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Updated March 3, 2016 - 11:25 PM EST
200 Reported Killed in Syria Kurd-ISIS Fighting
  Syrian Forces Advance on Strategic Hill in Northwest
  18 Rebels Killed in South Syria Car Bombing
  US, Russia Working on Increased Aid Flow During Syria Ceasefire
Engineers: Mosul Dam Collapse May Kill a Million
  Iraq's Interior Minister on Why His Country Is Impotent Against ISIS
  Major Operation Underway in Samarra; 131 Killed in Iraq
Neocon Hawks Declare War on Trump
FBI May Interview Hillary Clinton Over Emails
ISIS Engages in Heavy Recruiting in Pakistan
SecDef Tells Silicon Valley: 'Encryption Is Essential'
Another General Inherits US-Led War in Afghanistan
US Pacific Chief Urges Naval Coalition to Target China
‘Plan B’ – Not an Enigma: Why the West Is Keen on Dividing the Arabs  by Ramzy Baroud
In Yemen, a Humanitarian Pause Is Urgently Needed  by César Chelala
Michael Hayden's Flawed Salute to Drones  by Bruce Fein
Warhawks Panic Over Trump Foreign Policy  by Daniel McAdams
Hillary Clinton's False Hopes  by Andrew P. Napolitano
NATO Weakens as Old Alliances Break Down  by Ryan McMaken

More Viewpoints

Rio 2016: Refugee Team to Compete at Olympics
Saudi Arabia Cuts Billions in Aid to Lebanon, Opening Door for Iran
Antiwar Congressman Works to Remember the Dead
When the Settlers Go in the Water, the Palestinians Get Out
Security Forces Raid ISIS Hideout in Libya's Sabratha: Official
The War at Home
Koch Brothers Will Not Deploy Funds Against Trump During Primaries
James Comey, FBI Director, Says He's 'Very Close Personally' to Overseeing Clinton Email Probe
FBI Error Locked San Bernardino Attacker's iPhone
FBI Agent Explains How He Befriended Wannabe ISIS Terrorist at the Airport
Refugee Crisis
Business Ponders 'Horrific' Cost of End To Borderless Europe
EU Launches Emergency Refugee Aid Scheme for Greece
Anti-Immigrant 'Soldiers of Odin' Expand From Finland to Nordics, Baltics
Syrian Refugee Family Reunited Two Weeks After Separation
Afghan Forces Kill Indian Consulate Suicide Attackers
Army: 1,000 Fort Hood Soldiers to Deploy to Afghanistan This Spring
US Plans Naval Exercises With India and Japan in Philippine Sea
US Says Does Not Want China Use Navy to Intimidate Fishing Vessels
One Chinese Worker Killed in Laos 'Militant' Attack: Xinhua
UN Adopts Sweeping New Sanctions on North Korea
Record-Breaking South Korea Filibuster Over 'Terror' Law Ends on Ninth Day
North Korea Says Nuclear Deterrent Not Aimed at South
North Korea Fires Several Short-Range Projectiles Into Sea
US 'Very Concerned' by Media Crackdown in Malaysia
Thai Junta's Intimidation of Academics Reveals Insecurity: Rights Group
Mexico Seals Records in Lopsided Shootout That Killed 42
Rights Group Decries 'Crisis of Violence and Impunity' in Mexico
Five Murdered Youth in Mexico Confused for Cartel Members
Venezuelan Students Clash With Police Over Court Ruling
Homicides in El Salvador Double During First Two Months of 2016
Major Operation Underway in Samarra; 131 Killed in Iraq
Syrian Opposition Casts Doubt on UN Peace Talk Plan
Humanitarian Aid in Syria Increases Following Ceasefire: White House
US Working to Fix Language Issues With Syria Truce Hotline
Gulf Arab States Label Hezbollah a Terrorist Organization
Lebanon's Hariri Says to Keep Dialogue Open With Hezbollah
Palestinians Turn to Makeshift Guns in Escalation of Street Violence
Sodastream CEO: Idiotic Israeli Red Tape, Not BDS, Got Palestinians Fired
Terrorist Duo Stabs, Wounds Two Israeli Soldiers; Manhunt Underway
Israel Holding Palestinian Circus Performer in Detention Without Trial for Three Months
IDF Commanders Face Disciplinary Measures Over Qalandiyah Incident
EU Authorizes Transfer of $270 Million to Palestinians
Despite 'Anti-Israel Bias,' US to Stay on UN Human Rights Body
Red Cross Donates Trees to War-Ravaged Gaza
Middle East
Jordan Military Raid Kills Seven, Thwarts ISIS Plot to Attack Civilian, Military Targets
Australia Softens Sanctions Against Iran
UN Says Aid Ship Docks in Yemen After Diversion to Saudi Arabia
Bahrain Utility Cost Increases Mean Changes for US Personnel
Egypt's Parliament Votes to Remove Lawmaker Who Met With Israel's Ambassador
Spanish al-Qaeda Commander Killed by French Forces in Mali
Tunisia Kills Five Militants Near Libyan Border
Nigeria Police Hunt Lagos Schoolgirls' Kidnappers
Zambian Opposition Leader Arrested Over Illegal Militia Drills
Russian Prosecutor Demands 23 Years in Jail for Female Ukrainian Pilot
British Military Rapped Over Deaths of Three Soldiers on Exercise
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