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Updated November 26, 2015 - 11:26 PM EST
Russia Pounds al-Qaeda Sites in Northern Syria
  Syrian Rebels Make Intensive Use of US Missiles
  Turkish PM Warns Russia Not to Attack Syrian Turkmens
Erdogan: Jet Downed Defending 'Brothers in Syria'
  Rebels Killed One Russian Pilot, Russians Rescued the Other
  Russia Will Not Wage War on Turkey After It Downed Russian Jet: FM
Obama Warns States on Persecuting Refugees
  Obama to Americans: No Threats Credible Unless I Tell You
UAE Dispatches Colombia Mercenaries to Yemen
  47 Killed in Overnight Fight in Yemen's Taiz
US Troops Suspended Over Attacking Hospital
Brussels Mosque Alert Powder Turns Out to Be Flour
Netanyahu Rejects Military Recommendations to Arm PA
Campaign Against ISIS: Is There Any Hope for Military Success?  by Patrick Cockburn
Delinking Terrorism and Islam  by Jonathan Marshall
Turkey Brings NATO to the Precipice of War With Russia  by James Carden
NATO: This Deal Is a Turkey  by Thomas Knapp
Foreign Policy Comes Back to Haunt Us  by Sheldon Richman
The Trump Card for Another Census Roundup  by James Bovard

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Obama Signs Defense Bill, Blasts Gitmo Restrictions
Engineers Nine Times More Likely Than Expected to Become Terrorists
Anonymous Hackers Fight ISIS but Reactions Mixed
Following Paris Attacks, Encryption Services Face New Scrutiny
CNN Reporter Worked With Hillary Aide to Smear Rand Paul at Benghazi Hearing
Turkey Downs Russian Jet
UK Envoy: Jet Downing Must Spur End to Syria War
Russian Foreign Minister Calls Plane Downing 'Planned Provocation'
Russia and Turkey Refuse to Back Down in Row Over Jet Downing
Russia Suspends Military Cooperation With Turkey
'Turkey Gave No Warning': Downed Russian Pilot
Turkish Army Releases Audio of Warnings to Downed Russian Plane
Amid Syria's Civil War, a James Bond-Style Rescue Operation
Kerry Urges Talks to End Russia, Turkey Tensions
112 Killed Across Iraq as Turkey Resumes Bombing Runs
Iraq Political Dispute Leads to Gunfire at TV Station
Iraqi Lawmakers Skeptical of Shiite Militia's Growing Role
What Was Discovered in Secret ISIS Tunnels in Sinjar?
Canada Reviewing Military Role in Anti-ISIS Fight: PM
Footage Shows Trucks Burning at Turkey-Syria Border After Apparent Air Strike
France Votes to Keep Up ISIS Air War in Syria
American and Russian Militaries Don't Agree About Much in Syria
US Announces Sanctions on Two Accused of Dealings With Assad or ISIS
Austrian ISIS 'Poster Girl' Reported Killed While Trying to Flee Raqqa
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Refugees Settle Quickly and Grow the Economy, Experts Say
Small Mississippi Town Offers to Accept Refugees
Syrians Who Entered Honduras Illegally Ask for Asylum
UK-Made Cruise Missile Used in Deadly Airstrike on Yemeni Factory: Rights Groups
Yemen Conflict: Houthis 'Blocking Taiz Aid Deliveries'
Saudi Arabia
Saudis to Sue Twitter User Who Called Poet's Death Sentence 'ISIS-Like'
From Lashes to Death: Artist Caught in Tangles of Saudi Law
Supreme Leader Says US Using Money, Sex to Infiltrate Iran
Khamenei: Iran to Back Palestinian Intifada 'in Any Way We Can'
Israel to Displace Thousands of Palestinian Bedouins
Palestinian Stabs Israeli Soldier and Is Shot Dead: Army
Peace Deal Comes With Hummus at Israeli Restaurant
Kerry to Netanyahu: Let's Work Together to Fight Palestinian Terrorism
Judge Charges 26 Over Beirut Blasts
Venezuela Opposition Party Says Regional Official Killed
Macri's Promise to Expel Venezuela From Mercosur Unlikely
2 Massacres in 12 Hours Leave 15 Dead in Honduras
Mexico Rights Body: Police Used Excessive Force in 6 Deaths
The War at Home
Donald Trump: I Can Predict Terrorism Because I 'Feel' It
US, Other Activists Back Cuba on Guantanamo Visit
Army Has 50,000 Active Soldiers Who Can't Deploy, Top NCO Says
Terror Fears Raise Scrutiny of Air Safety Lapses
Spy Court Appoints New Advisers Under NSA Reform Law
Anti-Islam Group Publishes Addresses of Muslims and 'Muslim Sympathizers'
Thousands of Children Crossed US-Mexico Border in October
For Readers of the NY Times, a Preference for Keeping Liberties in Days of Terror
F-16 Fighter Jet Crashes in New Mexico on Training Mission; Pilot Safe
Ukraine Halts Russian Gas Purchases, Closes Its Airspace
Russian Crackdown on Muslims Fuels Exodus to ISIS
France's Hollande Heads to Russia Hoping for Syria Breakthrough
Merkel Vows to Help France in Fight Against ISIS
French Comic Dieudonne Gets Prison Sentence for Hate Speech
Brussels Schools and Metro Reopen Despite Terror Alert
In Brussels District Dubbed 'Extremist Haven,' Residents Decry Paris Attacks
Israel Reportedly Warned Germany of Attack on Hannover Soccer Stadium
Hungarian Court Says Terror Suspect Is World War Two Hobbyist
Czech Authorities Indict Leader of Anti-Islam Movement for Inciting Hatred on Facebook
Pakistani Taliban Commander Reported Killed in Drone Strike in Afghanistan
Afghan Forces Launch Bid to Rescue 18 Captured by Taliban
US Raises Military Aid to Philippines Amid Sea Tension With China
War Forged an Enduring Pacifism Among Those Who Sacrificed for Japan
India Kashmir Stand-Off Ends, Four Killed
Three Policemen Injured in Quetta Blast
France's War in Mali Has Not Been Able to End Extremist Violence
Germany to Send 650 Soldiers to Mali
China Pledges to Work With Africa in Fighting Militancy After Mali Attack
Death of Man in Police Custody Sparks Riots in Egypt
Egypt, Israel Rebuff Bid to Trim Sinai Force
Less Than Third of Voters Turn Out in Egypt Election
Central African Republic Leaders Urge Boost for Peacekeepers
Tunisia Shutting Border With Libya for 15 Days
Sudan Security Forces Detain Opposition Leader
Authorities in Niger Arrest Five Journalists
UN Envoy Urges Sanctions on Sahel Drug Traffickers
Somali Pirates Attack Iranian and Thai Vessels
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