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Updated October 10, 2015 - 10:34 PM EDT
95 Dead in Turkey After Blasts at Peace Rally
US Scraps Program to Train Syrian Rebels
  Pentagon to Shift Rebel Training Money to Arming Kurds
  Russia Destroys Major Base in Raqqa, Kills Over 300 Militants
  ISIS Seizes More Villages, on the Outskirts of Syria's Aleppo
US Gunship Pounded Clearly-Identified Hospital
  NATO Commander Backs Independent Probe Into Hospital Attack
12 Palestinians Killed as Israel Extends Crackdown
  Israeli Stabs Four Arabs in Southern Israel
  Hamas Leader in Gaza Declares Intifada as Deadly Attacks Continue
  Israeli DM Urges Executions: Kill Stone-Throwers 'On the Spot'
Chinese Government Arrests Hackers at US Request
Medical Care for Terrorists Will Get You Bombed by the US… Unless You’re Israel  by Dan Sanchez
New Clinton Emails: Anne-Marie Slaughter, Sidney Blumenthal Urged Libya Military Action  by Branko Marcetic
Automatic US Involvement in a Korean War  by Jacob G. Hornberger
War Party’s New Line: Putin Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things  by Thomas Knapp
The Thin Line Between Policy and Paranoia  by Guy Somerset
Presidential Contenders Leave Peace-And-Freedom Lovers Adrift  by Sheldon Richman

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Tunisian Mediator Group Wins Nobel Peace Prize for Aiding Move to Democracy
US Muslim Leaders Brace for Protests With Potentially Armed Demonstrators
UN Diplomat Charged by US for Bribe Scheme Gets $2 Million Bail
Marco Rubio: Keep 10,000 Troops in Afghanistan
Demonstrator Among 117 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Says It Was Not Warned About Russian Missiles Crossing Its Airspace
Senior Iranian Revolutionary Guards General Killed in Syria
Syrian Journalist Among 19 Killed in Car Explosion
Rare Syria Deal Falls Victim to Russian Escalation
Russia Turns to Backwater Navy for Syria Missile Strikes
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Turkey Concerned About Syrian Migrant Wave as Russia Strikes
Migrant Arrivals in Greece 'Surge' to 7,000 Daily
EU Moves First Group of Refugees to Sweden
Bavaria's 'Self-Defense Measures' Against Refugees Cause Outrage
Big Rise in German Attacks on Migrant Homes in 2015
Canada PM Ordered Delay on Syrian Refugee Claims Processing
Israel, Iran Trade Barbs at UN Disarmament Panel Meeting
US Warns Governments, Bankers Iran Sanctions Still in Place
Netanyahu Offered Vague Terms for West Bank Withdrawal: Former US Negotiator
Israeli Forces Accused of Shooting at the Press
US Says Palestinian Stabbings Are 'Acts of Terror'
Israeli Interior Minister to Revoke Attackers' Residency Status
Jordan Slams Israel for Palestinian Deaths, Urges World Intervention
Middle East
US Supplies 'Precision' Shells to Lebanon to Help It Defend Border
Turkey Dismisses Potential PKK Ceasefire as 'Tactic'
Latvia Mulls Return to Conscription, Hikes Defense Spending
Ukraine Ex-Security Official Doubts MH17 Report Will Give Answers
Cuba Submits Latest Draft UN Resolution Against US Embargo
UN Agency Says Mexican Soldiers Tortured 4 Crime Suspects
33 People Still Missing After Afghan Hospital Bombing: MSF
The Night the Hospital in Kunduz Became a US Military Target
Doctors Without Borders Seeks Fact-Finding Mission Over Kunduz Strike
Wanted Dead, Alive, and on Camera: WikiLeaks Offers $50,000 for Kunduz Hospital Footage
MSF Awaits Single Sponsor From Geneva Convention Signatory States to Initiate UN Inquiry
China Warns US It Will Not Allow Violations of Its Waters
US Navy to China: We'll Sail Our Ships Near Your Man-Made Islands Whenever We Want
China Completes Construction of Lighthouses in Disputed South China Sea
As Pyongyang Celebrates, Ordinary North Koreans Must Flee to Survive
Assassination Attempt in Tunisia Highlights Mounting Challenges
Seven Killed in Mali, Burkina Attacks Blamed on Jihadists
Pre-Election Clash in Guinea Capital Kills Two, Wounds 15
Son-In-Law of Burundian Activist Shot Dead in Capital
Nigerians Warned of Prevalent Cluster Bombs
Russia Voices Concern About UN Sanctions, Spy Drones in South Sudan
Western Countries Say Endorse Unity Government for Libya
Americans Still Dying
County Remembers Moundsville (WV) Native Killed in Afghan Crash
Tombstone (AZ) Contractor Working for Northrop Grumman Killed in Afghan Crash
Georgia Woman Serving in the Air Force in Afghanistan Killed in Plane Crash
Pensacola (FL) Airman Killed in Afghan Crash Remembered by Classmates
Ft. Campbell Soldier From Barceloneta (PR) Killed in Training Accident
Sailor From Fairfax (VA) Dies in Non-Combat Incident in Bahrain
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