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Updated December 25, 2015 - 10:26 PM EST
ISIS Claims Counterattacks, Ambushes in Ramadi
  US, Allies Pound ISIS in Ramadi Airstrikes
Obama Sought Contacts With Assad Govt for Years
  Under UN Deal, ISIS Fighters to Leave Syria Refugee Camp
  Syrian Airstrikes Kill 20 Civilians in Damascus Suburb
  US-Backed Syrian Kurds Seize Northern Territory, Nearing Key Dams
Russia, Taliban Share Intel in Fight Against ISIS
  US Launches Airstrikes as Afghans Aim to Retake Sangin
Report: 200 Somali al-Shabaab Fighters Have Joined ISIS
Man Charged With Plot to Bomb Last Year's Super Bowl
Heavily-Redacted Benghazi Emails Released Christmas Eve
The Real Meaning of the 1914 Christmas Truce  by Ron Paul
Soldiers Against War the Story of the World War I Christmas Truce  by John V. Denson
Playing the Christmas Truce  by Lucy Steigerwald
Remembering the Christmas Truce of 1914  by Kevin Carson

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Before Passing Surveillance Bill, Lawmakers Partied With Pro-CISA Lobbyists
Chelsea Manning Spends Sixth Christmas in Prison With No End in Sight
Rogue Toy Drones Are Interfering With Military Ops
American Iran Hostages Compensated 35 Years Later
Militants Blow-Up Christian Homes; 84 Killed in Iraq
Arab League Demands Immediate Turkish Withdrawal From Iraq
Iraqis' Arrest in Finland Highlights Difficulties in Prosecuting Distant Crimes
Fearful Christmas for Syrian Christian Town Threatened by ISIS
ISIS Sanctioned Organ Harvesting in Document Taken in US Raid
Japan Seeking Information After Reports Japanese Journalist Held Hostage in Syria
Clashes Persist in Turkey's Southeast; PKK Militants Killed in Attack on Police
Turkish PM Accuses Top Kurdish Politician of 'Treason' Over Russia Jet Comments
Defiant and Still Writing, Turkish Editor Marks Month in Prison
Turkish Defense Sources: Israeli Weapons Seen as Benefit of Thaw With Jerusalem
Bulgarian Politician Dumped for Backing Turkey Over Downing of Russian Plane
Bethlehem Pilgrims Celebrate Christmas Against Backdrop of Violence
Israeli Forces Kill Four Palestinian Assailants in West Bank
Shin Bet: Jewish Extremists Seek to Overthrow Israel's Govt and Crown a King
Al Jazeera Journalist Compares Israeli, Syrian Jails, Sparking Facebook Debate
Father of US-Israeli Suspect in West Bank Arson Murders: 'He Confessed Under Torture'
Israeli PM Condemns Jewish Wedding Video Mocking Death of Palestinian Baby in Arson Attack
A Christmas of Despair for Syrian Christian Refugees in Lebanon
South Lebanon Man Cheats Death After Digging Into Israeli Cluster Bomb
Ukraine's Special Services Target Tangerines
Was Mosque Link Reason for British Family's US Travel Ban?
Ninth Person Arrested in Belgium Over Paris Attacks
Spaniards Don't Want Election Re-Run: Poll
Kosovo Top Court Finds Parts of EU-Sponsored Deal With Serbia Unconstitutional
1914 Christmas Truce
In Memory of the Christmas Truce
Soldier's Letters Bring First World War Christmas Truce to Life
Soldier Shared 'Cigs, Jam, and Corn Beef' in 1914 Christmas Truce, Letters Reveal
The Most Miraculous Christmas Eve in History
Peace in No Man's Land
In 1914, Soldiers Laid Down Guns for Moment of Peace
A True Story of Peace in the Midst of World War I
The Christmas Truce of 1914
The Art of the Christmas Truce
Embassies in Beijing Warn of Possible Threats Against Foreigners
Iran Calls China to Join the Fight Against the ISIS
China Counterterrorism Law: US Cyber Privacy Advocates Express Concern
Philippine Muslim Guerrillas Murder Seven in Christmas Eve Raids
Communist Rebels 'Raiding Typhoon Relief Convoys'
As ISIS Threat Mounts on Its Doorstep, Indonesia Scours a Jungle
Turkish Troops Continue to Stay in Afghanistan: Erdogan
India's Modi Meets Putin in Russia With Eye on Defense Deals
Japan Minister Heads to Korea to Try to Resolve 'Comfort Women' Issue
Official: 200 Al-Shabab Fighters Pledge Allegiance to ISIS
Somali Islamists Publicly Execute Two Officials
Sinai Road Bomb Kills Egyptian Police Captain
Egyptian PM Says Won't Allow Import of Israeli Natural Gas
Nigeria: We Have Defeated Boko Haram
Shi'ites March Through Nigerian North City Marking Killings
ISIS Takes Malian Bordering Town
US Calls on Djibouti to Show Restraint Ahead of Vote
Central Africans Dream of Bread and Peace After Election
Burundi: New Rebel Group Says It Aims to Oust Nkurunziza
Obscure Businessman May Win Postponed Haiti Election
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