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Updated December 30, 2015 - 11:26 PM EST
NSA Spy Net on Israel Snares US Congress
  Israel PM's Office: New Eastern Settlement Plans 'Invalid'
State Dept. Brags of Bringing 'Peace' to Syria
  Pentagon: 'Key' ISIS Leader Tied to Paris Attacks Killed in Airstrike
  Iraq PM's Ramadi Victory Lap Undercut by ISIS Shooting at Him
  US Desperate to Spin Ramadi Capture as 'Vindication' for War Strategy
Afghan Police Refuse to Patrol Contested District
  Pentagon Seeks 'Long-Term' Presence at Afghanistan's Bagram

Taliban Splinter Group's Suicide Bomb Kills 26 in Pakistan

Those Demanding Free Speech Limits Pose a Greater Threat to the US Than ISIS  by Glenn Greenwald
The Loose Use of Government Lists  by Bruce Lawlor
Hillary Clinton's Insane Plan for a No-Fly Zone  by Adam Johnson
Imagined Nations  by Uri Avnery
Two, Three, Many Chalabis  by Emma Ashford
Apple's CEO Defends Encryption. When Will Other Tech CEOs Do So?  by Trevor Timm

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Greek and Turkish Jets in Dogfight Over Aegean
Spy Agencies Resist Push for Expanded Scrutiny of Top Employees
Ronald Reagan 'Prepared for Historic Cold War Meet by Reading Tom Clancy Thriller'
Egypt Shuts Arts Venues Amid Signs of Clampdown
More Than 100 Journalists Killed in 2015, Most in 'Peaceful' Countries
92 Killed in Iraq as PM Comes Under Rocket Fire in Ramadi
Turkey Funds Sunni Militia in Iraq, Lawmaker Says
Iraqi Army Needs Kurds' Help to Retake Mosul: Finance Minister
Son of 'Tottenham Ayatollah' Killed in Iraq: Sources
Monitor: ISIS Has Executed Over 2,000 Civilians in Syria
Syrian Rebels Shell Shi'ite Villages After Truce Evacuations, Residents Say
Syrian Army, Backed by Air Strikes, Advances Toward Southern Town
The Double Life of a Russian 'Spy' Beheaded by ISIS
Syrian Refugee Crisis
European Border Guard Agency Sends Reinforcements to Greece
Norway to Turn Back Asylum Seekers on Swedish Border
Austria Turns Away Hundreds of Migrants for Lying About Nationality
German States to Spend Around 17 Billion Euros on Refugees in 2016: Die Welt
Bahrain Says Three Soliders in Yemen Coalition Killed
Kuwait to Send Troops to Saudi-Yemeni Border
Palestinian Authority Rejects Possibility of Turkish Rule in Gaza
Palestinian Schools in Occupied East Jerusalem Face Neglect
Israel Police Arrest Teen for Allegedly Planning to Attack Left-Wing Protesters in Tel Aviv
No Charges to Be Filed Against Ehud Barak Over Iran Tapes, Israeli Attorney General Says
Israel Police Arrest Groom From 'Wedding of Hate' Video Clip
Duma Arson Suspect Could Be Released to House Arrest
Middle East
Turkey Releases Opposition Journalists Pending Trial: Report
Saudi Rulers Weigh Political Cost of Tough Economic Reforms
The War at Home
Sikh Man Is Hit by a Truck and Beaten by Two Men in Fresno Hate Crime
Sikh Americans Are Not Muslims, but They Still Suffer From Islamophobia
Journalist Says Paypal's 'Lazy' Security Practices Let Hackers Link Him to Terror Group
Ft. Leonard Wood Grieves Deaths of Four International Soldiers in Flooding; Fifth Soldier Missing
Beheadings Send a Chill Through Afghanistan
Kabul to Host Peace Talks Meeting Next Week, Official Says
Afghan Leader Promises Parliamentary Election Next Year
China Tells State-Owned Firms to Absorb Laid-Off Soldiers
European Chamber Says Still Has Concerns on China Anti-Terror Law
China to 'Wait and See' if Japan Sincere on 'Comfort Women' Issue
Suspected Muslim Rebels Kill Official, Attack Police in Thailand's South
Top Aide to North Korea Leader Kim Jong UN Dies in Car Crash
Law to Curb Power of Top Court 'is End of Democracy in Poland'
Belgium: 2 Suspected of Plotting Attacks Arrested
French Public Gets Access to Archives of WWII Vichy Regime
Georgia, With Eye on 2016 Election, Switches Prime Minister
Burkina Faso Swears in New President, Capping Transition
German Court Sentences Man to Life in Rwanda Genocide Case
Demining Colombia Will Take 'A Generation'
Far-Right Colombian Warlord Freed After 8 Years in Prison
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