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Updated September 29, 2015 - 11:23 PM EDT
Obama Condemns Putin, Republicans at UN
  Obama: 'Mistakes' Made in War on Libya, US Should've Done More
131 Dead in Air Strike on Yemen Wedding Party
  Pro-Saudi Forces Capture Territory Along Key Yemen Highway
Taliban Captures Major N. Afghan City of Kunduz
  US Military Launches Airstrike on Kunduz After Taliban Assault
  GI Kicked Out of Army for Attacking Afghani Child Rapist Speaks Out
US Suspends Syrian Rebel Training Program
  Putin Faults US Strategy on Syria, Urges Broad Coalition Against ISIS
  Israeli Strikes on Syria Continue Into 2nd Day, Targeting Army Posts
US to Cut Iraq Intel Sharing, Citing Russia
Rouhani: Iran Would Release Americans in Trade for Iranians
Why Are FBI Agents Trammeling the Rights of Antiwar Activists?  by Patrick G. Eddington
Defining Imperialism Down: Yes, the US Has Waged War on Syria  by David Mizner
Let's Not Get Into It With China  by Ivan Eland
Russian Involvement and a Redirection of Policy on Syria  by Paul R. Pillar

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The Big Secret That Makes the FBI's Anti-Encryption Campaign a Big Lie
Benghazi Probe Is Longest in Congressional History
Pro-Israel Hopefuls Line Up to Fill Power Vacuum in US House
Carly Fiorina Endorses Waterboarding 'To Get Info That Was Necessary'
Battles Continue in Anbar; 93 Killed Across Iraq
Car Bomb in Central Baghdad Kills at Least Four: Sources
Legal Experts Try to Reignite Iraqis' Suit Against Torture Facility Contractor
Turks Kidnapped in Baghdad Appear in Video Promising Release
Bid to Revive Miss Iraq Pageant Draws Ire of Hardline Clerics, Tribal Leaders
Officials Claim CIA Drone War Against Syria a 'Growing Success'
Iran-Saudi Rift Over Hajj Hurts Chances for Solution to Syria
Kids Play With ISIS Landmine in Kobani, Cause Explosion
Turkey's PM Says No Assad in Any Syria Transition
Syrian Refugee Crisis
German President Says Has Finite Capacity to Absorb Refugees
Attacks on Refugee Shelters in Germany More Than Doubled
Volunteers Cross Borders to Fill Gaps in Refugee Crisis Response
Hope, Fear, Waiting at French Migrant Camps Run by Smugglers
Migrant Crisis: Memorable Pictures by BBC Correspondents
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Royal Calls for Regime Change in Riyadh
Saudi Security Forces Kill Two ISIS Suspects
Saudi Arrests ISIS-Related Terror Cell in Two Cities
Jews Throw Stones Too, but Arabs Get Harsher Sentences
IDF: Soldiers Inappropriate in Breaking AFP Reporters' Cameras
Police Restrict Muslim Temple Mount Access Following Clashes
Middle East
Rohani: Israel Is Only Impediment to Nuclear-Free Mideast
Five Children Wounded in Bomb Blast in Turkey's Southeast
US Sailor Dies After 'Non-Hostile' Shooting in Bahrain
US Backs Dutch Resolution Seeking Probe of Yemen Conflict
Lebanese Journalist Fined for Contempt in Hariri Killing Case
United Nations
Obama, Putin Hold Formal Meeting for First Time in Two Years
Text of Russian President Vladimir Putin's Address to the UN
Senior Palestinian Official Blasts Obama for Ignoring Palestine Issue in UN Speech
Abbas to Give Israel Ultimatum in UN Speech
Obama Says Countries Pledge 30,000 Troops, Police for UN
China's Xi Says to Commit 8,000 Troops for UN Peacekeeping Force
Taliban Free Hundreds of Fighters From Afghan Jail in North
The Bloody History of Kunduz, From Afghanistan's 'Convoy of Death' to Now
Taliban Pose for Victory Selfies in Afghan City
Thai Police Link Suspect in Bombing to Previous Explosions
Anti-India Protests Erupt in Nepal as Fuel Rationing Bites
Fatal Clashes Between Azerbaijan and Armenia-Backed Karabakh Stir Tension
Catalonia's Push for Independence From Spain
Russia Says Hopes for Deal on East Ukraine Elections Soon
Estonia Launches Own Russian-Language TV Channel
Sisi's Egypt-Israel Peace Comments Wrongly Translated, Says Presidential Official
Prisoners Escape Main Jail in Central African Republic Capital
Burkina Faso: Coup Plotters Refuse to Disarm
UN Rights Chief Alarmed by Rising Killings, Arrests in Burundi
Mali Among the UN's Deadliest Missions: Study
Germany Jails Rwandan for Congo War Crimes
Venezuela to Let Deported Colombians Return After Border Dispute
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Let's Not Get Into It With China

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America's 'Junkyard Dogs': Operation Storm, 20 Years On

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