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Updated October 18, 2015 - 11:17 PM EDT
30 Yemeni Fighters Killed by Saudi Friendly Fire
Afghan Vow to Expand Dreaded Militias
  Doctors Without Borders: US Tank Entered Hospital Without Permission
Syria Launches Aleppo Offensive Against Rebels
  Turkey Downs Drone Along Syria Border, Origin Unclear
  Turkey Slams Russia and US for Backing of Kurds in Syria
  Hezbollah Kills Five ISIS Fighters in Eastern Lebanon
Intifada or Not, Something Powerful Is Going On
Snowden, Ellsberg Hail Drone Leak From New Whistleblower
Tunisian Nobel Peace Prize an Indictment of US Intervention in the Arab Spring  by Dan Sanchez
The Western Media Have Lost the Plot in Syria  by Tara McCormack
The Reckless Guns of October  by Daniel Lazare
Obama Won’t Admit the Real Targets of Russian Airstrikes  by Gareth Porter
The Settlers' Prussia  by Uri Avnery
The War Is the Crime  by Robert Koehler

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US Drone 'Precision' Doubted
The Problem With Using Metadata to Justify Drone Strikes
Torture by Another Name: CIA Used 'Water Dousing' on at Least 12 Detainees
French Veterans Volunteer to Fight ISIS
UK Refuses Assange Safe Passage to Hospital
Iraqis Forces Push North as 22 Are Killed
Iraq Shows Off Airstrike by New Chinese-Made Combat Drone
Number of Displaced Iraqis Hits 3.2 Million, Says United Nations
Russia Says Has Agreed All Technical Questions for Syria Flight Safety With US
Russia Establishes Contact With Turkey, Israel on Syria Flights
Obama Says No Meeting of Minds With Russia on Syria
Bulgaria Denies Airspace Access to Syria-Bound Russian Aid Plane
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Strident Calls to Reject Syrian Refugees Fueled by Wealthy California Donor
Merkel Defends 'Transit Zones' to Better Cope With Refugee Influx
German Refugee Center Burns Amid Shift in Public Mood on Migrants
Turkey Grumbles as EU Hails Deal to Stem Migration
Croatia Says It Has Agreed Plan on Migrants With Slovenia
Greece Says Will Support Turkey on Migrants, but Not at Any Cost
4 Palestinians Killed by Israeli Fire in Unrest, Stabbing
Israel Opposes International Presence on Jerusalem's Temple Mount
Jewish Man Stabbed by Fellow Israeli in Botched Revenge Attack Denounces Ethnic Violence
3 Palestinians Killed in West Bank, Gaza Clashes
Stabbing by Fake Palestinian Journalist Raises Media Fears
Senior Defense Official: 'If Violence Continues, Israel to Begin Banishing Palestinians to Gaza'
Palestinians Set Fire to Jewish Shrine; Israeli Soldier Stabbed
Kurdish Militants Shoot Dead Turkish Police Officer
US Urges Turkey to Uphold Due Process in Journalist Case
Middle East
Five People Killed in Attack on Shi'ite Site in Saudi Arabia
US Confirms Iran Tested Nuclear-Capable Ballistic Missile
UAE to US Lawmaker: We Have a Right to Enrich Uranium, Too
No Plan for Aussie Terror Crackdown on Pre-Teens
Americans Still Dying
Milwaukee (WI) Airman Killed in Afghanistan Crash of Transport Plane
Abilene (TX) Air Force Captain Killed in Afghan Crash Remembered
Camarillo (CA) Air Force Pilot Killed in Military Plane Crash in Afghanistan
The War at Home
Edward Snowden: Clinton Made 'False Claim' About Whistleblower Protection
Hacker Arrested for Passing US Military Data to ISIS
Graham: Carson Clueless About Mideast
Clinton Backs Obama's Move to Keep US Forces in Afghanistan
Cruz: Kerry 'Utterly Unfit' for Office Following Israel Comments
16 Times the Onion Masterfully Trolled American Politics
Drone Owners Will Have to Register With Government: Report
Three Soldiers Missing From Vietnam War Accounted For
Russia and Allies to Raise Guard at Borders With Afghanistan
Turkmenistan Strongly Denies 'Incidents' at Afghan Border
Modi to Open 70-Year-Old Secret Files in Challenge to Gandhi Dynasty
Cattle Become a Trigger for Sectarian Violence in India
China Wants Naval Drills With Southeast Asia in South China Sea
Chinese General Says Will Never Recklessly Resort to Force in South China Sea
Obama, Park Say North Korea Must Show Willing to Get Nuclear Deal
Kyrgyz Police Kill One Escaped Islamist, Three Remain at Large: Ministry
Vietnam Sentences 7 for Defrauding Families of MIA Soldiers
Field Marshalling: Thai Military Launches Rural Education Plan
Russia, Ex-Soviet States to Jointly Defend Borders in Crisis
German Parliament Votes for New Data Retention Law
Saudi Dissident 'May Be Forced to Return Home' by UK Government Despite Torture Fears
At Least 36 Killed in Suicide Attacks in Nigeria's Northeast: Medics
Tripoli Confirms New Lockerbie Suspects Include Gadhafi Spy Chief
3 Killed in Violence in Central African Republic
One of Us: The Militant Egypt's Army Fears Most
Burkina Faso Coup Leader Charged With Crimes Against Humanity
Abuse of Migrants in Mexico Rises Even as Numbers Fall
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