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Updated November 2, 2015 - 11:27 PM EST
US Spy Chief: ISIS Maybe Downed Russian Plane
Obama's Syria Move Reignites War Powers Debate
  Syrian MP: US Deployment an Act of Aggression
Syria Rebels' Caged Captives Are Human Shields
  ISIS Seizes City of Mheen in Central Syria
  Al-Qaeda's Zawahri Urges Syrian Unity Against Russia, US, Shi'ites
  US-Armed Syrian Faction Announces New Offensive
Turkey's Ruling Party Wins Majority in Revote
  Erdogan Tightens His Grip on Power in Surprise Landslide Victory
Pentagon: S. China Sea Dispute Drives Calls for US Presence
Save the Apologies, Just Stop Promoting War!  by Ron Paul
The CIA's Torture Experiment  by Robert Jay Lifton & Scott A. Allen
US Special Forces in Syria Are Obama's Latest Broken Foreign Policy Promise  by Trevor Timm
Call Congress: Tell Them No US Troops in Syria  by Justin Raimondo
The Wickedness of Foreign Policy  by Sheldon Richman
The US and China Are Playing With Matches  by Eric Margolis

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Perpetual Wars Take Toll on Once-Protected Hospitals
Libya Embassy Email Warned Clinton Not to Emphasize Video
New Emails Show Breadth of Hillary Clinton's Network
Rand Paul: Don't Send US Ground Troops to Syria
Denmark Considers Granting Asylum to Edward Snowden
55 Killed in Iraq as Security Forces Gather in Sinjar
Ministers in Tony Blair's Govt 'Told to Burn Legal Advice Warning Iraq War Could Be Illegal'
In Bid to Counter Iran, Ayatollah in Iraq May End Up Emulating It
Kurdish Forces Prepare for Battle to Retake Iraq's Sinjar
KPP Official: ISIS Executed 12 Young Men in Mosul
The Rise of the Kurdish Gun Market
Iraq Combats Cholera With Massive Vaccination Campaign
'Tony Blair's Lies Betrayed My Boy' Says Grieving Father of Ambushed Soldier
Kerry: US Troops Will Only Fight ISIS
Reports: IAF Targets Hezbollah Assets in Syria
Why Were No Syrians Invited to the Peace Talks in Vienna?
Kurds Setting Up to Rule in Syrian Town ISIS Held
US Troops in Syria Expected to Have Little Impact on Fight Against ISIS
Russia Risks Syrian Quagmire: US Deputy Secretary of State
Iran Leader Says Fresh Elections Needed in Syria
US Pledges Nearly $100 Million to Support Syrian Opposition
France's Le Figaro Poll: Over 70% Want Syria's Assad to Remain in Power
Syrian Refugee Crisis
EU Gives 28 Million Euros to Syrian Refugees in Jordan
Refugees Targeted in Violent Attacks Across Germany
German Village of 102 Braces for 750 Asylum Seekers
Merkel's Conservatives Align Refugee Policy but Coalition Still at Odds
Turkish PM Calls for New Constitution After Election Victory
ISIS Reaches Into Turkey to Behead 2 Raqqa Activists
International Media Call on Turkey's Erdogan to Protect Journalists
Southern Resistance Joins the Battle for Taez in Yemen
Gunmen Kill Two Yemen Security Officers in Aden
United Nations Says Two Contractors Detained in Yemen
Kerry to the Stans
Kerry Reassures Central Asian 'Stans' They Are Not Alone
Kerry Meets Uzbekistan Leader, Seen as One of World's Most Repressive
Kerry Ties Uzbekistan's Human Rights Record to Cooperation on Many Fronts
Afghan Alarm: 'Why Couldn't Troops Fight Off a Few Taliban Rebels?'
Rocket Hits Mosque in Eastern Afghanistan, Six Killed
Millions Vote in Pakistan Local Polls After Decade
Death Toll in Pakistan Rises to 12 Following Armed Clash During Local Elections
Four Dead as Blast Hits Train in Balochistan
Yale Study Accuses Myanmar of Genocide Against Muslim Minority
Myanmar's Minorities Fear Election Victory by Military
Myanmar's Radical Monks Shaping Historic Election
Thousands of Myanmar's Suu Kyi Supporters Stage Huge Pre-Election Rally
A Lone Muslim Campaigns in Myanmar's Stronghold of Radical Buddhism
Publisher of Secular Books Hacked to Death in Bangladesh
China Sentences 'Cult' Leader to Life in Prison Amid Crackdown
US, South Korea Pledge to Strengthen Defenses
Japan, South Korea Leaders Put Aside Spat in 1st Meeting in Years
South Korean Seized by Extremists Found Dead in Philippines
Indian Intellectuals Alarmed by Rising Intolerance Attacks
Azerbaijan Election: Ruling Party Wins Amid Boycott
Arrest of Ukraine Oligarch's Ally Politically Motivated: Lawyer
Video: Israeli Military Tells Palestinian Refugee Camp, 'We Will Gas You Until You Die'
Palestinians Slam Netanyahu's Threat to Take Away Their Residency Rights in E. Jerusalem
Unarmed Palestinians Keep on Protesting in Gaza Despite Israeli Bullets
Israel Warns Soldiers: Beware of CIA Recruitment
IDF Inquiry: Shooting of Palestinian Girl in Hebron Could Have Been Avoided
100,000 in Tel Aviv Square for Rabin Rally; Obama to Address Crowd in Video Message
Israel Training Diplomats to Defend Settlements Is Nothing New
Palestinian Wielding Knife Shot Dead: Israeli Police
Defense Minister Ya'alon Threatens to Stop Returning Bodies of Palestinians
Israeli Spy Chief: if Social Media Existed in 1948, Israel Wouldn't
Israeli Soldiers From Ultra-Orthodox Unit Arrested for Abusing Palestinian Prisoner
Middle East
Iran to Block US Imports on Khamenei's Orders
Lebanon Army Kills Three Militants Near Syria Border
Construction Begins in Bahrain of British Army Base
Air France and Lufthansa to Stop Flying Over Sinai
Egyptian Prosecutor General Allows Russia to Participate in Plane Crash Investigation
Locals Caught Between Army and Militants in Sinai
Egypt Bars Scores of Egyptians From Traveling: Human Rights Watch
Benghazi Government Accuses Italian Warships of Violating Libyan Territorial Waters
Trial of Gaddhfi Son Adjourned to December
Central African Republic
At Least Two Killed in Central African Republic Violence Ahead of Polls
Pope Hints Central African Republic Visit Could Be Canceled Over Violence
Two Soldiers, 11 Suspected Boko Haram Fighters Killed in Chad Attacks
Islamist Al Shabaab Attacks Somali Hotel, Kill at Least 13
Congo Polls Must Be Delayed '2-4 Years': Ruling Coalition Spokesman
Morocco Defends Hold on Western Sahara
Thousands March in Niger to Denounce Vote Preparations
South Sudan Rebels Release 13 UN Contractors
At Least One Dead as Burundi Police Fire on Funeral Bus
Survivors' Stories: Documenting the Human Cost of Boko Haram
Two Bomb Blasts on Tanzania's Zanzibar After Disputed Vote, No Injuries
Surveillance Bill: Government Concessions Unlikely to Head Off Revolt From Labour and Lib Dem Peers
UK House of Lords Could Block Police Powers to Access Internet Browsing Histories
UK Home Secretary Forced to Backtrack Over Plan to 'Snoop' on Internet Use
Victory for Corbyn as Scottish Labor Opposes Trident
Shaker Aamer 'Suffered Profound Disruption of His Life' at Guantánamo
The War at Home
Declassified CIA Documents Detail How to Sabotage Employers, Annoy Bosses
Battle Heats Up Over Exports of Surveillance Technology
Department of Defense Releases Budget Figure for 2015 Military Intelligence Program
Marine Forced Out of the Corps to Receive Valor Award
Black Hawk Drone: Unmanned Chopper Passes Pentagon Test
Colombia's FARC Rebels Say Unilateral Ceasefire May Be at Risk
Chile Doubles Down on Prosecutions for Pinochet-Era Crimes
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