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Updated January 14, 2016 - 9:33 PM EST
ISIS Claims Credit for 'Paris-Style' Jakarta Attack
Iran Frees US Navy Crew After Overnight Detention
  Iran FM: Fast Resolution of Incident an Example for Future Interactions
US Plans for ISIS War in 2016: Attack Mosul, Raqqa
  US 'Targeting Force' in Iraq, Aims to Up ISIS Assassinations
  Australia Spurns US Call for More Troops for ISIS War
Syria Rebels: No Talks Without Govt Concessions
  Mini-Republics: a Syrian Village Seeks to Survive Amid Carnage
South Korea Fires Warning Shots Over Border
Multiple Groups Claim Bombing of Pakistan Polio Clinic
Primary Canceled, Netanyahu Will Be Likud Leader to 2023
Al Jazeera America Terminates All TV and Digital Operations
US Media Slams Iran's 'Aggression' for Intercepting US Naval Ships – in Iranian Waters  by Glenn Greenwald
ISIS Takes Big Risk in Turkey  by Patrick Cockburn
How Many Bombs Did the United States Drop in 2015?  by Micah Zenko
Hillary Clinton: Proven Warmonger  by Sheldon Richman
Their Headchoppers and Ours  by Mike Holmes
Sarajevo to Madaya: Starvation as Propaganda  by Nebojsa Malic

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Interview With Chas Freeman on Saudi Arabia
Philippines Offers 8 Bases to US Under New Military Deal
US Intel Director's Phone Account Was Hacked
Muslim Professor Blocked From Game Because His Name Was on US Blacklist
Sweden Asks to Question Assange, Waits for Ecuador Answer
107 Killed as More US Troops Head to Iraq
UN Envoy Says Syria Peace Talks Still on for January 25
Syrian Army Pushes Into Rebel Bastion
Bomb Attack at Turkish Police Station; Dozens Hurt
Istanbul Attack Signals ISIS's Apparent Pivot Toward Tourism Sector
Turks Hold 3 Russians Suspected of ISIS Ties
Turkey Makes Arrest Over Istanbul Suicide Bombing
Istanbul Bomber Registered With Authorities, but Was Not on Wanted List: Minister
Iran State TV Shows Footage of US Sailor Apologizing
Why Paul Ryan Vacated a Vote to Sanction Iran
Firms That Sell Spy Tech to Iran Remain Elusive
US Court Struggles Over Iran Bank's Bid to Block Payout to Attack Victims
Kuwait MPs Approve Extra $10 Billion for Arms
Kuwait Passes Law Tightening Online Media Controls
Israeli Air Strike in Gaza Kills Palestinian Militant
Holocaust Survivors Living in Israel May Be Sued Over Legal Fees
Journalist Jailed by Hamas Says He Was Abused
Four Israelis Indicted Over Beating of Eritrean Migrant
Israel to Reprimand Swedish Envoy Over FM's Call for Probe Into Killings of Palestinians
Jailed Palestinian Poet in Saudi Arabia Gets Global Support From Fellow Writer
Shatila's Population Unknown as Palestinian Refugee Camp in Beirut Bursts at Seams
Suicide Bomber Kills at Least 12 in Cameroon Mosque
UN Warns Peacekeepers Ill-Equipped if Burundi Violence Spirals
Ethiopia Cancels Addis Ababa Master Plan After Oromo Protests
UN Criticizes 'Sudden' Closure of Camp for Displaced in DR Congo
The War at Home
Apple's CEO Lashes Out at White House for Being Wishy-Washy on Encryption
Research Doesn't Back a Link Between Migrants and Crime in US
Navy Fighter Pilot Ejects Safely as Plane Crashes in Nevada
Pakistani TV Station Attacked With Explosives, One Wounded
Pakistan Arrests Jaish Militants Over Attack on Indian Air Base
ISIS Claims Deadly Attack on Pakistani Consulate in Afghanistan Last Week
Russia to Supply Small Arms to Afghanistan
North Korea Says Nuclear Test Shows It Could 'Wipe Out' US
South Korea Presses China for More Aggressive Action on North
North Korea Is Newest Frontier for a Daredevil Investor
Reports of Bombings, Exchange of Heavy Gunfire in Jakarta, Indonesia
White House Urges Beijing, Taipei to Avoid Taiwan Election Tensions
Japan Sends China Warning Over Incursions Near Disputed Isles
Philippines Files Protest Against China's Test Flights in Disputed Sea
Shipping Unscathed as China Flights Raise South China Sea Tension
Myanmar's Suu Kyi Avoids 'Rocking Boat' With Military Ahead of Handover
Kazakh Leader's Allies Rush Parliament Vote to Dodge Deepening Crisis
France Dissolves Muslim Groups Linked to Radical Paris Mosque
Europe Turns to Morocco in Paris Attacks Investigation
Negotiators Vow to Enforce Ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine
Migrant Crisis: Denmark MPs Consider Seizing Valuables
Anti-Immigrant 'Soldiers of Odin' Raise Concern in Finland
Basque Nationalists Avoid Jail in Spain After Admitting ETA Link
Obama Discusses Syria, Ukraine With Russia's Putin: White House
German Far-Right Cell Planned Attacks on Muslims, Refugees: Prosecutors
Colombia's FARC Casts Doubt on March Peace Deal Target
Colombian Drug Lord Gets 11 Years Prison in New Jersey
US Peace Corps Pulls Out of El Salvador Over Violence, Security
Venezuela Opposition Seeks to Unblock Congressional Deadlock
US Turns to UN to Screen Refugees From Central America
Stranded Cuban Migrants Brought by Air, Bus to Mexico
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