– so we're going back for seconds!

Get ready for a remake of the Libya disaster movie: "The United States and its allies are increasing reconnaissance flights and intelligence collecting there and preparing for possible airstrikes and commando raids," reports the New York Times.

Having destroyed the country and created a terrorist nest, Uncle Sam is going back to the scene of the crime – to repeat it.

Most Americans aren't aware of this: we need to make them aware. And that's our job here at Antiwar.com. But we can't do it without your help. Please help us stop the criminal War Party – make your tax-deductible donation today.

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Updated February 15, 2016 - 10:23 PM EST
UN: 50 Killed in Airstrikes Against Syria Hospitals
Turkey Attacks N. Syria, Targeting Military, Kurds
  US Urges Turkey to Halt Syria Strikes
  Saudi Arabia Confirms Deployment to Turkish Base
Syria Fighting Escalates Days Ahead of Ceasefire
  Syrian Rebels Kill 76 Troops in Ambush Near Damascus
  Question of Nusra Front Likely to Bedevil Syrian Ceasefire
  Syrian Army Sees Offensive Moving Into ISIS' Raqqa
UN: 2015 Afghan Civilian Death Toll Another Record High
Pentagon: North Korea Lacks Technology to Nuke US
CIA Director: Inevitable ISIS Will Try to Attack US
At Least 1,666 Clinton Emails Contain Classified Material
US: Britain Must Fund Nukes to Retain Global Standing
Face It: Trump Is Right About Iraq – and That Should Sink Clinton  by Sam Husseini
US-Russia Deal on Syria Is a Vital Step to Ending the Conflict  by Patrick Cockburn
When Is America Actually at War?  by Scott Beauchamp
GOP Frontrunner: ‘Bush Lied, People Died’  by Justin Raimondo
Just Say No to Draft Registration for Women – and Men  by Thomas Knapp
Sanders Is Right About Kissinger  by Greg Grandin

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Donald Trump, Republican Front-Runner, Wins Applause From Code Pink
Trump's Call to Bring Back Torture Alarms Professional Interrogators
UK Government Mulling 'British Guantanamo' for Islamist Terrorists
US Army Looks to Recruit More Women, Adapt Physical Testing
National Bird Gives New Perspective on Drone War
More Executions in Mosul; 79 Killed in Iraq
ISIS and Economy Force Kurds Out of Iraq
Iraq's Sadr Calls for Technocratic Government, Swift Reform
Obama Urges Russia to Stop Bombing 'Moderate' Syria Rebels
Russia Casts Doubt on Syria Ceasefire Deal as Army Gains Ground
Syria Calls for UN Action on Turkish Attacks on Kurds
Syrian Army Seizes Village Overlooking Rebel Areas Near Aleppo: State TV
Israel Pessimistic on Syria Ceasefire, Talks Up Sectarian Partition
France Urges End to Turkish Assault on Kurds
Israel Demolishes Dozens of Illegal Palestinian Structures
Five Palestinians Killed in Sunday Attacks
Netanyahu Denies EU Claim He Backs New Peace Push
Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Teenage Girl in Hebron
Three Jewish Youth Allegedly Attack Arab Taxi Driver
Bennett: Give Palestinians 'Autonomy on Steroids'
Ya'alon: Israelis Secretly Meeting With Officials From Gulf States
4 Border Policemen Lightly Hurt in Chase After Palestinians
New Report of US-Made Cluster Bomb Use by Saudis in Yemen
Red Cross Says Delivers Medical Aid to Taiz in 'Breakthrough'
Middle East
Police, Pro-Kurdish Protesters Clash in Istanbul
20 Nations Join Major Military Maneuver in Saudi Arabia
Iran Exports First Oil Shipment to Europe Since Nuclear Deal
Bahrain on Path to Recovery Five Years After Revolt, Says Police Chief
Poland Unlikely to Send Troops to Fight ISIS: Report
Poland Wants Punishments for Use of 'Polish Death Camp' Phrase
Rule No. 1 for Poland's New Right-Wing Government: Ignore the Critics
US Senators Urge Poland to Respect Democracy, Rule of Law
Russia Warns of New Cold War as East Ukraine Violence Surges
Multiple Crises Challenge European Union Before Summit
More Major Attacks in Europe 'A Certainty': French PM
UK Security Services Hunt Jihadi John Recruiter After He Revealed His Location on Linkedin
Man Shot at Sweden Pro-Kurdish Rally
Cuba Returns Dummy Hellfire Missile Mistakenly Received
Cuban Refugees Forge New Paths Into US Through Latin America
13 Bodies Found in Drug-Producing Area in N. Mexico
Alleged Killer of Mexican Journalist Arrested in Veracruz
Mideast-EU Refugee Crisis
Constant Tide of Migrants at Sea, and at Turkish Cemetery
Migrant Increase on Mediterranean Route, UNHCR Says
French PM Rejects Permanent Quota System for Refugees
Swedish Police Investigate Killing at Refugee Center
Libya's Presidential Council Announces Revised Unity Government
Libyan Naval Forces in Tripoli Say Have Seized Foreign Tanker
Bomb Kills Two Egyptian Soldiers in Sinai: Army
Italian Student Showed Signs of Electrocution: Egypt Forensic Source
Egyptian Court Reverses Policeman's Jail Sentence for Killing Activist
South Sudan
South Sudan Rebel Leader Says He Is Will Take VP Position
The Country on the Verge of Famine – Where $6 Billion Has Gone Missing
Gunmen Kill Two in Burundi as Marchers Rally Against Rwanda
Grenade Attack Kills Child, Wounds His Father in Burundi's Capital
Rwanda's Way of Solving Its Refugee Problem? Kick Its Refugees Out.
US Commander Sees al-Qaeda Africa Group Strengthening
Cameroon Soldiers Kill 27 Boko Haram Fighters Across Border
Nigerian Boko Haram Fighters Trained in Somalia: President
Rebels in Eastern Congo Kill 6, Kidnap 14 in Village Attack
Taliban, Using Humvees Stolen From Army, Attack Check Post
Officials: 6 Afghan Security Men Killed in Taliban Attacks
Outgoing US Commander Says Mission in Afghanistan Not Changing
Afghanistan Chides Pakistan Ambassador Over Governor's Kidnapping
US Envoy Summoned: India Outraged at Sale of F-16 Jets to Pakistan
Pakistan Disappointed at Indian Response Over US F-16 Sale
2 Indian Soldiers, 5 Rebels Killed in Kashmir Fighting
Myanmar Army Chief to Get Five Year Extension as Talks With Suu Kyi Continue
Ethnic Rebels' Show of Force Highlights Suu Kyi's Peace Challenge
Ex-General Who Led Myanmar From Dictatorship Leaves Mixed Legacy
US Deploys More Missiles in South Korea
North Korea's Kim Orders More Rocket Launches
Aristide Ally Chosen as Haiti Interim President to Fill Power Vacuum
'Rotten System' Blamed as Haiti's Election Ends in Stalemate
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