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Updated February 18, 2016 - 10:55 PM EST
Judge Demands Apple Create iPhone Backdoor
  Apple Encryption Case Risks Influencing Russia and China, Privacy
US Airstrikes Kill 38 Syrian Civilians in 48 Hours
  US-Backed Rebels Fight One Another in Northern Syria
  Syria Denies Claim of Israeli Airstrikes Near Damascus
  Syria Terrorist List Effort Still Deadlocked as Nations Bicker
  Syria Ceasefire to Be Delayed as Timeline for US-Russia Talks Lags
US Claims $500 Million Destroyed in Airstrikes
  Iraq Scrambles to Find Stolen Radioactive Material
ISIS Bombing Kills 15 Yemeni Soldiers in Aden
  UN Envoy: Yemen Peace Talks Stalled by Ceasefire Opposition
28 Dead, Many Injured by Turkey Car Bomb
Leaked Doc: EU Preparing To Send Military to Libya
UK Govt: Banning Boycotts of Israel Will Protect Security
China Says Defense Facilities on Islands in Place for Years
Bush, 9/11, and Iraq: Trump Gets It Right  by Sheldon Richman
The Myth of ‘Democracy’ Within Israel’s Political Establishment  by Ramzy Baroud
Iran's Elections: Reformists, Hardliners, and the 'Deep State'  by Muhammad Sahimi
The Hawkish Cult of 'Leadership'  by Daniel Larison
Lost Lessons of Libya  by James DiEugenio
The Biggest Iraq War Scandal That Nobody's Talking About  by Liam O'Donoghue

More Viewpoints

Israel Lobby Tries to Criminalize Free Speech
Glenn Greenwald & Andrew Fishman
Why Tim Cook Is Right to Call Court-Ordered iPhone Hack a 'Backdoor'
Apple CEO: FBI Backdoor Order 'Chilling,' 'Dangerous'
Spy Head: I Didn't Lie to Congress
Obama to Travel to Cuba in March
Long After Bergdahl's Release, His Hometown Is Still Under Siege
Helicopter Shot Down in Anbar; 79 Killed in Iraq
Kurds Call Baghdad's Oil-for-Salaries Offer 'Cheap Political Bartering'
ISIS Beheads 15-Year-Old Iraqi Boy for Listening to Pop Music
Canadian CF-18s Ended Bombing Mission in Iraq and Syria on Monday, Military Confirms
Weatherford Says Not Responsible for Radioactive Material Stolen in Iraq
500 Kurdish Rebels Cross Turkish Border Towards Syrian Town of Azaz: Observatory
Convoys Deliver Vital Aid to 100,000 in Five Besieged Areas of Syria: UN
Russian Air Strikes in Syria Intensifying: US Military
UN Chief Warns Military Action Risks Derailing Syria Talks
Germany Revives Calls for No-Fly Zone in Northern Syria
Turkey Vows to Stop Kurdish Militia Gaining Border Foothold
Turkey's Work on New Constitution Stutters as Opposition Pulls Out
Turkey's Erdogan Says to Fight Forces Behind Ankara Bombing
US, UK Didn't Crack Israeli Drone Encryption, Officials Say
Israeli Army Chief: I Don't Want Soldiers Emptying Magazines on Girls With Scissors
Israel's Military Censor Asks to Join Emergency Services' Whatsapp Groups
Bennett Demands Israeli Security Cabinet Ministers Take Polygraph Tests, Shaked Says
Tel Aviv University Retracts Ban on Arabic in Call Center Following Haaretz Report
UN Envoy to Libya Says Time Running Out, ISIS Expanding
The US Government Thought It Had Killed This Legendary Militant in Libya. Now It's Not So Sure.
Explosion Kills Child in Ugandan Capital Ahead of Election
Instead of Democracy, Uganda Moves Toward Dictatorship Light
Egypt's Sisi Says Won't Hesitate to Send Troops to Gulf if Asked
More Than 8,000 Somali Refugee Deported From Kenya
Scores of Dismembered Bodies Found in Colombian Jails
Colombia Police Chief Resigns Amid Gay Sex Scandal
Mideast-EU Refugee Crisis
Many Refuges Facing Eviction in France Worked With British and American Forces
Slovenian Govt Wants Army to Help Police Control Migrant Flow
Russia Denies Imminent Delivery of S-300 Missiles to Iran
Iran Says Will Resist Curbs on Oil Output as Part of Global Pact
Iran to Countries Capping Oil Output: Good for You! but Not for Us
Bahrain Frees US Journalists but Keeps Its Own Media Behind Bars
US Journalists 'Safe and in Good Health' After Bahrain Release
Taliban Used Child Soldiers in Kunduz Battle, Rights Group Says
Afghanistan's Crippled Power Grid Exposes Vulnerability of Besieged Capital
Penetrating Every Stage of Afghan Opium Chain, Taliban Become a Cartel
Three Pakistani Troops Killed in Militant Attack on Levies Checkpost
Polio Worker Shot as Pakistan Holds Countrywide Vaccination Drive
Suu Kyi Meets Myanmar's Military Chief Again as Transition Talks Drag On
US to Have 'Very Serious Conversation' With China Over Suspected South China Sea Missile Deployment
Dissidents Fearful as Thailand, Once a Haven, Favors China
7 Alleged ISIS Charged in Russia Terror Plots
Putin Critic Mikhail Kasyanov: I Won't Flee Russia Despite Death Threats
Tymoshenko's Party Quits Ukrainian Government Coalition
Bulgarian Drivers Stage Counter-Blockade at Greek Border
Belgium Find Video of Nuclear Official in Search for Paris Attack Clues
Brazil Could Waive US Dollar to Bolster Iran Trade: Minister
Brazilians Clash After Questioning of Ex-President Suspended
Six Die as Protesters Burn Bolivian Government Office
Ex-Soldiers Demand Release of 4 Detained in El Salvador
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