenko Voices Desire to Join NATO
Agree on Referendum or Face Unilateral Split: Catalonia to Spain
Spain, France Arrest Leaders of Basque Separatist Militants ETA
Free Press Advocate Warns Media Freedom on Decline in Europe
Czech Court Says Three Men Can Be Extradited to US on Terrorism Charges
Colombia Revamps Drug Policy as US Eradication Program Ends
Guyana Accuses Venezuela of 'Aggressive Behavior' Near Border Area
The War at Home
State Dept's Account of E-Mail Request Differs From Clinton's
FBI Said to Recover Personal E-Mails From Hillary Clinton Server
FBI Rejects Judge's Request for Clinton Email Info
People From These 5 States Will Soon Need Passports to Fly Within the US
US Muslims Fear Trump and Carson's Rhetoric May Fuel Islamophobic Wave
TSA Defends Hassling Transgender Air Travelers
Apple's App Store Got Infected With the Same Type of Malware the CIA Developed
Group Denounces DoJ's Inaction Nine Months After Torture Report
Army Vet Gets Prison Time for Taking Bribe in Afghanistan
Oakland (CA) Residents Respond as the Largest Police Training in the World Invades
Top General in Afghanistan Pushes Back on Sexual Abuse Policy Reports
No Peace Until Foreign Troops Leave Afghanistan: Taliban Chief
Afghan Taliban Factions Issue Competing Eid Messages
Knife Attack at Xinjiang Coal Mine Leaves 40 Dead, Injured
Chinese Aircraft Performed 'Unsafe' Maneuver Near US Plane: Pentagon
US Woman Held in China for Six Months 'For Stealing State Secrets'
US: More Active Role for Japan Military No Threat to China
Pakistan to Share Evidence Base Attack Came From Afghanistan
India Summons Home Envoy to Nepal as New Charter Sours Ties
China Calls for Border Stability in Myanmar Ahead of Elections
Rajapaksa Criticizes UN Findings on Sri Lanka War Crimes
Deadly Car Bombing at Somalia's Presidential Palace Is Claimed by Shabab
Somali Drone Victim Seeks Justice for US Strike in German Courts
Burkina Faso
Rival Forces in Burkina Stand-Off Ahead of Mediation Mission
Burkina Troops Say Preparing to Attack Coup Leaders' Camp
Burkina Faso PM Zida, Held Hostage Since Coup, Freed
Algerian Hacker: Hero or Hoodlum?
Ex-Fighter's Calls for Algeria Islamist Party Stir Ghosts of Past
Egypt 'Demolishes Thousands of Homes' for Sinai Buffer Zone
Cameroon Army Kills 11 Boko Haram Militants: Spokesperson
Republic of Congo Longtime Leader Wants Referendum
US, India Agree to Jointly Train Peacekeepers in Africa
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