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Updated February 19, 2016 - 11:27 PM EST
US Warplanes Hit Militants in Libya, 43 Dead
US Airstrikes Kill 38 Syrian Civilians in 48 Hours
  MSF Didn't Give Syrians GPS Data on Struck Clinic
  Syrian Army Seizes Coastal Town in Latakia Providence
  US Gives Russia Details on Special Forces in Syria to Avoid Strikes
Afghan Forces Kill 4 in Raid on Charity Hospital
  UN: US Killing Afghan Civilians at Highest Rate in Seven Years
Syrian Kurds Deny Blame for Ankara Bombing
Canada Drops Bid to Return Ex-Gitmo Inmate Khadr to Jail
US Tanks Pouring Into Norway Caves for 'Russia War'
Kerry Courts Hollywood Backing for Anti-ISIS Propaganda
Prioritize Foreign Policy Over Domestic Policy  by Eric Schuler
Apple Isn't Protecting a Shooter's iPhone Data – They're Defending Digital Privacy  by Susan McGregor
US Shrugs Off Yet Another Report of Cluster Bombs Launched by Saudis in Yemen  by Kevin Gosztola
Were We Lied Into War?  by Justin Raimondo
Inflating the North Korean Threat Doesn't Help  by Doug Bandow
Hillary Vows to Embrace an Extremist Agenda on Israel  by Glenn Greenwald

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Trump Pledges to Be 'Neutral Guy' in Israel-Palestinian Negotiations
Generals to Cruz: Carpet Bombing ISIS Won't Work
French Judge Summons Former Guantanamo Chief in Torture Probe
Here's Why Islam Is Practiced So Differently From Country to Country
Executions Continue; 146 Killed Across Iraq
Turkish Army Bombs Kurdish Militant PKK Camps in Northern Iraq: Sources
ISIS Camp Speicher Massacre: Iraq Sentences 40 to Death
RAF Brimstone Missile Has Not Killed Any ISIS Militants in Syria, and Only Seven Hit by UK Bombs
Syria Conditions Make It Hard to Deploy UN Ceasefire Monitors: UN Chief
Syrian Kurdish Leader: Turkey Is Escalating Situation in Syria
Turkish Military Shells Syrian Kurdish YPG Positions: Source
Russia Warns Assad Not to Snub Syria Ceasefire Plan
Russia Says Any Incursion Into Syria Would Be Illegal
UN Aims to Air Drop Food to ISIS-Besieged City in Eastern Syria
Russia Denies Imminent Delivery of S-300 Missiles to Iran
Russian Arms Sale to Iran Without Approval Would Violate Ban: US
Rouhani Allies Face Tough Challenge in Votes to Shape Iran
Iran Proposes Nuclear Power Cooperation With Hungary
IDF Chief Under Fire for Saying Soldiers Should Try Not to Kill Children
Palestinian Teens Kill One Israeli, Wound Another in West Bank Supermarket Stabbing
Tibi Proposes Bill to Limit Israel's Holding of Terrorist Bodies
US Envoy Power to Netanyahu: 'NGO Bill' Could Harm Israeli Democracy
Russia to Israel: Reservations About Rapprochement Deal With Turkey
Middle East
Six Soldiers Killed in Southeast Turkey Bomb Attack: Military
Saudi Arabia Bombing Civilian Targets in Yemen Is Helping Grow Bae Systems Sales, Says Amnesty International
Red Cross Halts Operations in Afghan Province After Staff Taken
Afghanistan's US-Funded 'Pentagon' at Risk in Major Quake, Report Finds
Afghan Army to Fly First Unmanned Aircraft in March, US Official Says
Pakistani Taliban Kill Nine Paramilitary Personnel in Attacks in Northwest
Pakistani Women Risking All to Fight for Their Rights
US Increases Sanctions Against North Korea
US Flies Stealth Jets Over South Korea
South Korea Cites North Threat in Calling for Tough 'Terror' Law
North Korea Satellite Tumbling in Orbit Again: US Sources
India Protest March Against 'Sedition' Arrest of Student Leader
Nepal PM Says Will Try to Mend Fences With India During Visit
Australia, New Zealand Urge China Show Restraint in South China Sea
FBI vs. Apple
Inside the FBI's Encryption Battle With Apple
Apple Leads the Charge on Security, but Who Will Follow?
Upgrade Your Iphone Passcode to Defeat the FBI's Backdoor
The War at Home
Woman Accused of Threatening FBI, Military Members on ISIS-Associated Twitter Accounts
'I Feel Like a Despised Insect': Coming of Age Under Surveillance in New York
Soldier Wounded in Explosion Will Be the First Person in the US to Receive a Penis Transplant
FBI Won't Explain Its Bizarre New Way of Measuring Its Success Fighting Terror
Wife of CIA Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling Asks Obama to Pardon Him
US Adds Visa Restrictions to Yemen, Somalia, Libya Travelers
Online Bidding Opens for Former Navy Base in West Virginia
Mideast-EU Refugee Crisis
European Police Chiefs Announce Joint Refugee Register
EU Blasts Austria's Refugee Cap as 'Unlawful'
Austria Sticks to Migration Cap Despite EU Legal Warning
Dozens of Iraqi Migrants Return Home From Europe
Another Ukraine Party Quits Coalition Leaving Ruling Alliance Without Majority

Russia Sues Ukraine in London Court Over Unpaid Debt Claim

Moscow Airport Chairman Detained Over 2011 Bombing
Russian Anti-Smoking Ad Warns 'Smoking Kills More People Than Obama.'
Muslims in France Say Emergency Powers Go Too Far
Catalonia Puzzle Weighs on Spain's Political Pacts
Poland's Walesa Says Will Defend Himself in Court Against New Communist Spy Allegations
Libya's North African Neighbors Brace for Any Western Strikes
Egypt to Shut Prominent Center That Documents Torture
18 Dead in South Sudan Gun Battles in UN Base Sheltering Civilians
Ivory Coast Soldiers Get Life Sentences for Killing Ex-President
Al-Shabab Denies Kenya Has Killed Its Spy Chief
Sudan Clashes Send Tens of Thousands of Children Into Flight: UN
Arrest of Key Opposition Candidate Capped Off Ugandan Polls
Zimbabwe Police Fire Water Cannon to Break Up War Veteran Protest
Colombia Suspends Safe Passage for Rebel Peace Negotiators
Colombian Media's Airing of Secret Sex Tape Stirs Debate
Obama to Meet Raul Castro, Dissidents on Historic Trip to Cuba
Ex-Presidential Spokesman Detained in Guyana Activist Death
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