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Updated October 21, 2015 - 11:20 PM EDT
New Canada Govt to Withdraw Jets From ISIS War
  US, Russia Sign Syria Air Safety Deal but Keep Quarreling Over Aims
  Russian DM Denies Report of Soldiers Killed in Syria
  Syrian Arab Militias Dispute They Received US Airdrop of Ammunition
  Turkey: Syria's Assad Can Stay in Power for Six More Months
Taliban Threatens S. Afghan City, Civilians Flee
  US Army's Intel Network Was Down During Afghan Hospital Attack
  US: Newly Deployed Troops Led to 'Hasty' Strike on MSF Hospital
  Afghanistan Taliban Faction Aims to Choose Rival Leader
Israeli Checkpoints Block Access to E. Jerusalem Hospitals
  Israeli Cafe Gives 50% Off to Jews and Arabs Who Eat Together
  Netanyahu Says Palestinian Gave Hitler Idea for the Holocaust
Webb Drops Out of Dem Primary, May Run as Independent
  Biden Will Not Seek 2016 Democratic Presidential Nomination
Documents From CIA Director's Personal AOL Account
US General: Iraq Doesn't Want Russia's Help
Hillary's Libya Post-War Plan Was 'Play It by Ear': Gates
How the US Created Middle East Mayhem  by Rebecca Gordon
Drone Disclosures, Official and Not  by Jameel Jaffer
Americans Want to End the Country's Longest War. Why Won't Congress Listen?  by Rep. Barbara Lee
Trump vs. Jeb  by Justin Raimondo
The Tide Is Turning Against Zionist Extremism  by Mark LeVine
Hillary Syria Fact Check: 'Safe Zones' Equals 'Ground Troops'  by Robert Naiman

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Biden's Evolving Position on the Osama bin Laden Raid
In Apparent Reversal, Trump Says Afghanistan War Was Not a Mistake
Russia Nears Completion of Arctic Base for 150 Troops
US 'Clock Boy' Ahmed Mohamed to Move to Qatar
ACLU Files New Appeal in Drone Lawsuit
Teen Who Hacked CIA Director's Email Tells How He Did It
More Bombs for Baghdad; 35 Killed Across Iraq
Iraq Says Forces Recapture Refinery Town From ISIS Militants
Journalist Who Pressed for Womens' Rights in Iraq Found Dead
Iraq Cholera Cases Grow, Spread to Kurdish Region
Watchdog to Probe Alleged Mustard Gas Use by ISIS
US Pilots 'Told Not to React to Aggressive Russian Jets in Syria'
Residents in ISIS Syrian Capital Fear Military Conscription
Third Russian Air Strike on Syrian Rebel Group Kills Leader
Russian Raids in Syria Have Killed 370: Monitor
Russia's Putin Says Terrorist Groups Seek to Destabilize More Regions After Syria
Syrian Kurdish Group May Open Mission in Russia: Paper
Russia-Iran Ties Warm Over Syria: Marriage of Convenience or Lasting Alliance?
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Fresh Wave of Displacement as Fighting in Syria Intensifies
Slovenia to Ask EU for Police Back-Up to Cope With Influx of Migrants
Migrant Crisis: Arrivals to Greece Top 500,000
Mohammed's Journey: A Syrian's Long Quest for a Normal Life
Arsonists Attack Another Migrant Center in Sweden
Recent Quiet in Ukraine Offers Hope for a Peaceful Resolution
EU to Sign Pre-Membership Accord With Kosovo
US Warship Visits Ex-Soviet Georgia
Azerbaijan Arrests Seven Security Ministry Officials Before Election
Recordings Posted Online Suggest Moldova's Former PM Asked for Bribes
IRA Lives On, but Poses No Serious Threat, British Review Says
Pro-Military Bloc Leads Egypt Parliamentary Votes
Chief of Staff Heads Egyptian Military Delegation in Jordan Visit
EU Mulls Mission to Disarm Libyan Factions if Unity Government in Place
Four Killed in Protest Over Plan to Extend Congo Republic President's Rule
Saudi Arabia
US Approves $11.25 Billion Warship Sale to Saudi Arabia
Saudi Rights Activists Sentenced to Years in Prison: Amnesty
Palestinians Call for Strike, 'Day of Rage' in Hebron
Palestinian Killed, 14 Wounded in Clashes With Israeli Forces Near Gaza Border
Netanyahu Tells Ban: Abbas Joined ISIS, Hamas in Incitement
Palestinian Families in East Jerusalem Evicted Amid Tensions
Mediators Face Uphill Battle in Israeli-Palestinian Morass
Israel Arrests Hamas Leader in West Bank Raid
IDF Soldier Lightly Hurt in Hebron Stabbing; Teen Assailants Killed
Eritrean Killed in Beersheba Ineligible for Terror Victim Status
Palestinian Driver Rams Car Into Two Pedestrians in Gush Etzion, Wounding Both
Netanyahu: Settlement Construction Slowed on My Watch
In Jerusalem's Old City, Once-Busy Street at Heart of Divide
Middle East
Kurdish Lawyer Faces Trial in Turkey for Saying PKK Not Terrorist Group
Yemen PM Meets US Ambassador in Riyadh
Iran Returns Saudi Accusations of Cross-Border Meddling
Move by Bahrain Police to Remove Shiite Banners Spark Clash
China Says South China Sea Lighthouses Not Meant to Alter 'Status Quo'
China Calls Uighur Leader's Comments 'Absurd', Says Xinjiang at Peace
British Opposition Leader Raises Human Rights With China's Xi
Complete Shutdown Strike Being Observed in Kashmir
Clashes Erupt in Indian Kashmir Over Beef Killing
Korean Families Torn by War Six Decades Ago Rejoice in Reunions
Third Japanese Minister Visits Controversial Shrine for War Dead
Around 4 Million Voters Shut Out of Historic Myanmar Election
2 Pollsters Killed, Burned While Taking Survey in Mexico
Brazil Quits Venezuela Observer Team After Leader Barred
Cuba Releases Artist 'El Sexto,' Considered Prisoner of Conscience
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