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Updated January 11, 2016 - 11:07 PM EST
Sen. McConnell: Authorizing ISIS War 'Unlikely'
  US Dropped 23,144 Bombs on Muslim-Majority Countries in 2015
  Defense Industry Revenue Forecast Gushes Over Global Turmoil
Ghost Troops: 40% of Afghan Army 'Doesn't Exist'
  As Taliban Steps Up, US Drawn Back Into Afghanistan Fighting
  Afghan DM: Troops Retake Area on Tajik Border From Taliban
ISIS Attacks on Iraqi Mall, Cafe Kill 42
  Botched Iraqi Drone Strike Kills Nine Allied Militia
  Ambassador Denies US Helicopters Involved in Iraq Raids
Fake Images of Syria's Madaya Crisis on the Web
  FM: Syria Willing to Attend Talks, If 'Terrorist' Groups Are Banned
Saudi Strike on Yemen MSF Hospital Kills 4
Turkish Officials Cheer as 32 Kurds Killed in Crackdown
How We Learned To Stop Worrying About People and Love Bombing  by Rick Shenkman
The Arab Spring Began in Hope, but Ended in Desolation  by Patrick Cockburn
Homeland Security Targets Families Seeking Asylum  by Hassan Ahmad
Why the War Party Dominates the Media  by Justin Raimondo
Will the Middle East Crisis Worsen in the New Year?  by Jack A. Smith
Poland's Plans to Stick Washington With a Bigger NATO Bill  by Doug Bandow

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Ellsberg: Top Military Brass Knew in Advance Vietnam War Would Fail
1,340 Clinton Emails Now Known to Contain Classified Material
British Nursery Staff Urged to Look for Signs of Radicalization
Saudi Arms Sales Are in Breach of International Law, Britain Is Told
In War-Torn Regions, Music Brings Hope
Powerful US Bomber Flies Over South Korea as Standoff Deepens
US May Deploy Aircraft Carrier to Korean Peninsula Next Month
Kim Visits Military as Koreas Slide Into Cold War Standoff
Taliban Step Up Urban Assaults, Testing Mettle of Afghan Forces
US Carries Out Drone Strike in Eastern Afghanistan
The New Taliban Leader Whose Shadow Hangs Over Afghan Peace Talks
Pakistan to Host 4-Nation Meeting on Ending Afghan War
Reconstructing the Pathankot Air Base Attack in India
2 People Killed in Grenade Blast in East Garo Hills; GNLA Suspected
India May Hire US, Israel Cyber Security Firms for Terror Intel
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Drops Plan to Buy Fighters From Pak After India Objects
Sri Lanka Govt Proposes New Constitution to Devolve Power
Miner Told He Risked War After Comparing Kyrgyzstan Delicacy to Horse's Penis
Blast Kills Two Pakistani Coast Guards in Troubled Baluchistan
Agreement on 'Comfort Women' Offers Strategic Benefit to US in Asia-Pacific
Hong Kong Protesters Rally to Demand Release of 'Disappeared' Booksellers
Power Plant Hit by Shelling in Libya's Benghazi
Air Strikes Reported Near Libya's Sirte: Resident
Officer and Soldier Shot Dead in Cairo Suburb Attack
Egypt's President Turns to Religion to Bolster His Authority
Tourism Minister Promises Greater Security Measures After Attacks
Egypt Court Rejects Mubarak's Corruption Appeal
After Three-Year Gap, Egyptian Parliament Picks Speaker to Push Through Sisi Laws
Ex-President's Ally Hangs on to Power in S. Nigerian Stronghold
12,000 Nigerian Refugees Await Repatriation From Cameroon
The Massacre Nigeria Forgot: A Year After Boko Haram's Attack on Baga
Mali Says Note Links al-Qaeda Splinter Group to Hotel Siege
Sudan Security Forces Break Up West Darfur Demo
Zimbabwe: Journalists Arrested for Criticizing Govt
Mozambique Park Sees Wildlife Numbers Grow in Wake of War
On Benin's Voodoo Holiday, Followers Pray and Sacrifice for Peace
Hackers Used Malware to Confuse Utility in Ukraine Outage
EU Commission President: Dutch Ukraine Vote Could Spark 'Continental Crisis'
Hundreds of French Mosques Open Their Doors to the Public
Paris Police Attacker Was Known Criminal, German Police Say
Thousands of Kurds Protest in Paris Over Women's Murders
Poles Hold Another Protest Against Right-Wing Government
Poland Summons German Ambassador Over Politicians' 'Anti-Polish Comments'
New Catalonia Leader Pledges Secession Within 18 Months
Fire Breaks Out at Kosovo Government HQ as Protests Flare
Bosnian Serbs Defy Top Court Ruling by Celebrating Statehood Day
The War at Home
White House Renews Pledge to Close Gitmo
General: Reporters Unaware as 'Taliban 5' Flew Out of Gitmo
New Way Police Watching You: Calculating Your Threat 'Score'
Fearful of Hacks, Pentagon Mulls More Classified Programs
'Insider Threat' Program: Hundred Thousand Pentagon Personnel Under Total Surveillance
Marine Gen. Fears 'Pressure' to Drop Standards for Women
Refugee Program Decried After Iraqis' Terror-Related Arrests
Security Forces Killed in Friendly Fire Among 107 Dead in Iraq
ISIS Commander Killed in Iraqi Air Strike
As Iraq Fights ISIS, Violence Rises in Shi'ite South
Bombs Laid by ISIS Hamper Iraqi Troops in Ramadi After Victory
Neglect May Do What ISIS Didn't: Breach Iraqi Dam
Iraqi PM Abadi Pledges Corruption Drive After Sistani Criticism
Saudi Arabia, Iran Say Dispute Won't Affect Syria Talks
ISIS 'Ran Sophisticated Immigration Operation' on Turkey-Syria Border
Syria Report: Famine in Madaya 'The Tip of an Iceberg'
Qaeda in Syria Briefly Detains Prominent Media Activists
'Broken System' Allows ISIS to Profit From Looted Antiquities
Syrian Refugee Crisis
The Big Thing Missing From Europe's Solution to the Refugee Crisis? Refugees.
Swedish Minister Says Bringing Back Conscription Could Help in Refugee Crisis
Trump Tells Rally Syria Refugees 'Probably' ISIS as Muslim Protester Removed
Pepper-Spray Attack on Syrian Refugees Treated as 'Hate-Motivated Crime': Vancouver Police
Protests in Cologne After Assaults; Merkel Pledges New Laws
More Than 250 Refugees in 'Mortal Danger' After Being Forcibly Returned to War-Torn Syria From Lebanon
Saudi-Iran Tensions
Saudi Arabia May Take More Measures Against Iran in Execution Row: Foreign Minister
Gulf Monarchies Back Saudis in Row With Iran
Pakistan Says It Will Respond to Any Threat to Saudi Arabia
Senior Arab League Official Calls for 'Clear Stance' Against Iran
Iran Complains to UN About Saudi 'Provocations'
Iran System Opponents Should Vote: Khamenei
Poet Arrested as Iran Targets Free Speech: Rights Group
Israeli AG Strikes Down Successor's Plan to Legalize Buildings at West Bank Outpost
Arson Suspected in Fire at B'Tselem's Office Building in Jerusalem
Israeli Soldiers Shoot Dead Two Palestinian Assailants: Army
Only Netanyahu Files to Run in Likud Leadership Race
Israeli Jew Who Stabbed Arab Gets Less Than Two Years
Israel Promoting Legislation Benefitting Ultra-Orthodox
West Bank, Gaza Honor Milhem as 'Heroic Martyr of Palestine'
Vandals Destroy Crosses at Israel Christian Cemetery
All-Bedouin Tech Company Hints at Shift in Israel
Middle East
Yemen Government Says Peace Talks May Be Postponed Beyond Mid-January
Lebanon 'Arrests Suspected Mastermind of Deadly Blasts': Source
Sean Penn Sat for Secret Interview With 'El Chapo,' Mexican Drug Lord
US Extradition Request for Newly-Captured Drug Lord 'El Chapo' Has Been Initiated, Mexico Says
'El Chapo' Guzman's Desire to Make Biopic Helped Lead to His Capture
Threats Hurled at Mexican Government in Tweets Linked to El Chapo's Sons
Cuban Immigrants: Deal Paves Way for Thousands Going to US
Cubans, Fearing Loss of Favored Status in US, Rush to Make an Arduous Journey
Former El Salvador Official Deported From US for Human Rights Abuses
Crisis Looms as Haiti Second-Round Presidential Campaigning Kicks Off
Forty Former Brazilian Diplomats Speak Out Against Israeli Settler Leader's Appointment
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