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Updated January 20, 2016 - 11:10 PM EST
Iraqi Kurds Deliberately Destroying Arab Villages
  UN Reports 'Staggering' Civilian Toll in ISIS War in Iraq
  Heavy Clashes Continue in East Syria as ISIS Releases Detainees
Israeli DM Says He Prefers ISIS to Iran
  Ayatollah Khamenei Hails Nuclear Deal, Warns of US Deceit
Israeli Opposition Chief Slams Two-State Solution
  Political Paralysis Leaves Palestinians Questioning Their Future
Gunmen Storm Pakistan University; 30 Killed
  11 Killed, 31 Hurt in Peshawar Suicide Bombing
Libya's New Govt Unveiled, Stuck in Tunisia
US Drone Strike Kills Two in Eastern Yemen
Afghan Forces Scramble as Taliban Advances on Helmand
UK Terror Law Contradicts Human Rights Laws: Judge
How New Sanctions Will Be Perceived in Iran  by Ted Snider
Sanctions Against Iran Lifted, Followed by New Sanctions  by Eric Schuler
Where Is the Foreign Policy Debate in 2016?  by Scott McConnell
The Riverine Mysteries  by Justin Raimondo
Missing From the 'State of the Union'  by Philip Giraldi
Endless War Keeps Grip on the US  by Lewis Diuguid

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ISIS Says Iraqis Among Paris Attackers
Navy SEAL Involved in bin Laden Raid, Kept Photo of the Corpse: Report
More Air Force Drones Are Crashing Than Ever
Military Chiefs Gather in Paris to Bolster ISIS Fight
Canada Excluded From Anti-ISIS Coalition Meeting
The War at Home
US Top Court to Decide Major Case on Obama Immigration Plan
Gates: Cruz 'At Odds With Reality' on ISIS
Trump Says Removing Gadhafi Was Mistake, but Pushed for Libya Intervention in 2011
SecDef Carter Considering Demotion for Retired Gen. David Petraeus
Search for 12 Marines Ends Without Finding Survivors After Helicopters Crash
Aussie PM at White House for Talks With Obama
BBC Journalist Stopped From Flying to US Over UK-Iranian Nationality
UK: Muslim Boy, 10, Probed for 'Terrorist House' Spelling Error
Germany Wants to Discuss Concerns About New Polish Govt
Polish Premier: EU Wasting Time on Perceived Problems
Swedes Jailed for Fighting for Islamist Terrorist Group
Row Over Ukrainian City's New Name
Chechnya Leader Calls for War on Putin's Critics
Paris Attacks: Victim's Mother 'To Sue Belgium'
German Red Army Faction Radicals 'Bungled Armed Robbery'
North Korea Nuclear Test Did Not Increase Technical Capability: US
North Korea Dropping Leaflets on the South – What Do They Say?
S. Korea Website 'Hacked' Over Chou Tzuyu Taiwan Flag Row
China Says Manila Exaggerating Tensions With Aircraft Claim
Vietnam Warns China Over Oil Rig Activities
Taiwan Party Official Says Transparent China Relations a Priority
Indonesia Looks to Stop Militants Overseas From Returning Home
Jakarta Attacks: President Widodo Seeks Terror Laws Review
A Deadly Deployment, a Navy SEAL's Despair
Pakistan Test-Launches Homegrown Cruise Missile: Military
Kenyan Muslim Who Shielded Christians in Al- Shabab Attack Dies
Kenyan Man Charged Over Dead Soldier Photos
Nigerian Villagers: Cameroon Troops Are Killing Civilians
Nigerian Army Chief Says Military Acted Appropriately in Shi'ite Sect Raids
Burkina Faso
Video Footage Shows Burkina Faso Attackers
Burkina Faso Attack: Leila Alaoui, Amnesty Photographer, Dies
Argentina, Citing Emergency, Authorizes Force Against Drug Flights
New Argentina President Wants 'New Era' in Ties With Britain
Amnesty International Calls for Argentine Activist's Release
116 Killed in Iraq as Kurds Accused of War Crimes
Carter: US Looking to Coalition for More Trainers for Iraq
Riyadh: Up to Syrian Opposition Who Represents It at Talks
ISIS Confirm: 'Jihadi John' Killed in Airstrike
Children on Syrian Refugee Route Could Freeze to Death: UN
Russia Flies Over 40 Tons of Aid to Blocked Syrian Areas
In Besieged Syrian City, Hungry Residents Sell Gold for Food
Airdrops Called Too Risky a Way to Help Starving Syrians
Russian Air Force Makes 157 Sorties in Syria in Four Days
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Migrant Crisis: Norway to Begin Deportations to Russia
EU Chief Gives Migrant Plan 2 Months to Work
Pressure Builds on Merkel to Close Borders as Support Slides
Hungary Ready to Erect Anti-Migrant Fence on Romanian Border
Number of Complaints in Cologne Attacks Continues to Grow
Turkish Operations Against Kurdish Militants Nearing End: PM
Jailed Journalists in Turkey Say Arrest Aimed at Gagging Press
Obama, Erdogan Speak by Phone, Vow Cooperation Against Terrorism
PM: Refugee Intake 'Should Give Turkey Major Influence Over Syria Peace Talks'
Iranian Assets Unfrozen as Sanctions Lifted
Prisoner Swap With Iran Doesn't Necessarily Mean Iran Gets Anyone
Saudi Arabia and Iran Tussle Over Exports to China
Gulf Banks Exploring Prospects in Iran, Others May Follow
Iran's Elite Guards to Gain Regional, Economic Power in Post-Sanctions Era
Germany Sees Iran as Key to Stabilizing Middle East
Palestinian Workers Banned From West Bank Settlements
HRW: Businesses in Israeli Settlements 'Contribute to Rights Abuses'
US: EU Product Labeling Not 'Boycott Against Israel'
US Delegation to Arrive in Israel Next Week to Finalize Details of New Military Aid Package
Anger in a Palestinian Town Feeds a Cycle of Violence
Israel Arrests Palestinian Teen for Woman's Fatal Stabbing
Israeli State-Funded Settler Group Sent Private Eye to Spy on Human-Rights NGOs
Middle East
UN: Ethiopians, Somalis Flooding Into Yemen Despite Conflict
Yemen PM Says Confronting Jihadists 'Inevitable'
Colombia and FARC Agree on UN Mission at Havana Talks
Venezuela Congress Plans to Investigate PDVSA, China Loans
Honduras, OAS Approve International Team to Fight Corruption
Protesters Vow to Derail Haiti Vote; Election Offices Burned
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