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Updated January 30, 2016 - 10:32 PM EST
Uninvited to Talks, Syrian Kurds Leave Geneva
  Syrian Rebels Merge, Form 'Northern Brigade'
  US Airstrike Targets Hacker Working for ISIS, Kills Civilians Instead
  Syrian Rebel Splits Deepen After Failed 'Merger' With al-Qaeda Arm
US, Britain Spies on Israeli Air Force for 18 Years
  Israeli Drone Feeds Hacked by British and US Intelligence
  France to Recognize Palestine if Peace Talks Fail
Hospitals Are Under Fire in Yemen's War
  Suicide Bomber Kills Seven at South Yemen Checkpoint
A Russian Diplomat's Take on the World
100s of Masked Men Beat Refugee Children in Stockholm
Taliban Control of Afghanistan Highest Since 2001
US Govt Finds 'Top Secret' Information in Clinton Emails
Four Killed in Suicide Attack on Saudi Shi'ite Mosque
Turkey Bars Ambulances From Rescuing Kurds in Basement
Nonviolent Resistance in the South Hebron Hills  by Cassandra Dixon
Trump and the Conservative Establishment Deserve Each Other  by Sheldon Richman
Gaza Speaks: This Is What the Decade-Long Siege Has Done to Us  by Ramzy Baroud
The Grim Fight Against War  by Lucy Steigerwald
Congress Quietly Kills Ban on Funding Neo-Nazis in Ukraine  by Dan Wright
An Unprecedented Threat to Privacy  by Conor Friedersdorf

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Rights Group Sues for Details of US Counter Terrorism Effort
Welcome to America Ė Now Spy on Your Friends
Polish Senate Approves Internet Surveillance Law
Terrorism Ruled Out in Gun Arrest at Disneyland Paris
Clinton Spin on Iraq Vote: That Was a Long Time Ago
The War at Home
FBI Defends Killing of Occupier in Oregon, Releases Video
Family of Slain Oregon Protester Challenges FBI Account of His Death
Wounded Warrior Project Denies Claims of Waste, Lavish Spending
New Visa Law Keeps German-Iranian Professor Out of US
US Navy Test Flights Rattle New Jersey Homes
Family Still Waiting for Answers in Soldier's October Death
Somali-Born Man Handed Nine Years in US Prison for Al Shabaab Support
Russian Jet Buzzed US Air Force Spy Plane Over Black Sea, DoD Says
Kremlin Demands Explanation for 'Outrageous' US Remarks About Putin
Kremlin: By Accusing Putin of Corruption, US Seeks to Influence Russia Election
CIA Releases Declassified Photos of UFOs Hovering Over Britain
David Cameron Renews Push to Reach EU Membership Deal
British Mother Convicted of Joining ISIS in Syria With Young Child
German WWI U-Boat Found After 100 Years Missing at Sea
Central African Republic
European, UN Troops Accused of Sexual Abuse in Central African Republic
Hundreds March in Central African Republic Demanding Vote Re-Run
Rights Group: Dozens Were Put in Mass Graves in Burundi
Burundi Frees Two Foreign Journalists: French Ambassador
Burundi Keeps Seat on Security Body, Complicating Peacekeeper Plan
EgyptAir Mechanic Suspected of Planting ISIS Bomb on Russian Jet
Up to Ten Killed by Suicide Attack in Northern Nigeria
Algerian Forces Kill Four Islamist Fighters: Ministry
Russia Opposes South Sudan Arms Embargo, Sanctions on Leaders
Cuba a Low-Key Presence at US-Jamaican Security Conference
France to Offer Cuba More Debt Relief During Castro Visit
Venezuela Opposition Leader Urges Fast Action to Oust President
Haiti Faces Growing Crisis as Election Chief Resigns
Kerry Says He Expects Canada to Outline Role Against ISIS
Dutch Jets to Join Bombing of ISIS Targets in Syria
Syrian Turkmens Cross to Turkey, Fleeing Advances of Pro-Assad Forces
Syria: Four Years of Efforts to End the Conflict
Bombs Damage Pipelines in Iraq as 41 Are Killed
'Many Months' Before Start of Battle for Mosul: Coalition
Electricity Supply in Iraq's Kurdistan Region Hit by Blast
Iranian Drone Flew Over US Carrier in 'Unprofessional' Move:
Grandson of Iran's Khomeini to Appeal Exclusion From Polls
Israel Slams French Peace Plan as Encouraging Palestinian Intransigence
Israel, Mired in Ideological Battles, Fights on Cultural Fronts
Biden Calls Netanyahu to Discuss Israel-Turkey Rapprochement
Hamas Ready for Fresh Conflict With Israel: Gaza Chief
Police Fight Court to Ban Left Wing Activists From the West Bank
Time Is Right for Arab Partnerships, Israeli Minister Tells Saudi-Owned Website
Coca Cola to Open Gaza Factory 'Within Weeks'
Lebanon Returns Israeli Vulture Cleared of Spying
Mideast Refugee Crisis
Attacks on Asylum Hostels Soar in Germany
Forty Percent of Germans Say Merkel Should Resign Over Refugee Policy: Poll
Slovakia Says Migrant Quota System Not Working, Urges Rethink
Japan Puts Military on Alert for Possible North Korean Missile Test
North Korea Missile Site Activity Revives Talk of US Missile Defense in South
US Slams Taiwan President's Planned Visit to Contested South China Sea Island
Chinese Police Break Silence on Missing Hong Kong Bookseller
Chinese Military Force to Take Lead on Cyber, Space Defense
Marshall Islands Sue Britain, India, and Pakistan Over Nuclear Weapons
Bombing in Central Laos Kills 2 From China
Maldives Says Sanctions Call Would Be Irresponsible
Americans Still Dying
Friends, Family Remember 12 Marines Killed in Hawaii Helicopter Crashes
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Trump and the Conservative Establishment Deserve Each Other

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The Grim Fight Against War

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Uncle Samís Suicide Squads

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From Sarajevo to Madaya: Starvation as Propaganda

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