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Updated October 29, 2015 - 11:28 PM EDT
Pentagon: 'We're in Combat' in Iraq
  Iraq: We Never Requested US Ground Operations
Turkey May Attack US-Backed Syrian Kurds
  Could Turkey Be Only a Few Steps Away From a Dictatorship?
Iran Accepts Invite, Will Attend Syria Talks
  US: European Nations May Consider ISIS Combat Operations Too
Russian Intel Chief: ISIS Threatens Central Asia
  Taliban Overruns Earthquake-Hit North Afghan District
NATO May Send More Troops to Russian Border
Saudis: Unfair to Criticize Hospital Strike Until Investigation
Online Freedom Hit as Governments Ramp Up Surveillance
We Must Oppose Obama's Escalation in Syria and Iraq!  by Ron Paul
The Midwife to Chaos and Her Perjury  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Senate, Ignorant on Cybersecurity, Just Passed a Bill About It Anyway  by Trevor Timm
Seeing Syrian Crisis Through Russian Eyes  by Ray McGovern
Tony Blair Has Learned Nothing From His Destruction of Iraq  by Patrick Cockburn
A Close Call on Doomsday  by Melvin A. Goodman

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Judge Sticks With Decision to Release Guantanamo Force-Feeding Videos
Ukraine Faces Years of Dependence on Western Aid
Arch-Rivals Saudi Arabia, Iran to Discuss Syria Face-To-Face for First Time
Universities Face Another Push to Criminalize Speech Criticizing Israel
ISIS Sets Its Sights on Libya's Oil Infrastructure
At Least 64 Killed in Iraq Including ISIS Prisoners
Canada Still Bombing ISIS in Lead-Up to New Govt Policy
Iraq to Adjust Military Spending, Hire 10,000 New Forces: Minister
Iraqi Kurdish PM Appoints New Ministers After Expulsions
Iraq's Coalition Members Press PM to Consult Before Ordering Reforms
Kuwait OKs Iraq War Reparations Payment Delay to 2017
In Iraq, Young Artists Seek to Heal a Musical Heritage Wounded by War
Qatar Rules Out Military Intervention in Syria
The Russian Village That Sent 20 Men to Wage Jihad in Syria
As Talks on Syria Begin, the Future of Assad Will Be Set Aside – for Now
Moscow in No Mood to Talk About Its Military Losses in Syria
Russia Says It Opposes UN Resolution on Syrian Barrel Bombs
No Physical Signs Russian Soldier Who Died in Syria Hanged Himself: Father
US Official: Russia Cannot Win in Syria, Must Push for Transition
Turkish Police Raid Media Group Linked to Erdogan Foe as Election Looms
Jihadi Jedis: Police Find Darth Vader Masks Stashed in ISIS Terror Cell in Turkey
Officer Who Took Part in Lynching in Beer Sheva: 'I'm Not Sorry'
Oz: Israel's Prison for Palestinian Children
Israeli, German Armies Hold Joint Training Exercise in Israel to Practice Urban Warfare
Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Who Tried to Stab Soldier, Army Says
UN Vote Would Call on Israel to Freeze Settlements, Palestinians to Desist Action at ICC
Israeli Arab Woman Shot in Bus Station Not a Terrorist, Conclude Security Services
Qatari FM to Israel: 'You Are Offending 1.5 Billion Muslims'
Israeli Arab MK Basel Ghattas Ascends to Temple Mount, Defying Netanyahu
Militants Bomb College in Yemen's Port City of Aden
Saudi-Led Coalition Drops Weapons for Allies in Yemeni City
Saudi-Led Military Ops Nearing End in Yemen: British FM
Saudi Arabia
After WikiLeaks Release, Saudis Warn Against Sharing 'Fake' Files
British Foreign Secretary in Saudi Arabia on Mideast Trip
Middle East
Little Oversight Allows Mideast Military Corruption
The War at Home
Runaway US Military Blimp Causes Havoc Over Pennsylvania
Two ACLU Defeats Highlight Judiciary's Lopsided Deference to Executive Branch Secrecy
Before Osama bin Laden Raid, Obama Administration's Secret Legal Deliberations
Tech Companies and Civil Liberties Groups Force Obama to Weigh in on Encryption Debate
Thousands of Soldiers With Mental Health Disorders Kicked Out for 'Misconduct'
American Military Sites Secured With Dud SHA-1 Cipher
Christian Evangelists Win Michigan Speech Case Over Arab Festival
Burundi Violence Leaves More Than a Dozen Dead, UN Worried
UN Backs Tougher African Union Stance on Burundi
Suspected Boko Haram Militants Kill 14 Civilians in Niger
Nigerian Army Says It Rescues More Than 300 Boko Haram Abductees
AU Report Cites Mass Graves, Cannibalism in South Sudan
Libya Helicopter Death Toll at 19
Italy Court Refuses to Extradite Tunis Museum Attack Suspect
Unrest Feared as Zanzibar Local Elections Are Annulled
Ivory Coast: Ouattara Wins Second Term
Schools at Risk in DR Congo Conflict: HRW
Nepal Just Elected Its First Female – and Communist – President
China Pushes Back Against US Influence in the Seas of East Asia
UN Investigator: North Koreans Doing Forced Labor Abroad
In Indonesia, Minorities Under Threat From Muslim Hardliners
Germany to Send Afghan Refugees Back
UN Investigator Questions if Myanmar Poll Can Be Free and Fair
Austria to Build Border Fence, Threatening Schengen Zone
Anti-Israel Activism Criminalized in the Land of Charlie Hebdo and 'Free Speech'
The WWII Bombs Lurking Off the UK Coast
Colombia's Santos Sees Prospect of Ceasefire With FARC Starting January 1
In Scramble for Political Finance, Bolivians Turn to Coca
Venezuelan Prosecutor Ties Nicolás Maduro to Arrests
Mexico Forces 'Executed' Civilians: Rights Group
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