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Updated November 28, 2015 - 11:11 PM EST
Erdogan: Russia 'Playing With Fire' in Syria
  Putin Asks France for Map of Anti-ISIS Rebels to Avoid Bombing Them
  Russia: West 'Not Ready' for Single Anti-ISIS Coalition
  France: Assad's Troops Can Fight ISIS, But Only Without Assad
  Iranian Media Revealing That Scores of Fighters Are Dying in Syria
  Iraqi Ruling Party Seeks Replacement for Flagging PM
NSA Surveillance 'Shuts Down'; Near-Identical Plan Begins
UK Foreign Office Warns Saudi Arms Sales Risk 'War Crimes'
Fight Terrorism Through Nonintervention, Not War!  by James C. Wilson
Obama Changed Rationale for Violating Assassination Prohibition  by Marcy Wheeler
When Will Brits Learn? More War Is Not the Answer  by Lindsey German
The Perils of Endless War  by Tommy Raskin
Forget ISIS: Humanity Is at Stake  by Ramzy Baroud
Enslaving People to Keep Them Safe From Govt-Produced Enemies  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Trump Almost Right: Some Arrested for Celebrating 9/11 – They Were Israeli
Spanish City Takes Steps to Probe Franco Crimes
Former Policeman Accused of Faking Shootout, Hoax Bomb Threat Found Dead
11 Killed in Mexico, Including 2 Police in Town on Border
'More Questions Than Answers': MSF Not Buying Pentagon Probe Into Hospital Attack
Once in Guantánamo, Afghan Now Leads War Against Taliban and ISIS
Notorious Warlord Seeks Comeback, Leverage in Afghanistan
Terrorists Use Pakistani Soil to Hurt Afghanistan: Afghan Advisor
Gunmen Attack Shiite Mosque, Kill 1 in Bangladesh
Look at Key Radical Islamist Groups in Bangladesh
Philippine Forces Kill 8 Suspected to Have ISIS Sympathies
Chinese Army to Get More Prominent Role in Military Reform
Thousands Displaced, Women Raped in Military Offensive in Myanmar: Rights Groups
Vietnam Abolishes Death Penalty for 7 Crimes
Tens of Thousands of Students Protest in Nepalese Capital
'Decaying Bodies' Found in Wooden Boats Off Japan Coast, Possibly North Korean
Paris Attacks
Hollande Vows to Destroy ISIS 'Army of Fanatics' as France Honors Dead
Paris Attacks 'Mastermind' Plotted to Attack Jewish Targets
Ringleader of Paris Attacks Planned More Strikes, Mocked Open Borders
Sixth Person Charged in Belgium Over Paris Attacks
Germany Arrests Man Who May Have Sold Guns to Paris Attackers
Voice of Paris Attacks; Did He Have Bigger Role?
NATO Split on Message to Send Georgia on Membership Hopes
Tunisia Bus Bomber Arrested, Freed Before Attack
Tunisia Puts Suspected Returning Jihadists Under House Arrest
Global Iraq Fallout
Suicide Bomber Kills 21 at Shiite Muslim Procession in Nigeria
Burundi's Top Opposition Leader Rwasa Says Fears for His Life
Burkina Faso to Choose First New Leader in Three Decades
Kenya Deal Sees African Nations Ease ICC War Crimes Court Threat
Americans Still Dying
10th Mountain Division Soldier From Fripp Island (SC) Dies in Iraq
Suicide Bomber Targets Soldiers; 57 Killed Across Iraq
ISIS's 'Water War' on Iraq
New Skyscraper Planned for Iraq Will Be World's Tallest Building
Winter Looms Over Desperate Refugee Camps in Kurdistan
Erdogan's Mistake: Russia May Now Initiate Own 'No-Fly Zone' Over Syria
Germany Will Send Tornado Jets to Syria, Lawmaker Confirms
Russian Raids Repeatedly Hit Syrian Turkmen Areas, Moscow's Data Shows
Kurds Should Be at Saudi-Held Syria Opposition Meet: Leader
Jets Believed to Be Russian Hit Syrian Town Near Turkish Border: Monitor
Turkey Suspends Syria Flights After Crisis With Russia
US Knew Flight Path of Plane Downed by Turkey: Putin
Kurdish Militant Killed in Clashes With Turkish Police: Sources
Turkish Journalists' Arrests Draw Protests at Home and Abroad
Russia Has Right to Military Response After Jet Downing: Naryshkin
Russia to Halt Visa-Free Agreement for Visiting Turks
Investing in Russia and Turkey? Winner Says Ignore Downed Jet
Syrian Refugee Crisis
EU, Turkey Driving Hard Bargain Before Migration Summit
Resistance to Syrian Refugees Calls to Mind Painful Past for Japanese-Americans
Ben Carson to Meet With Syrian Refugees in Jordan Amid Foreign Policy Stumbles
Saudi-Led Yemen Strikes Illegally Kill Civilians: HRW
In Yemen War, Mercenaries Launched by Blackwater Head Were Spotted Today
Two Palestinians Shot Dead by Israelis, Including Brother of Man Killed Five Days Before
Egyptian Forces Find Iron-Lined Gaza Tunnel
Israel 'To Open UAE Diplomatic Mission'
Iranian Hard-Liners Said to Intensify Crackdown Ahead of Key Votes
Venezuela Lashes US, Opposition Amid Blame Over Activist's Slaying
Oil Giants Venezuela, Qatar Sign Energy Deals
Cubans Protest New Ecuador Visa Regulation
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