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Updated December 3, 2015 - 11:29 PM EST
UK Approves Syria Strikes, Bombers Deployed
  Russian ISIS Member Threatens Putin, Beheads Russian on Video
  Russia Presents Evidence of Turkey's Oil Trade With ISIS
  Israel Sees Russian Deployments as Threat to Air Superiority
Al-Qaeda Seizes Key Southern Yemen Cities
  Saudis Blamed for Waging Wrong War as Jihadists Thrive in Yemen
Police: CA Shooting Appears to Be Domestic Terrorism
NATO Unveils Expansion Plans, Invites Montenegro
IAEA Report Resolves Questions on Iran's Nuclear Past
Taliban Leader Reported Wounded in Internal Gunfight
'No More Excuses' for Not Prosecuting Officials for Torture
White House Rejects Gitmo Closure Plan as 'Too Expensive'
The Jonathan Pollard Affair: Unanswered Questions Abound  by Grant Smith
Reclaiming Palestine: How Israeli Media Misread the Intifada  by Ramzy Baroud
In the Dark on the 'Dark Side'  by Nicolas JS Davies
The Spies Who Ruin Us  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Obama's Guantanamo Challenge  by Kelley Vlahos
What Foreign Policy 'Debate' Means on 'Face the Nation'  by Glenn Greenwald

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MTV News Posts 2001 Clip at Center of Trump 9/11 Claim
Trump on Terrorists: 'You Have to Take Out Their Families'
Benghazi Chill Ripples Through State Dept
Barrett Brown: Govt Explains Why It Took Email
46 Killed Across Iraq as Arbaeen Holiday Observed
Iraq Briefed on US Special Forces Plan, Kerry Says
Assad Says Russia Role 'Slowing Down ISIS
Russia-Syria Military Exercises Prepare for Idlib Battle
White House, Senate Dems Huddle on ISIS
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Texas Files Suit in US Court to Block Syrian Refugees From Settling State
Detain Migrants for Up to 18 Months: EU's Tusk
Canada's Swift Resettlement Offers Hope to Syria Refugees
Stranded Migrants Clash With Police on Greek-Macedonian Border
Greece Denies It Faces Schengen Suspension Over Migrants
Germany Made Secret Pact With Turkey for the EU to Take Half a Million Syrian Refugees, Says Hungarian Prime Minister
Turkey Gets Ready for Much Less Russian LPG Transport Gas
Attack, Clashes Kill Four, Injure 10 in Turkey's Southeast
Turkey's Erdogan Says Russia ISIS Oil Trade Claims Are 'Slander'
Spat With Russia Prompts Ankara to Reconfigure Trade Ties
Russia's Lavrov Says Ready to Meet Turkish Counterpart in Belgrade
In Erdogan's Turkey, Dissent May Be Bad for Business
A Turkish Court Appointed Five 'Lord of the Rings' Experts to Figure Out Whether This Gollum Meme Is Offensive
UAE Troops Dig in for a Long War in Yemen
Yemen 'Extremely Fragile' for Aid Workers, Red Cross Says
Saudi Arabia
German Intelligence Agency Sees Risk in Saudi Defense Minister's Thirst for Power
Divorced and Widowed Saudi Women to Get Greater Legal Powers: Newspaper
Ibrahim Denies Lebanon Paid Ransom for Hostages
Satellite Photos Show North Korea Digging New Nuclear Tunnel: Report
Kim Jong-Un's Aunt Sues Defectors in South Korea
New Questions About US Defense Department Task Force in Afghanistan
Rights Group Warns of Dictatorship With Malaysia's New Law
'No Forgiveness' as Pakistan Hangs Men Behind School Massacre
Court Orders Netanyahu to Divulge Timing of Conversations With Adelson
Difference Between Identifying Jewish Terror Suspects and Putting Them on Trial
Arab Israeli Lawyer Arrested for Incitement on Social Media
UN Calls on Israel to Punish Palestinian Family's Killers
IDF's Five-Year Plan to Focus on Strategic Supplies
France Closes 'Radical' Mosque After Huge Police Raid
France Shuts Down Three Mosques in State of Emergency Crackdown
Paris Attacks: Muslim Guard Stopped Suicide Bomber From Entering Stadium
Half of German Tornado Jets 'Not Airworthy'
Merkel Says Afghans Coming Here for Better Life Will Be Sent Back
Spain's Top Court Bars Catalonia From Moving Forward With Secession Process
Catalan Government Stands by Secession Plan After Court Annulment
British Police Arrest Four Men in Counter-Terrorism Probe
Specter of Drones Firing Tear Gas on Crowds Worries UK Human Rights Group
Chechnya Holds Classes to Counter ISIS Propaganda
Parliament No Place for Tear Gas, Kerry Tells Kosovo
Estonian PM Says Russian Attack Unlikely Despite 'Worrying' Signs
Cameroon Army Kills 100 From Boko Haram, Frees 900 Hostages
8 Civilians, 2 Police Officers Killed in Biafra Protest
Eleven Die in Attack on Ivory Coast Village
Police Officer, Six Others Killed in Latest Burundi Violence
Central African Republic Leader Says UN Forces Need New Powers to Guard Vote
Eritrea Conscription Still Indefinite, Says Amnesty
Egypt Orders Retrial in Graft Case Against Mubarak-Era PM
Briton Accused of Plotting Attacks in Kenya Jailed for Nine Years
Venezuela Says Opposition Activist Killing Was Gang-Related
Venezuelan President's Popularity Bounces Before Election
Venezuela President Says May Jail Heinz Managers for 'Sabotage'
Brazil President Dilma Rousseff to Face Impeachment Proceedings
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