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Updated March 2, 2016 - 11:22 PM EST
3,841 Killed in Iraq During February
  Iraq Offensive Aims to Cut ISIS' Desert Supply Line
  US Special Forces Capture ISIS Suspect in Northern Iraq
  UN Plans for Peace Talks as Syria Ceasefire Holds
Citing Desertions, Afghan Troops Quit Checkpoints
  Afghan Policeman Kills at Least Four Colleagues at Checkpoint
Rights Groups Fault NATO General for Hyping ISIS Refugees
Ukraine Decree Bans Officials From Criticizing Government
UK Troops Headed to Tunisia to Keep ISIS Off Libya Border
'Plan B' and the Bankruptcy of US Syria Policy  by Gareth Porter
Is the Anti-Trump Hysteria Justified?  by Eric Schuler
What the Defeat of Iran Hardliners Means  by Muhammad Sahimi
Neoconservatism, An Obituary
 by Justin Raimondo
Really Good at Killing
 by Thomas Nagel
Building on the Syrian Truce  by Paul R. Pillar

More Viewpoints

Bin Laden's Will, Personal Letters Made Public
The Political Party Bernie Sanders Helped Found Isn't Into Him Anymore
Initial Navy Report Finds Sailors Captured by Iran Made Several Errors
Russian FM Calls for New Chemical Weapons Accord
Mexico to Confront Criticisms From US Political Campaigns
3,841 Killed in Iraq During February
Senior Iraqi Army Officer Killed in Haditha Attack
Dutch ISIS Militants in Syria's 'Deaths' Disputed
Syria's Assad Says Army Refrained From Responding to Truce Violations
Raspberry Pi-Powered Transmitters Broadcast Syrian Radio
Syrian State Media Say Mortars Fired From Turkey Injure Visiting Journalists
Elections Gains Unlikely to Shift Iran Power Balance Fast
Iran Upped Oil Exports by 30% Last Month: Minister
Israel Grants First Golan Heights Oil Drilling License to Dick Cheney-Linked Company
Hillary Clinton Confidante Reported Netanyahu's 'Disparagement'
Israeli Troops Follow App, Stray Into Palestinian Camp
Israeli Military Employed 'Hannibal Procedure' During Clashes at Qalandiyah Refugee Camp
Hamas Commander, Accused of Theft and Gay Sex, Is Killed by His Own
Four Jewish Teens Charged With Politically Motivated Assault of Two Arab Youths
Jewish Hardliner Returns to Jerusalem Holy Site After Ban
Israeli Envoy Slams German City for Granting Award to Code Pink
Middle East
Turkey's Erdogan Offers to Help West Africa Fight Terrorism
Dutch Govt Official: Saudi Arabia's War on Yemen Motivated by US-Backed Pipeline Fantasy
UAE Judge Allows Torture Check for Detained Libyan Americans
Jordan Security Forces Battle 'Outlaws' in Irbid
The War at Home
Former Guantanamo Commander Ignores Summons From French Court Probing Torture
Congressman Suggests FBI Is Taking Advantage of San Bernardino Tragedy to Push Agenda
FBI Director Admits 'A Mistake Was Made' in Handling San Bernardino Shooter's iPhone
Ex-Officers of Contracting Firm Face Prison for Work in Iraq
Metallurgical Company CEO Arrested for Exports to Iran: US Justice Department
Refugee Crisis
Calais Camp Is Razed With Nowhere for Most Refugees to Go
Rights Groups Accuse France of Brutality in Calais Eviction
Europe Seen on Cusp of New Humanitarian Crisis at Greece-Macedonia Border
Croatia Might Deploy Army to Manage Migrant Crisis, Says PM
Judge Blocks Governor's Order to Prevent Aid to Syrian Refugees in Indiana
5,000 Births in Jordan Camp for Syria Refugees Since 2013
Austria Plans Ad Campaign to Deter Afghans From Seeking Asylum
From Astronaut to Refugee: How the Syrian Spaceman Fell to Earth
Stuck in Limbo, Mauritania's Syrian Refugees Dream of the West
Blast Kills Two Employees of US Consulate in Pakistan, Soldiers: Kerry
Thousands Attend Funeral of Pakistani Cop Who Killed Governor in 2011
Executed Pakistani Hailed as Hero of Islam for Supporting Blasphemy Law
China's Xi Meets Special Envoy of Vietnam's Communist Party Chief
Highlights of Draft UN North Korea Sanctions Resolution
Indian Forces Kill Eight Maoist Rebels in Gunbattle
Filipino Fishermen Say China Blocking Access to South China Sea Atoll: Media
Prominent Saudi Cleric Injured in Philippines Shooting
Bomb Kills at Least Five Somali Soldiers Outside Mogadishu
Tunisia Backs Plan to Host German Troops to Train Libyan Army
Al Qaeda Leaders Made Plans for Peace Deal With Mauritania
Zimbabwe's Ex-VP Launches Party to Challenge Veteran Mugabe
Central African Republic Constitutional Court Confirms Touadera Elected President
Italian Killed in Egypt Was Interrogated for Days: Forensics Expert
Facebook's Latin American Boss Arrested in Brazil
Venezuela's High Court Bans Congress From Removing Justices
Guatemala Sex Slave Victims Seek $3 Million in Damages in Historic Wartime Rape Trial
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