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Updated December 2, 2015 - 11:28 PM EST
Iraqi PM, Militias Reject US Troop Deployments
  Joint Chiefs Chairman: ISIS Not Contained
  Over 3,300 Killed in Iraq During November
British MPs Authorize Action Against ISIS
  US to Send More Combat Troops to Syria and Iraq
  German Cabinet Approves ISIS War, To Send 1,200 Troops
  Netanyahu: Israel Strikes Syria 'From Time to Time'
  MSF: Seven Killed by Barrel Bombs Against Syria Hospital
National Security Letter Spy Tool Uncloaked
  FBI Can Access 'Most Intimate Details of Our Lives' Without Warrant
San Bernardino: Shooters At-Large, 14 Killed
Al-Qaeda Seizes Key Southern Yemen Cities
NATO Adds Air Defenses to Turkey, Fueling Russia Rivalry
Man Held at Gitmo for 13 Years a Case of Mistaken Identity
NATO to Keep Troops in Afghanistan Through Next Year
The War on Terror Is Creating More Terror  by Ron Paul
The Dancing Israelis: Trump Was Right About 9/11 but They Weren't Muslims  by Philip Giraldi
How Gadhafi's Ouster Unleashed Terror  by Jonathan Marshall – Twenty Years Later  by Justin Raimondo
The US-Russia Proxy War in Syria  by Ray McGovern
David Cameron Has Failed to Show That Bombing Syria Would Work  by Jeremy Corbyn

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Cruz Excoriates Rubio on Foreign Policy, Links Him to Clinton
Edward Snowden Meets Arundhati Roy, John Cusack
US Plans to Counter 'Arms Breach' by Russia
UK MP: I'll Defy My Party, Vote Against Syria Airstrikes
Antiwar Protesters March in London on Eve of Syria Vote
Scottish National Party Will Vote Against Air Strikes on Syria in UK Vote
Over 3,300 Killed in Iraq During November
Senior Arab Politician Gunned Down in Iraq's Kirkuk
Iraqi Kurdistan Minister Says No Link Between Oil Sales and ISIS
Iraqis Think the US Is in Cahoots With ISIS, and It Is Hurting the War
Iraqi Sunni Exiles Accelerate Push to Make Their Voices Heard
Syria Says Deal Agreed for Insurgents to Exit Homs Area
As He Departs Paris, Obama Defends His ISIS Strategy in Syria
US Says Turkey Must Do More to Control Its Border With Syria
Obama: Russia Will Come Around on Assad's Stepping Down
UN Condemns Air Strike That Cut Water Supplies to Syria's Aleppo
For Gays Under ISIS Rule, Isolation and Fear of a Cruel Death
Syria's Assad Says Russia's Support Changes Balance on the Ground
Russia Approves Detailed Sanctions Against Turkey Over Downed Plane
Russia May Freeze Turkish Stream Gas Project: Gazprom Sources
Moscow: Turkey Downed Plane to Protect ISIS Oil Trade
Russia Wants UN to Crack Down on Financing Extremists
Istanbul Metro Suspended After Several Injured in 'Explosion'
Al-Qaeda's Syria Wing Frees Lebanese Captives in Return for Jailed Islamists
Lebanon Says Ready to Negotiate With ISIS for Soldiers
Report: Israeli Surveillance Device Explodes in Southern Lebanon
Diplomats See Yemen's Hadi Undermining UN Peace Talks
Tunisian Woman Working for Red Cross in Yemen Kidnapped in Capital: Local Officials
Saudi Arabia
Inside Saudi Arabia's Campaign to Charm American Policymakers and Journalists
Don't Mention My Name: Campaigning Saudi-Style
Saudi Death-Row Cleric in 'High Spirits': Brother
Saudi Arabia Says Outcome of OPEC Meeting Unclear
Arab Paper Claims Israel Biggest Buyer of ISIS Oil
Israeli Soldiers' Abuse of Palestinian Detainees on the Rise
Israeli Government, Military Disagree Over Unrest
Israeli Supreme Court Cancels Demolition of Terrorist's Home
Former Head of Israeli Intel: ISIS Is Less Dangerous Than Iran
Two Palestinians Shot Dead in West Bank
Israeli Broadcaster Says Palestinians Bust West Bank Bomber Cell
Israeli Advert Stirs Accusations of Inter-Jewish Racism
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Analyst: 50-50 Odds of US Govt Shutdown Over Refugees
US Security Experts Back Settling Syrian Refugees
UN Experts: Up to 3,000 Islamic State Fighters in Libya
Libya Unrecognized Government Gets Reshuffle
Former Nigerian Minister Arrested Over $2 Billion Arms Deal
Over 410 Births in Camps for Boko Haram Displaced: Relief Agency
UN: Many NE Nigeria Schools Reopen Despite Fear of Attacks
UN Helicopters Launch Strikes Against Congo Rebels After Deadly Raid
Egypt Arrests Prominent Journalist Over 'False Information'
Tunisia Dismisses Security Officials After Suicide Bus Bombing
Burkina Faso President-Elect Pledges to Go Beyond Reviving Economy
Rights Groups Press for French Army Probe on Rwanda Genocide
Paris Terrorist Samy Amimour 'Trained at French Police Gun Club' Before Bataclan Attack
Suspected Islamists in Paris Court in First Trial Since Attacks
Far-Right French Mayor Sets Up Volunteer Patrols
On Ukraine's Front Lines, US-Supplied Equipment Falling Apart
Police in Italy, Kosovo Arrest Suspected Jihadists Over Threats to Pope Francis
UN: Europe Must Stop Locking Up Thousands of Stateless People
Bomb Scare Sparks Evacuation at Sofia Airport in Bulgaria
Kunduz: Fears for Afghan City Reclaimed From Taliban After Reports Insurgents Circling Again
Afghan President Eyes Improved Ties With Pakistan, Taliban Talks
Hearings to Begin Over Battle on Moving US Base in Okinawa
Japan to Deploy Troops, Missiles Near Disputed Islands
Mysterious 'Ghost' Ships Drift Into Japanese Waters
US Marine Found Guilty of Killing Transgender Filipina
Sri Lanka to Launch Special Court to Probe War Crimes
Thailand Grants Nationality to 18,770 Stateless People Over Three Years
2014 Airasia Crash Into Java Sea Due to Faulty Component, Crew Response: Probe
Cuba Imposes Travel Permit for Doctors to Limit Brain Drain
EU 'Not Seeking Reforms' in Cuba Talks
Colombia Declines Rebel Extradition to US Amid FARC Peace Talks
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