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Updated October 1, 2015 - 11:17 PM EDT
Russia Begins Airstrikes Against ISIS in Syria
  Western-Backed Syrian Rebel Group Hit by Russian Air Strikes
  US Warns Russia Not to Attack Non-ISIS Rebels in Syria
  US-Funded NGO Uses Old Photo of 'Civilian Death in Russian Airstrike'
  French Raid in Syria Kills 12 Child Soldiers
3,842 Killed in Iraq During September
  Iraqi Kurds Retake Villages as They Continue Chasing ISIS
US Troops Fight Taliban Around Afghan's Kunduz
  Pentagon Pushing to Increase Post-2016 Troop Levels in Afghanistan
  Taliban's Kunduz Takeover Fuels Exodus From Neighboring Province
  US Base Seen as Monument to Futility as Afghans Watch Kunduz Fall
Canada Explored Plan to Merge Military With US
Abbas: Palestinians No Longer Bound by Pacts With Israel
Envoy: East Ukraine Arms Pull-Back Deal Could End War
Rouhani's Dual Messages and Iran’s Security Strategy  by Gareth Porter
Beware the Hoax of Countering Violent Extremism  by Rami G. Khouri
Listen to the Pope, Not Armchair Warriors  by Katrina vanden Heuvel
Whether Drones 'Work,' US Policy Is Still Rotten  by Lucy Steigerwald
The Logic of Putin's Syria Campaign  by Leon Hadar
False Economies on Refugees  by Steve Chapman

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Pentagon's Top Russia Official Resigns
Trump Says He'll Send Refugees Back to Syria if Elected
Dozens of Nations Back French Appeal to Limit Use of UN Veto
600 Days Later: Egyptian Student Still in Jail Because of T-Shirt
US-Cuban Aviation Deal Possible This Year, Official Says
3,842 Killed in Iraq During September
Russia Says Its Air Strikes Against ISIS Will Not Be Extended to Iraq
22 Iraqi Christians Who Fled ISIS and Seeking Religious Asylum in US to Be Rejected
Turkish Workers Kidnapped in Iraq Return Home
Russia Launches Strikes in Syria, Calls for UN to Act
Russian Strikes Do Not Alter Coalition Anti-ISIS Mission: US
At Least 27 Killed as Syrian Jets Bomb Western Syria: Monitor
Russia Gave Israel Advance Notice of Its Air Strikes in Syria
US Brushes Off Russian Request to Avoid Syrian Airspace
Syrian Opposition Head Says Russia Intervening to Prolong Assad
Damascus Says Requested Russian Air Power in Syria: State TV
Syria: States Fighting Terrorism Need to Coordinate With Us
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Finland Shelves Decisions on Iraqi and Somali Asylum Claims
Lebanon Arrests 40 Palestinians Believed Leaving for Europe
Germany Prints Its Constitution in Arabic for Refugees to Learn
Seven People Killed in China Letter Bomb Explosions
Another Blast Hits Chinese City Where Explosions Killed Seven
Pakistani Leader: India, Pakistan Should Formalize Kashmir Truce
India Sentences Five to Death for 2006 Mumbai Train Blasts
Inside Kunduz: Struggle for Control of Afghan City Against Taliban Rages
A Taliban Prize, Won in a Few Hours After Years of Strategy
For Families Split by Korean War, a Bittersweet Reunion or Despair
Myanmar Truce Talks Hit Snag as Many Groups Not Ready to Sign
Border Havoc as Nepalis Accuse India of Payback
UN Rights Boss Urges Sri Lanka to Probe Secret Jails, Missing People
Basque Group ETA Says Arrests Endanger Military Dismantling
Argentina Intensifies Effort to Get Ex-Spy Chief, Blasts US
Mexico Extradites 13 Defendants to United States
In Haiti, Aristide Tells Thousands to Vote for Candidate
John Kerry Says US Talking With Iran About Prisoners
'Obama Handshake' Triggers Anger in Iran Parliament
AIPAC Spent $14.5 Million on TV Ads During Iran Deal Debate
Saudi Objections Halt UN Inquiry of Yemen War
US Tells UN It Wants to See Boost in Shipping Into War-Torn Yemen
Aden's War Devastation Shows Extent of Yemen's Human Crisis
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabian Prince Makes Unprecedented Call for Removal of King in Palace Coup
The Father of the Saudi Boy Awaiting Execution Wants You to Know One Thing
Palestinian Flag Raised at United Nations Headquarters
Israeli Air Raids Hit Gaza After Rocket Fire
Israel's Netanyahu Slams 'Deceitful, Inciting' Abbas UN Speech
Pro-Israel Groups Targeting Palestinian Organizations in US, Report Finds
Full Text of Abbas's 2015 Address to the UN General Assembly
Israeli Arab MK Summoned for Questioning After Temple Mount Confrontation
Middle East
Turkish Military Bombards 24 Kurdish Militant Targets
Bahrain Unearths Huge Weapons and Explosives Haul
US Navy: Arms Ship Seized in Arabian Sea Is Stateless
Central African Republic
Central African Republic Leader Home After Leaving UN Early: Witness
Tens of Thousands Flee Homes as Violence Spikes
Red Cross: Wounded Trapped in Central African Republic Capital
Burundi Opposition Official Killed: Authorities and Colleague
Talks Start for Surrender of Burkina Coup Leader: Government
Alleged Militant Appears at the Hague Charged With Cultural Destruction in Mali
The War at Home
Despite Concussions, Boxing Is Still Required for Military Cadets
Investigation: Secret Service Tried to Discredit US Lawmaker
How US Immigration Officers Use Dubious Identity Papers to Deport People
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