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Updated October 8, 2015 - 11:13 PM EDT
Obama Apologizes to Charity for Bombing Hospital
  Afghan Forces Attacked Kunduz Hospital 3 Months Before US Strike
  A Short History of US Bombing of Civilian Facilities
  Who Is Fighting in Northern Afghanistan?
Russians Hits Syria With Missiles, Ground Attack
  Russia, Iran Deny US Claims of Cruise Missiles Crashing on Iran
  Backed by Russian Strikes, Syrian Military Looks to Retake Northwest
  US-Armed Syrian Faction Complains Russia Destroyed Weapons Depot
Iraq May Request Russian Airstrikes Against ISIS
  Kurds Protest in North Iraq as Discontent Grows With Government
30 Killed in Saudi Attack on Yemeni Wedding
  Houthis, Former Ruling Party Back UN Plan on Yemen Peace
Senate Passes Military Spending Bill, Veto Looms
US Hostility Has Iran Looking Elsewhere for Partners
Listen to Syrians: The Media Jackals and the People’s Narrative  by Ramzy Baroud
Why Bombing the Kunduz Hospital Was Probably a War Crime  by Nick Turse
The Russian Bear Growls  by Eric Margolis
The U.S. Bombed a Hospital, Whoops  by Lucy Steigerwald
Obama Boots Syrian Peace Chance  by Robert Parry
NATO's Bombs Don't Contain Conflict, They Spread It  by George Monbiot

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Clinton E-Mails Vulnerable to Hackers, Tech Firm Warned
US Indicts Members of Powerful Honduran Family
UN Chief Hails US Plan to Release Thousands of Prisoners
US Recommends Transfer of Afghan Prisoner Out of Guantanamo
Three New Stabbings as Israeli-Palestinian Violence Surges
Major Oil Reserve Said Found on Israeli-Occupied Golan
US Denies Ultimatum Over West Bank Settlements
Hundreds of Palestinians, Three Israelis Injured as Tensions Remain High
2 Injured in Car-Ramming Attack at West Bank Checkpoint
US Senate Set to Pass Bill Funding Israeli Anti-Missile Programs
Palestinian Seriously Wounded by Settler Fire: Red Crescent
Shin Bet Seeks Lenient Plea Deals for Hamas Operatives to Avoid Testifying About Torture Methods
Israel Opens Al-Aqsa for Muslim Prayers Despite Tensions
Netanyahu Cancels German Visit as Violence Spreads Across Israel
US Says It Is 'Deeply Concerned' Over Escalating Violence in Israel
12 Israeli Arabs Arrested as Protests Across Country Turn Violent
McCain: US Must Do More to Protect Mujahedin-E Khalq
Post-Sanctions Iran to Launch 50 New Oil Projects, Says Official
Report: Iran-Based Hackers Spy Using Fake Linkedin Profiles
Middle East
Rights Watchdog Says Second Young Shi'ite Faces Beheading in Saudi
2 UAE Journalists Injured in Tuesday Yemen Attacks
United Arab Emirates: The Gulf State Where Human Rights Abuses Are a Daily Occurrance
Suicide Bombers Kill 17 in Damaturu City in Northeastern Nigeria
Nigeria Military Kills Over 100 Boko Haram Fighters in Yobe
Boko Haram Says Leader Shekau Is Alive in New Video
Scale of South Sudan Sexual Violence Is Unprecedented: Red Cross
Somali Militants Kill President's Nephew in Ambush
UN Concerned by Dr Congo Tensions in Run-Up to Vote
How a Small Libyan Town Insulated Itself From Surrounding Chaos
Burundi Expels Rwandan Diplomat as Tensions Rise
Ukraine Says Four Soldiers Wounded in Rebel Attack Despite Truce
UK Foreign Minister Lampoons Opposition Leader Over Israel
Private Palaces: Russia Moves to Hide Property Data
Dozens Executed in Mosul, 86 Killed Across Iraq
Iraq Forces Retake Areas Around Ramadi
Battling ISIS, Iraqi Kurdish Fighters Exposed to Mustard Gas
Syrian Rebel Commander Rejects Idea of Working With Damascus Against ISIS
Russia Accuses US of Shirking Duty to Fight Terrorism Over Syria
Ash Carter: US Won't Cooperate With Russia on Syria Strikes
Russia Ready to Contact Syria's 'Moderate' Opposition
Russian Strikes Put Syrian Rebel Enclave in Firing Line
Russia Has Ground Troop Battalion, Advanced Tanks in Syria: US NATO Envoy
Furious but Powerless, Turkey Left Smarting by Russian Action in Syria
Pentagon: US-Led Coalition Aircraft Re-Routed to Avoid Russians
Photos Show Russian Military Trucks on Syria-Bound Ship
Syrian Refugee Crisis
EU Talks Tough on Deportations Amid Flood of Syrian Refugees
EU to Step Up Deportations of Economic Migrants
French Town Evacuated Over 'Made in Syria' Soap
Syrian Refugees Clean Up Dirty French Streets
Doctors Without Borders: Kunduz Strike an 'Attack on the Geneva Conventions'
MSF Seeks Independent Inquiry Into US Attack on Afghan Hospital
Afghanistan's Dostum Turns to Old Ally Russia for Help
Modi Pushes 'Obsolete' Made-In-India Plane on Reluctant Military
Nepal Considers Air-Lifting Fuel as India Border Stays Shut
China Turns Firepower to Soft Power to Try to Win Tiny Taiwan-Held Island
Dictator's Son Says Filipinos Care Less About Marcos Abuses
Suu Kyi Says Hopes to Lead Myanmar Despite Constitutional Ban
US Commerce Secretary: Ending Embargo of Cuba Will Take Time
What the 'Pope Francis Effect' Hasn't Delivered in Cuba
Cuban Envoy Wants Answers to 1976 Cubana Airliner Terror Bombing Off Barbados
Argentina Says Fugitive Spy Chief Flew to US After Prosecutor's Death
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