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Updated November 7, 2015 - 10:18 PM EST
Black Boxes Confirm Bombing of Russian Airliner
  Report: Airport Employee May Have Planted Bomb on Russian Plane
  ISIS Warned of 'Something Big' in Sinai Before Russian Jet Crash
  Bomb Would Derail Sisi's Claim That He Crushed Terrorism in Egypt
US, Russia Arms Supplies Set Up Syria Proxy War
  Monitor: Russian Airstrike Kills 27 in ISIS Capital of Raqqa
35 House War Opponents Seek Authorization Vote
Netanyahu's Demands for More US Aid Grow
Have UN-Led Talks in Libya Been Compromised?
UK Using Anti-Terror Law to Detain Refugee Aid Volunteers
Saudis Prevent Former Yemeni President Leaving Country
Coexistence With Apartheid? JK Rowling Owes Palestinians an Apology  by Ramzy Baroud
It's Always the Same War  by Amy Goodman & Denis Moynihan
Oh No! the Cold War Is Back On?  by Jacob G. Hornberger
The Cats of Ariel  by Uri Avnery
Who Supports the Troops?  by Sheldon Richman
US Journalists Instantly Exonerated Their Govt of Hospital Attack  by Glenn Greenwald

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Empire of Chaos: Interview With Noam Chomsky
Mustard Gas: A Legacy of WWI
Star-Studded US Gala Raises $31m for IDF
How Law Enforcement Can Use Google Timeline to Track Your Every Move
Castro, Pena Nieto Seal Warmer Cuba-Mexico Ties
Downing of Metrojet 9268
Sharm Airport Staff Are Taking Cash to Help Them Skip Busy Security Queues Despite Bomb Threat
Russian Plane Crash Points to Egypt's Counterinsurgency Flaws
Egypt's Dismissal of Terrorism in Russian Plane Crash Creates a Rift
Britain, US Intercepted 'Chatter' Supporting Theory Bomb Took Down Russian Jet: Officials
Russia Suspends Flights to Egypt
Denmark Urges Citizens to Avoid Egypt's Southern Sinai After Crash
Egypt Special Forces Deployed at Sharm Al-Sheikh Airport
Stranded Tourists Turn on UK Ambassador at Sharm El-Sheikh Airport
Kremlin Slams Charlie Hebdo Cartoons on Egypt Crash as 'Sacrilege'
The War at Home
Rand Paul to MSNBC Audience: 'Hillary Clinton Is a Neo-Con'
Clinton Says Would Reaffirm Ties With Israel if Elected
Northwest Tribal Leaders Fight for Government to Uphold Treaties
Democrat Slams FBI for Attempt to 'Reach Into America's Classrooms'
Giving Intelligence Contractors Whistleblower Protections Doesn't Have to Be 'Complicated'
Former Putin Aide Mikhail Lesin Found Dead in US Hotel
Convicted Russian Taliban Fighter to Be Sentenced in US Next Month
US Man Pleads Not Guilty to Providing Support to al-Qaeda
US Border Agency Staff Rejects Body Cameras
China & Her Neighbors
Leaders of China, Taiwan to Meet for First Time in Six Decades
China Says US Patrol in South China Sea Harmed Trust
'Hope to See You Again': China Warship to US Destroyer After South China Sea Patrol
Europe Warns Against Escalation in South China Sea Dispute
Vietnam Talks Trust With China, Invites Japanese Warship
US Patrol Sought to Avoid Provocation, Not Reinforce China Island Claim: Officials
Myanmar President Says Army, Govt Will Respect Election Results
For Myanmar's Muslims, Little to Cheer About Historic Election
Nepal Border Crackdown Deepens Constitutional Standoff
US Marines Release Findings on Chopper Crash in Nepal Quake
Maldives Police Raid TV Station Over 'Threatening Video'
Afghanistan Turns to India for Military Helicopters, Likely to Rile Pakistan
Security Tightened Sharply in Kashmir Ahead of Modi's Visit
Scotland Yard: Protesters With V for Vendetta Masks Put Officers' Lives at Risk
Human Rights Take a Back Seat as Britain Boosts Trade
Spanish Govt Vows to Block Catalonia Independence Effort
EU Urges Kosovo Opposition to End Parliament Disruption
Foreign Ministers Meet in Berlin to Discuss Ukraine 'Crisis'
Portugal Communists Reach Joint Position With Socialists on New Government
19 Killed across Iraq as Baghdad Suffers Bombings
Iraq's Top Shi'ite Cleric Warns Parliament Not to Stall Abadi's Reforms
Iraqi Officials: Baghdad Blasts Kill at Least 6 and Wound 18
ISIS Destroys Christian Convent North of Mosul
Opposition Syrian National Coalition Must Be Central to Peace Talks: France
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Turkish Aid Agency Encourages Refugees to Stay in Syria
Lower Protection Status for Syrians in Germany?
US to Open New Screening Centers for Syrian Refugees
Polish Leaders Clash Over Attendance at EU Migration Summit
Gulf States, BRICs Should Do More for Syrian Refugees: US
US Deploys 6 F-15 Jets to Turkish Air Base
Turkish Police Raid Business Group Tied to Erdogan Rival
Israel Shoots Dead 73-Year-Old Palestinian Mother 'On Her Way to Lunch'
Obama Will Call on Netanyahu to Take Steps Against Slipping Toward One-State Solution
Poll: Most Jewish Israelis Back Summary Execution
Two Israelis Shot, Wounded at Hebron Holy Site: Army
First Family Home Rebuilt Year After Gaza War
PM Denies He'll Review Appointment of Media Chief Who Called Obama Anti-Semitic
Dozens of Rabbis Demand Death Sentence for Palestinian Terrorists
In Protesting Against Israel, Youth in Gaza Also Defy Hamas
Palestinian Government Shuts Arab Newspaper Over Report on Israel Ties
Middle East
Bomb Blast Hits Lebanese Army Vehicle in North, Wounds Two: Security Source
Cholera Spreads From Iraq to Syria, Kuwait, Bahrain: UNICEF
Gulf Security Needs Seen Displacing Jet Orders in Dubai
US Sends Troops to Niger to Help Anti-Terror Operations
Boko Haram Attacks Force 12,000 Pupils From Niger Schools: UN
World Alarm as Burundi Poised to Crush Opponents
Son of Human Rights Activist Killed in Burundi, Alarm Grows
Burundi Killings 'Must Stop': UN Chief
Benin's Main Private Newspaper Suspended Over Articles on President
Police Say Arrest 83 Biafran Separatists in Nigerian Oil State
Tribal Tensions Resurface Again in Kenya, Worrying Many
Freed Al-Jazeera Journalist Celebrates Return Home to Kenya
Colombia's President Apologizes for Deadly 1985 Army Raid on Supreme Court
Former Colombian Paramilitary Leader Sentenced in US
Mexican Rights Agency Investigates 150 Bodies Found in Pits
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed This Week
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