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Updated March 7, 2016 - 11:22 PM EST
Pentagon: Drone Strike in Somalia Kills Over 150
Militants Attack Tunisia Military Barracks, 53 Dead
ISIS Truck Bombing Kills 60 South of Baghdad
  US Conferred With Iran Before Iraq Invasion, Book Says
  Iraqi Officials: Mosul Offensive 'Months Away, or Longer'
US Building Two Air Bases in NE Syria: Report
  ISIS Battles Syria Rebels for Southern Iraq Border Crossing
  Syrian Rebels Attack Aleppo's Kurdish Quarter, Kill 13 Civilians
Ghani: Afghanistan We Will Be ISIS's Graveyard
  12 Ways Your Tax Dollars Were Squandered in Afghanistan
US Planning War in Libya Based on 'Faulty Intel'
Russia to Cut Military Spending by 5% in 2016
Obama Administration Divided on Encryption
Seized by Govt, Turkey's Largest Paper Now Pro-Erdogan
Do We Need To 'Rebuild the Military'?  by Ron Paul
Conscription of Apple's Software Engineers  by Conor Friedersdorf
Pro-Torture Warmongers Attack Trump for Going Overboard  by Jon Schwarz
Israel and American Politics: The Big Breakthrough  by Justin Raimondo
Israel's War on Liberal Democracy  by Neve Gordon
The Contractors Getting Rich on the Afghanistan War  by Matthieu Aikins

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Film Delves Into FBI Arrests of Youths for Terrorism Crimes They Might Commit
No, Turning on Your Phone Is Not Consenting to Being Tracked by Police
Things We Learned From 50,000-Plus Pages of Clinton Emails
Fake Allegiance? ISIS and Boko Haram May Not Be That Close
The War at Home
Donald Trump on Torture: 'We Have to Beat the Savages'
Redaction Art: How Secrets Are Made Visible
DARPA Picks Experimental VTOL Plane
Bowe Bergdahl's Lawyers Demand Meeting With Donald Trump Over 'Traitor' Statements
Refugee Crisis
UK Military to Join NATO Refugee Patrols in Aegean
Boat Sinks Off Turkish Coast, at Least 18 Migrants Drown
Afghans Feel Forgotten in Europe's Migrant Crisis
Jordan Test Ground for Large Jobs Program for Syria Refugees
Turkey Detains Refugee Smugglers, Stops 120 Syrians From Sailing to Greece
As the Route to Europe Closes, Migrants Journey Through Grief
Austria Demands Germany Cap Refugee Numbers
Governor Asks Greece to Declare State of Emergency
EU Talks Tough on Migrants From Turkey, Uneasy Over Rights
Swiss Foreign Minister Sees EU Immigration Deal Near: Paper
EU Needs to Boost Refugee Funds to Turkey Beyond Current Pledges: German EU Commissioner
Libyan Forces Target ISIS in Sirte With Air Strikes
Canadian Killed Fighting in Libya: Report
Tripoli, a Tense and Listless City With Gunmen and a Well-Stocked Boss Outlet
Battle Between Rival Chairmen of Libya's $67 Billion Fund Reaches UK Court
Italy's Renzi Says Won't Send Troops to Libya for Now; Freed Italian Hostages Fly Home
Secret Detentions, Deaths Raise Alarm Over Egyptian Police
Gunmen Ambush Ambulance in Egypt's Sinai, Killing 3
Egypt Accuses Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas of Assassinating Prosecutor
Armed Men Kill 12 in Central African Republic
West Africa's Sahel Nations to Set Up Anti-Islamist Units
UN Security Council Urges Adoption of Mali Peace Deal
Congo Court Reduces Activists' Sentences for Anti-Kabila Signs
Money Given to Kenya, Since Stolen, Puts Nike in Spotlight
Boko Haram Cattle Rustling Prompts Market Shutdown in Nigeria
Sudanese Islamist Figure Al-Turabi Dies at 84
Russian Embassy in Kiev Protests Over Damage to Its Cars: RIA
Ukrainians Attack Russia Embassy, Demand Pilot's Release
Many Russians Feeling Nostalgic for Communist Past
Basques Celebrate Release of Separatist Leader From Prison in Spain
Bomb-Making Materials Found in Northern Ireland Country Park
Slovakia in Shock Over Far-Right Party's Election Success
2 Men Killed Dismantling Old Explosive in Lithuania
Crowds Cheer Brazil's Lula After He's Grilled by Police
Police Impersonators Kill 10 at Honduras Billiards Hall
Venezuela Says Investigating Alleged Killing of Miners
'El Chapo' Went Back and Forth to the US After Jailbreak, Says Drug Lord's Daughter
121 Killed in Iraq; Suicide Bomber Strikes in Hilla
Syria Rebels Battle ISIS for Control of Iraq Crossing
Iraq PM Abadi Secures Shi'ite Support for Cabinet Change Plan: State TV
Work on Iraq-Turkey Oil Pipeline to Be Complete 'in a Day or Two': Source
This Advanced Army Reconnaissance Plane Just Crashed in Northern Iraq
Syrian Opposition Group Elects New Leader
Syrian Drivers Count on Truce to Rev Up Aleppo's Taxi Trade
From Calm to Chaos: A Reporter's Escorted Visit to Syria
Zaman Newspaper: Defiant Last Edition as Turkey Police Raid
Turkish Police Fire Teargas at Protesters at Seized Newspaper
EU Pressured to Take Stance Over Turkish Media Right Erosion
Turkish Prime Minister Says No Bargaining on New Constitution
Rivals Turkey and Iran Seek to 'Manage Differences'
Iran's Rouhani 'Very Pleased' Moderate MPs Elected
Report: Russia Freezes Delivery of S-300 Missile Defense to Iran
US Investors Miss Iran Deals Worth Billions
Family of American Missing in Iran Plans Florida Rally
Police Colonel, Aide Killed in Attack in Yemen's Aden
Indian Priest Kidnapped in Deadly Yemen Attack
New Proposal to Divide Jerusalem Unites People Against It
Netanyahu Says 'Committed' to Western Wall Deal Despite Opposition
Israel Sacrifices Palestinian Workers to Discredit BDS Campaign
Israel Under Pressure to Release Imprisoned Palestinian Clown
Nasrallah: Arab Regimes Have Never Done Anything for the Palestinians
Sodastream's Palestinian Employees Pay Price as Israel Revokes Work Permits
Right-Wing Israeli Group Elad Received Millions From Shadowy Private Donors
US Formally Notifies Sale of 8 F-16 Aircraft to Pakistan
Pakistani Lawyers' Group Behind Spike in Blasphemy Cases
Pakistan Releases 86 Indian Fishermen From Karachi Jail
China/Tibet/Hong Kong
Tibetan Delegates to China Congress Wear Loyalty Pins
China to Build Second Rail Line Into Tibet
China Warns Hong Kong Not to Politicize Issues
China to Invest $17 Billion in Projects for Restive Xinjiang
2,000 US Marines Arrive in South Korea for Drills as North Threatens War
North Korea Sanctions: Philippines to Seize Cargo Ship
Taliban Say They Won't Attend Peace Talks, but Officials Aren't Convinced
A Call for Freedom in India, Set to a Dubstep Beat
Maldives' Young Democracy Sliding Back to Autocracy
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