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Updated November 3, 2015 - 11:24 PM EST
'Heat Flash' Detected Before Russian Plane Crash
  Russian Airline Spars With Govt Over Cause of Crash in Egypt
US Troops in Syria Will Go on Combat Raids
  US-Backed Syrian Alliance Exists 'In Name Only'
  Ergodan Vows to Stop US-Backed Kurds Advancing in Syria
Iraqi Parliament Moves to Limit PM's Power
  Ahmad Chalabi, Iraqi Politician Who Pressed US to Invade, Dies at 71
Man Detonates Bomb at Mississippi Walmart
Iran Begins Centrifuge Shutdown Under Deal
Eight Months In, Saudis Struggle for Gains in Yemen War
Tripoli Govt Ultimatum to EU: Refugee Deluge or Recognition
'We The Many' Demand Justice and Peace  by Roger Waters
Is Empire Inevitable?  by Christopher Preble
GOP Buffoons Have Given Hillary the Democratic Nomination; Let's Look at Her Record  by Ivan Eland
Syrians Deserve Self-Determination  by Dan Sanchez
War in Syria? Where Is Speaker Ryan?  by Patrick Buchanan
No Need to Wait for Chilcot, Blair Lied to Us About Iraq  by Peter Oborne

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State Dept: Reporter's Expulsion for Asking Human Rights Question 'Standard Procedure'
Aloha to the US: Is Hawaii an Occupied Nation?
'My Body Was Not Mine, but the US Military's'
British Surveillance Bill Will Not Ban Encryption
Human-Rights Groups Sound Alarm About Canada Selling Arms to Ukraine
64 Killed in Iraq as Kurds Report Spy Planes
Iran Says May Quit Syria Talks, in Worsening Spat With Saudi Rival
Canadian CF-18s Attack ISIS Position in Iraq
Spanish Ex-Prime Minister Defends Decision to Back Iraq War
Syrian Refugee Crisis
October's Migrant, Refugee Flow to Europe Roughly Matched Whole of 2014
Along the Migrant Trail, Pressure Grows to Close Europe's Open Borders
Former China Diplomat Pins Blame for Refugee Crisis on West
Lebanon Army Raids Nightclub, 8 Killed
Lebanese Authorities Charge Saudi Prince With Drug Smuggling: Sources, Agency
Faction-Riven Lebanon Scrambles to Pay Late Army Salaries
Erdogan: Turks Voted for Stability, World Must Respect Results
Turkey Election: OSCE Says 'Serious Concerns' Over Vote
Observers Criticize 'Unfair' Turkish Election Campaign
War-Weary Turkish Kurds Long for End to Conflict
Israeli Minister: Erdogan Election Win 'Unfortunate'
Turkey Raids Critical Magazine for 'Erdogan Selfie' Cover
Russia Preparing to Supply Iran With S-300 Missiles: Interfax
Iran Arrests Two Journalists as Crackdown Gathers Pace
Palestinians Attack Israeli Soldiers, Civilians, With Knives, One Killed: Israel
Haredi Soldier Indicted on Two Charges of Abusing Palestinian Detainees
Al-Qaeda Leader Praises Stabbing Attacks in Israel, Offers Plan to 'Liberate Palestine'
Israeli Arab MP Begins Prison Term for Visiting Syria
Judaization of an East Jerusalem Neighborhood Gains Steam
Peres: Netanyahu Was Never Sincere About Making Peace
Middle East
US State Dept Calls Bahrain's Tyrannical Monarchy a 'Close, Valued Partner,' Thanks It for Oil
Kuwait Court Sentences Five to Prison for Militant Funding
Two Contractors Held in Yemen Do Not Work for United Nations
Hurt by Cheap Oil, Saudi Govt Will Make Water More Expensive
US and Cuba in Trade Talks, for Ballplayers to Be Named Later
What Do You Get for $766 Million in Afghanistan? DoD Isn't Sure
At Least 80 US Airstrikes Hit Afghanistan in October: White House Covert Drone and Air War
Afghanistan to Accept Its Citizens Deported From Germany
Why Pakistan Allows Jihadists to Work in Quake-Hit Areas
India Says 2 Soldiers Killed by Pakistani Firing in Kashmir
Nepali Police Kill Indian Protester at Border Blockade
White House Says US Activity in South China Sea Will Continue
US Navy Plans Two or More Patrols in South China Sea Per Quarter
China to Prosecute Former Xinjiang Editor Who Queried Party Line
John Kerry Is Cautious on Human Rights During Uzbekistan Visit
Bomb Defused Near Maldives Presidential Palace
US, South Korea Defense Chiefs Vow No Tolerance for North Korea Provocation
Philippines' Reporter Killed in the Country's Latest Attack Against Press
Thai Military Sees Red Over Critical Comments, Warns Dissident
Vietnam Critic's End Was the Start of Family's Pain
UN: Malaysia Opposition Leader 'Should Be Freed'
Azerbaijan: Israel's Secret Muslim Friend
Azeri Ruling Party Wins Majority, Election Observers See Shortcomings
UK Councils and Taxman to Be Given Power to View Your Internet History
Six Suspected Members of Basque ETA Go on Trial in France
Austrian Far-Right Party Ejects MP Over Anti-Semitic Comments
Central African Republic
Homes Torched as CAR Violence Flares Ahead of Pope Visit
Central African Republic Leader Says UN Failing to Halt Violence
Nigeria's Boko Haram Reveals Rocket-Making Factory
Boko Haram Video Shows Severing of Hands of Alleged Thieves
Al Shabaab Ambushes Somali Military Trainees, Says Kills 30
Egypt's Upheaval Has Transformed Much of the Sinai Into a No-Go Zone
Rebels Free Kidnapped Workers in S. Sudan, No Sign of Stolen Fuel
Fourteen Humanitarian Workers Kidnapped in Eastern Congo
Amid Crisis, Burundi President Sets Deadline to Give Up Guns
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Syrians Deserve Self-Determination

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Republican Buffoons Have Given Hillary the Democratic Nomination; Let's Look at Her Record

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What Israel Is Up To in Jerusalem

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