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Updated November 4, 2015 - 11:28 PM EST
Intel Points to ISIS Bomb on Russian Plane
Sen. Corker Says 'No Urgency' on ISIS War Vote
  Pentagon: Interaction With Russian Plane Not a Real 'Exercise'
Russia: Rival Rebels Giving Details on ISIS Targets
  Israel: No Public Position on Assad Staying in Power
  Cameron Not Abandoning Plans for UK Parliament Vote on Syria
Netanyahu Seeks $4.5 Billion-a-Year in US Arms
Like It or Not, Turkey Is Now President Erdogan's State
At Least 33 Killed as Fighting Escalates in Yemen's Taiz
US Is Still Stonewalling an Independent Review of Why It Bombed a Hospital  by Nazish Kolsy
More Mission Creep in an Illegal War  by Gene Healy
FISA Courts Stifle Due Process They Were Supposed to Protect  by Chelsea Manning
The Unfinished Business of Ahmed Chalabi  by Justin Raimondo
FBI Can Detain, Render, & Threaten Without Risk  by Patrick G. Eddington
New Yorker Doesn't Factcheck What 'Everyone Knows' Is True  by Gareth Porter

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From Behind Bars, Manning Pens Sweeping Surveillance Reform Bill
Subpoenaed VA Officials Refuse to Testify at Congressional Hearing
Bitcoin's Price Jumps More Than 70% in One Month
To Tackle Jihadis, French Activist Says, Ditch Reason
59 Canadian Soldiers Died by Suicide After Afghan War
Fighting in Anbar Heats Up, 226 Killed Across Iraq
Ahmad Chalabi, Iraqi Politician Who Pressed US to Invade, Dies at 71
ISIS Attack Kills Four in Kurdish-Held Iraq Town
ISIS Was Not Enough for This US-Born Israeli Army Vet So He Went to Fight Iran
Canadian Arrested in Iraq, Report Suggests He Fought With Kurds Against ISIS
Russian Strikes Take Toll Among Syrian Civilians
Iranian Commander Killed in Syria: State Media
Kremlin Says Inappropriate to Link Russia's Military Strategy in Syria With Egypt Jet Crash
Russia Says Not Crucial to Keep Syria's Assad in Power: RIA Cites Foreign Ministry
Russia Has Sent Syria 100,000 Tonnes of Wheat as Aid: Sources
Refugee Crisis
UN Refugee Chief: Funding Shortage Triggered Europe Arrivals
Serbia and Croatia, in Rare Cooperation, Provide Trains for Migrants
Slovenia PM Says Migrant Crisis Could Reignite Balkan Conflicts
EU to Give Lebanon $47.5 Million as Refugee Aid
Swedish Police Clear Roma Camp in Pre-Dawn Raid
Austrian Government Moves to Tighten Asylum Rules
One Syrian Man Explains Why He Tried Deadly Eurotunnel Crossing Over 30 Times
Europe, Still Angry at US Spying, Prepares to Increase Its Own
Former Reviewer of Anti-Terror Laws Co-Owns Firm With Ex-MI6 Chief
France Compensates US Holocaust Victims
Three Moroccan-Born Men Accused of Plotting Charlie Hebdo-Style Attack in Spain
Serbian Church Leader Threatens 'Force' if Kosovo Joins UN Agency
Court in Georgia Orders Change of Owner at Independent Broadcaster Critical of Govt
Russia: Impolite to Begin UN Chief Race Without Ukraine, Others
'New Turkey' to Bear Erdogan's Stamp as Crackdown on Dissent Steps Up
Turkey 'Nokta' Magazine Editors Arrested in Istanbul for Alleged 'Coup Attempt'
Three Killed in Clashes in Turkey's Kurdish SE, Curfew Imposed
IDF Intelligence Chief: Palestinian Despair, Frustration Are Among Reasons for Terror Wave
Peres Says Israel Could Face an Eternal War
Jewish-Arab Friction Runs Raw in the Heart of Hebron
Israeli Arrested After Death Threat to Arab MP
West Bank Crossing Point Closed After Terror Attempt Thwarted
EU Envoy: 'Territory Beyond the Green Line Is Not Part of Israel,' Defends Settlement Labeling
Middle East
Michelle Obama, Conan O'Brien, Visit Troops in Qatar
Iran Arrests US-Lebanese Man in Espionage Probe: State TV
Taiwan, Chinese Presidents to Meet for First Time Since '49
China's Ruling Communist Party Says to Accelerate Military Reform
No Joint Declaration at Asia Defense Meet Amid Sea Tensions
Taliban Claim Killing of Pakistani Journalist
Kerry Reassures Afghanistan's Neighbors Over US Troop Drawdown
China's Vice President Pledges Support in Rare Afghanistan Visit
US, Japan Push for Inclusion of South China Sea in Defense Forum Statement
Filipino Militants Demand $60 Mln Ransom for 3 Foreigners
Spurred by Myanmar Radicals, Thai Buddhists Push for State Religion Status
Somalia: Al Shabaab Ambushes Army Convoy, 40 Killed
Boko Haram Ghosts Haunt 'Liberated' Areas in NE Nigeria
Fourteen Kidnapped Aid Workers Released in Eastern Congo
End 'Disease' of Statelessness in West Africa With Better Laws, Education: UN
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