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Updated December 11, 2015 - 11:17 PM EST
Several ISIS War Authorization Bills Introduced
  Citing ISIS, Pentagon Steps Up Call for New Overseas Bases
  Air Force Aims to Double Number of Drone Squadrons
60 Civilians Killed as ISIS Bombs NE Syrian Town
  Syrian Rebels Agree on Peace Talks
Turkey Rules Out Withdrawing Troops From Iraq
  US: Airstrikes Killed 350 ISIS Fighters in Ramadi in Past Week
Experts Doubt N. Korea's Claim of Hydrogen Bomb
Taliban Attacks Guesthouse in Kabul Embassy District
  Afghan Intel Chief Resigns, Slams Pakistan Talks
Open Rafah Now: Siege on Gaza Is a Cruel Failure  by Ramzy Baroud
The Second Cold War  by Steffen A. Woll
Drone Strikes Are Creating Hatred Toward America That Will Last for Generations  by Sally Kohn
Our Enemies, Ourselves  by Justin Raimondo
Who Will Fight the Islamic State?  by Peter Van Buren
Talking Freedom but Practicing Fear  by James Bovard

More Viewpoints

Majority of US Millennials Support Troops to Fight ISIS, but Only 20% Would Go Themselves: Poll
CAIR DC Office Evacuated After 'Foreign Substance' Received in Mail
ISIS Has a New Weapon: A Smartphone App
Ted Cruz: US Should Focus on ISIS, Not Regime Change
70,000 Muslim Clerics Issue Fatwa Condemning Terror
Heavy Toll on ISIS in Anbar; 391 Killed Across Iraq
Three ISIS Leaders Killed in Recent Strikes: US Military
Iraqi Forces Dislodge ISIS Militants From Two Key Areas in Ramadi
War, Low Oil Prices Cripple Iraq Kurds' Once-Vibrant Economy
German Spy Head Says Syria Deployment Doesn't Increase Risk
Freed Syrian Priest Describes Kidnap Hell
US Says ISIS Has Made $1.5 Billion From Bank Looting, Oil Sales
Saudi FM Says Assad Must Go While Kerry Says Saudi Talks on Syria 'Constructive'
Yemen Loyalists Seize Strategic Red Sea Island
Improvised Bomb Explodes Outside Yemen Ministry Office in Aden
UN Hopeful of Yemen Aid Boom, Helped by New Shipping Verification
Yemen's Houthis Call for 'Serious and Responsible Dialogue' in UN-Sponsored Peace Talks
Trump Cancels Trip to Israel After Netanyahu Denounces Proposed Muslim Ban
Police Arrest 5 Palestinian Youths for Rock-Throwing Attacks in Jerusalem
Four Wounded in Car-Ramming Attack at Beit Arye, West Bank
Why Did Google Israel Remove References to Former Double Agent?
Abbas Claims Palestinians Are Facing a New 'Nakba'
Israel Says Arrow 3 Missile Shield Aces Test, Hitting Target in Space
Middle East
Seven Kurdish Militants, One Policeman Killed in Southeast Turkey
Imprisoned Saudi Blogger on Hunger Strike, Wife Says
Dubai Retail Giant Suspends Sales of Trump Products Amid 'Muslim Ban' Furore
Egypt to Try 9 Policemen for Death in Custody
Egypt Releases Israeli Convicted of Spying; Israel Reciprocates
Gitmo Detainee Awaits Justice in Moroccan Prison, With Little Help From the US
EU Court Annuls Morocco Trade Deal Over Western Sahara
Burundi Troops Battle Gunmen in Southwest
Jailed Angolan Dissident Rapper Resumes Hunger Strike
Congo Arrests Rwandan Former Mayor Wanted for Genocide
Cuban Dissidents Report Crackdown on Human Rights Day
First Plane With Syrian Refugees to Reach Canada
Dying for a Story: Brazil's Journalists Are Being Killed at Record Rates
Bowe Bergdahl
Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, From Captivity to Courtroom
Bowe Bergdahl Telling 'Desertion' Story on Podcast
In New 'Serial' Podcast, Bowe Bergdahl Says He Likened Himself to Jason Bourne Before Capture
'Serial' Season 2 Focuses on Bowe Bergdahl's Story
Bowe Bergdahl Opens Up About Abandoning Army Post in 'Serial' Podcast
House Report: Obama Officials Misled Public on Bergdahl Swap
The War at Home
Trump Muslim Ban Amendment Splits GOP
New Jersey Man Pleads Guilty to Conspiring to Supporting ISIS
Minnesota Man Accused of Conspiring to Help ISIS
Ted Cruz Rejects Demands to Revive NSA Surveillance After San Bernardino
Calif. State Worker Tosses Coffee at Praying Muslim Men in Park
Feds Charge Another Somali Youth With Supporting ISIS Terrorists
Islamic Extremists Ignored Contact Attempts by Wife in California Shooting
State Dept Gets Undiplomatic With Russian TV Reporter
Anonymous Hacktivists Battle ISIS With Humor
Female Guantanamo Guards Still Barred From Moving Prisoners
FBI Chief Says Texas Gunman Used Encryption to Text Overseas Terrorist
A Muslim American Veteran Was Widely Smeared With Fabricated Story About ISIS Charges
Ukraine Arrests Insurgents Who 'Planned Terror Attacks'
Russia to Sue Ukraine Over Outstanding Loan
Swiss See 'Terrorist Threat' in Geneva, Hunt for Suspects
Man Jailed in Norway for Threatening Terror Case Witness
Bosnian Serbs Halt Cooperation With National Police and Court
Finland Arrests Twins for Killing 11 in 2014 Iraq Massacre
Georgia Accuses Russia of Violating Its Airspace
Mother of Terror Attack Victim Booed in French Parliament for Wearing a Headscarf
Merkel's Party Says Burqa Should Not Be Worn in Germany
North, South Korea Hold High-Level Talks Meant to Ease Animosity
China, Russia Fail to Stop UN Meeting on Rights in North Korea
Afghanistan and Pakistan Agree to Reopen Talks With an Absent Taliban
Nine Injured in Attack on Hindu Temple in Bangladesh: Police
China to Grant Residence Rights to 13 Million Unregistered Citizens
More Revolution: Venezuela Loyalists on March After Vote
Venezuela Congress Taps Lopez Judge as Ombudsman, Outraging Foes
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The Dayton Miracle: Bosnia Armistice, Still Alive at 20

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