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Updated January 7, 2016 - 11:19 PM EST
74 Dead in Libya Police School Truck Bombing
N. Korea's Claims of Hydrogen Bomb Doubted
  Independent Verification of NK Bomb Claim Will Take a Long Time
  Politicians Use H-Bomb Fears to Pitch Wasteful Missile Projects
Hundreds Slain as ISIS Attacks Iraq's Haditha
  US Plan Would See Assad Stay in Syria Through March 2017
  ISIS 'Technical College' Producing Anti-Aircraft Missiles
Pentagon Avoids Calling Afghan Fight 'Combat'
  Bombing Reported Near Consulates in Afghan City of Jalalabad
UN: Yemen Civilian Deaths Spiked in December
  Saudi Coalition Bombs a Center for the Blind in Yemen
Neocons at National Review: 'Stop Calling Us Neocons!'  by Daniel McAdams
Militant Christians Cannot Be True Disciples of the Prince of Peace  by Vasko Kohlmayer
From Rubio, 'Isolationist' Is a Compliment  by Doug Bandow
Palestine After Abbas: The Future of a People at Stake  by Ramzy Baroud
Oregon and the Injustice of Mandatory Minimums  by Conor Friedersdorf
Neocons Defend Saudi Arabia  by Jim Lobe

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If North Korea Didn't Detonate a Hydrogen Bomb, Then What Was It?
H-Bombs vs. A-Bombs Explained
Gary Johnson Will Seek White House as Libertarian
Speaker Paul Ryan Eyes ISIS War Measure
Majority of Britons Would Vote to Leave the EU: Poll
Rep. Justin Amash: Close Loophole That Lets US Sell Guns to Syrian Rebels
The War at Home
US Releases Two Guantánamo Detainees Nearly Six Years After Transfer Approval
Benghazi Panel to Issue Report Later This Year
Sheldon Adelson Pours $7m Into Pro-Israel Propaganda Website, Only to Cut Funding
Pentagon Will Extend Military Honors to Drone Operators Far From Battles
65 Killed in Iraq as Baghdad Tries to Defuse Saudi-Iran Feud
Iraqi Shi'ite Militias in Mass Anti-Saudi Protest
Obama, Abadi Discuss Concern Over Saudi Arabia Execution in Call
'About 2,500' ISIS Fighters Killed in Iraq and Syria Last Month
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Migrant Crisis: Turkey Police Seize Fake Life Jackets
No Drop in Asylum Seekers Reaching Germany, Berlin Says
Thousands of Syrian Refugees Stranded at Jordan Border
Three Female Kurdish Campaigners Killed in Turkey Curfew Town
Turkey Puts Influential Critic on Trial in Absentia
Abbas in First Public Appearance Since Rumored Ill Health
Abbas to Netanyahu: Only Replacement to PA Is a Palestinian State
Palestinians Slam Removal of Israeli-Arabs From Aegean Airlines Flight
Airline Apologizes for Removing Palestinian Passengers From Flight After Group of Israelis Refuse to Fly With 'Terrorists'
Palestinian Wave of Violence Marked by Increased Female Role
Gaza Strip Gets First New Hospital in a Decade, Two More Due This Year
Boko Haram Gunmen Kill Seven in Suicide Attack, Raid: Residents
Nigeria Court in Kano Sentences Cleric to Death for Blasphemy
Egypt to Try 6 Reporters for Allegedly Defaming Minister
Fires Rage at Libyan Oil Ports After ISIS Attacks
Over 160 Killed in Madagascar Cattle Theft Clashes: Army
Boko Haram Arrests Worsen Cameroon Prison Conditions
Central African Republic Candidates Now Mostly Support Vote Count: UN
Venezuela Opposition Sets Out to Oust Government
Venezuela Political Showdown Deepens, Barred Legislators Sworn In
Guatemala: Ex-Officials Arrested for Civil War Killings
El Salvador to Help Arrest Soldiers Accused in 1989 Murder of Priests
Saudi-Iran Tensions
One Map That Explains the Dangerous Saudi-Iranian Conflict
Iran's President Labels Attackers at Saudi Embassy Criminals
Iraq Offers to Mediate Between Saudi and Iran, Fearing for ISIS Campaign
Iran-Saudi Crisis Punches Another Hole in OPEC Unity
Qatar Recalls Envoy to Iran After Attacks on Saudi Missions: State News
Saudi Arabia
Anger Grows in Saudi Arabia's Shi'ite Areas After Executions
Four Armed Men Set Saudi Aramco Bus on Fire in Oil Province
ISIS Threatens to Destroy Saudi Prisons After Executions
Sayings of Executed Saudi Cleric Nimr Al-Nimr
Saudi Arabia's Troubled Economy Could Bring Down Ruling House of Saud
Bahrain Accuses Journalist of Supporting Terrorism
Verifying North Korea Hydrogen Bomb Claim May Prove Difficult
No Radiation From North Korean Nuclear Test Detected at Japan Monitoring Posts
South Korea Says to Act Decisively Against Any New North Korea Provocation
North Korea's Hydrogen Bomb Claim Strains Ties With China
China Urges North Korea to Honor Commitment to Denuclearization
US House Leaders Discussing Vote to Tighten North Korea Sanctions
UN Plans 'Further Measures' Against North Korea Over H-Bomb Test
US Conducts Air Strikes as Fighting Rages in Afghan Province
American Charged in Bombing Attack on US Base in Afghanistan
It's Time India Stops Blaming Pakistan for Every Terror Attack on Its Soil
Bangladesh Court Upholds Controversial Execution of Top Islamist Leader
Indonesia Turns to China as Ethnic Uighurs Join Would-Be Jihadis
China Again Lands Planes on Disputed Island in South China Sea
Philippine 'Comfort Women' Fear China Sea Dispute Blocks Justice From Japan
GCHQ Mass Spying Will 'Cost Lives in Britain,' Warns Ex-NSA Tech Chief
Britain's 'Shoddy' Security Under Fire After Militant Slips Away to ISIS
Far-Left Greek Militant Group Claims Bomb Attack in Athens
Dutch to Host Conference to Discuss Countering 'Terror'
Coca-Cola Retreats From Social Media War Over Crimea
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