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Updated September 28, 2015 - 11:25 PM EDT
Obama Condemns Putin, Republicans at UN
Taliban Captures Major N. Afghan City of Kunduz
  ISIS Sees Major Growth in Afghanistan, Now Recruiting in 25 Provinces
70 Dead in Air Strike on Yemen Wedding Party
  Saudi Helicopters Kill 30 Civilians in Northern. Yemen
  Saudi Forces Again Claim Gains in Central Yemen, But Victory Elusive
Multinational Deal May Allow Assad to Stay
  Report: 30,000 Foreign ISIS Recruits in Syria
  Russia Steps Up Syria Support 'To Stop Fall of Assad'
  Israel Attacks Syria After Stray Rocket, Hits Three Army Sites
  France Launches First Attack on ISIS in Syria, Vows More
Ramadi Stalemate Raises Doubts on US Strategy
  487 Killed During Military Operations in Iraq
  Iraq Sharing Intel With Iran, Syria, and Russia on Fighting ISIS
Trump: Rivals Want to Start WW3 Over Syria
Catalan Separatists Claim Mandate to Break With Spain
Kerry Blocked Netanyahu-Abbas Meeting, Officials Say
Henry of Arabia  by Greg Grandin
Greatest Threat to Campus Free Speech Is Coming From Dianne Feinstein and Her Husband  by Glenn Greenwald
Catalunya Serà lliure!  by Justin Raimondo
Obama's Flak Demeans Putin's Posture  by Robert Parry

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US Admiral Signals Wider Role for Powerful Third Fleet in Western Pacific
$2.7 Billion Later, US Defense Airships Have Yet to Get Off the Ground
Marine General Sworn in as US Military's Top Officer
100s Gather at Ramstein to Protest US Drone Strikes
487 Killed During Military Operations in Iraq
Iraq's PM Abadi Facing 'Mutiny' From Within Shi'ite Camp: Source
In Bomb-Weary Baghdad, Iraqis Have Fun in the Name of Peace
Iraqi Asylum Seekers in Jordan Hesitant to Travel to Europe
250-Plus Americans Try to Join Up With ISIS Forces in Syria
Putin: No Plans 'Right Now' to Send Russian Troops to Syria
Ceasefire Holds in Northwest Syria After Violation Overnight, Monitor Says
Will a UN-Backed Agreement End Fighting in Parts of Syria?
Kerry, Lavrov Discussed Possible 'Transition' in Syria: US Official
Russia Builds Up Syria Airbase as US Policy Suffers Setback
Uk's Cameron Open to Keeping Syria's Assad in Power for Unity Govt
Putin Says US-Armed Rebels Defect to ISIS
US Support for Syria Rebels Illegal, Putin Says Ahead of Obama Meeting
France Says Syria's Assad Has No Role in Country's Future
Pro-Government Militias in Syria
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Lebanon Spending Third of GDP on Syrian Refugees
Don't Let Muslim Migrants In, Says Bulgaria's Orthodox Church
European Citizens Offer Refugees Free Lodgings Via Websites
German Far-Right Mobilizing Against Migrants: Spy Chief
Rouhani: Iran Has 'Religious Duty' to Abide by Terms of Nuclear Deal
Iran to Buy $21 Billion in Russian Space and Aviation Equipment
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Saudis Deny Role in Deadly Yemen Airstrikes
ISIS Suspect, Saudi Soldier Killed in Shootout in Desert North
Saudi General Dies of Wounds in Yemen Conflict
Israel Will Never Hand Over Parts of the West Bank, Says Deputy FM Hotovely
PA Panel: Israel 'Trying to Kill' Palestinian Hunger Strikers
Erekat: Benjamin Netanyahu to Be Held Responsible for Crimes Under New Open-Fire Rules
4 Palestinians Arrested for Deadly Rosh Hashanah Rock Attack
School Still Out for Israeli Arabs Amid Strike Over Funding
Israeli Army Denies Shooting Palestinian Girl With Rubber Bullets
Video Shows IDF Soldiers Attacking AFP Photographers
Israel: Soldiers Who Assaulted Reporters to Be Disciplined
Ya'alon: We Know Who Firebombed Palestinians, Justice Is Coming
Middle East
Turkey Says Scores Killed in Southeastern Clashes
Iran: Former Diplomat Missing After Stampede in Saudi Arabia
Lebanese Army Arrests Three Terror Suspects
The King Demanded Vengeance and 'Zarqawi's Woman' Was Sent to the Gallows
Obama, Cuba's President Raul Castro to Meet in New York
With Restored US-Cuba Ties, a Long Trip Home for Miami Cubans
Bolivia Passes Law to Allow Morales to Run for Fourth Term
United Nations
Clues to US Relationships Can Be Seen in UN Body Language

Obama Makes Forceful Defense at UN of New Development Goals

ISIS Loyalists Kill 3 Police in First Attack on Afghan Forces
Attack on Afghan Cricket Match Kills Nine, Wounds Over 50
US Is Struggling in Its Effort to Build an Afghan Air Force
Afghanistan's Airmen on Track to Assume Key Role in War, US Advisors Say
Pakistan to Facilitate Afghanistan-Taliban Peace Talks
China Says to Improve Terror Intelligence Cooperation With US
In Uighur Heartland, China Vows 'Heavy Pressure' to Defeat Militants
UN Summit Meeting on Women's Rights Highlights More Tension Between US and China
Malaysia Summons China Envoy Over Comments on Planned Pro-Malay Rally
Philippine Militant Group Abu Sayyaf: Who Are They?
Satellite, Missile Test, or Space Junk? North Korea Readies Launch
In Odd Partnership, Ties Warm Between India and North Korea as Each Seek Something New
Nepal Restricts Vehicle Movement as Indian Fuel Supplies Hit
Humanitarian Workers Flee From East Ukraine
Italy's Berlusconi Says Crimea Split From Ukraine Was Democratic
Opposition Communist Candidate Elected Russian Regional Governor
Russia and Estonia Swap Prisoners Accused of Spying
Poland Furious After Russia Blames Them for Starting WWII
GCHQ Tried to Track Web Visits of 'Every Visible User on Internet'
Five Killed in Clashes Between Armenian-Backed Karabakh Troops and Azeri Army
Questions and Answers About the Catalonia Independence Vote
Tens of Thousands of Moldovans Protest Corruption
10 Dead in Benghazi Clashes Between Libya Army, Jihadists
English-Speaking Female Jihadis in Libya Issue ISIS Call to Arms
Sinai Bombing Kills Two Egypt Police
Sissi: Egypt's Nearly 40-Year Peace With Israel Should Include More Arab Countries
At Least 21 Killed in Attacks in Central African Republic Capital
Kenya Releases Ship Containing Weapons for UN Peacekeepers
Ivory Coast Police Block Opposition Rally
ICC Arrests Rebel Accused of Attacking Ancient Timbuktu Monuments
Somalia Parliament Speaker Drops Impeachment Motion Against President
In South Sudan a Fragile Peace Allows Food Deliveries
Mozambique Opposition Leader Says Survives New Attack
Mexicans March on Anniversary of 43 Students' Disappearance
Mexico's Missing Students Case: an Open Wound
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